The priest's robe flew about madly, taken by gusts of wind. It's beautiful golden lace pattern mingled with the flowing purple silk. His long scarf decorated with printed religious symbols flapped in every direction. Young David watched through an opening in the stain glass window. Wind blew through his dark hair. The priest stood atop the cylindrical metal jungle gym bars in the childrens playground. The skies grew dark behind him. His hands were lifted to the sides, as if he were Moses preparing to part the Red Sea. David wondered how Father O'Malley stayed balanced on the two bars, with the wind, and his hands held up toward the skies. David was just about to run to the bathroom to get the priest's prescription medication, when suddenly Father O'Malley began to scream.

"I call forth the Spirit of Saint Catherine of Onassis! Come forth! Absolve me from the aincient rites of Cathar!" It began to rain. "I call on ye! Oh, Catherine. Sacred wearer of the holy garter. I beseach thee with the power of Spirit and Water! Damn the injustice suffered by Saint Blarney. Spill the nether juice from the sacred orifice! I call thee, oh woman of the night, holy denison of delight! Bring the righteous power of sensuality upon my congregation! I beseach thee oh Mother of Marcus Masochistma! Pull me from this wretched hole! Place thy tired finger tip upon the brow of my virgin genetallia! Releave the pain of my position! Take my virgin seed and spill it upon the skin of the world!

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