Christian Only Bus Tours
Captain Jesus says, "If you're a Christian, then you are
allowed to ride on my bus. If you are not, well then..
you'll have to find another means of transportation, for
you are not welcome here."
Ride safely in a comfortable and familair
environment, separate from the things of this
world. Enjoy a vacation/fellowship among brothers
and sisters who act, look, think, and dress
exactly like you!
If you are saved, then pack up your bags and
join us on a tour around God's Country. Just
because you've died to yourself, and it's no
longer 'you' that live, but 'Christ' who lives within
you.. doesn't mean you can't have a little fun!
Colored folks are now welcome, simply type out
your salvation experience and mail it in so we can
check your spelling and verify your experience..
and you've got yourself a wonderful seat in the
back of our bus!
Christian Only Bus Tours is a Ministry of the Landover Baptist
Church, proudly serving the needs of middle class Christians all
over America!
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