The Final Solution

It is in the final room (number 12) where sinners are given a last chance. Upon entering the room they are given the opportunity to pray a prayer of salvation, and to visit and pray with a pastor. If they refuse to pray the prayer, they are forced back into room number 10 where they will enter a hidden door into Room 11. In this room they will witness a deranged lust-filled homosexual raping a live chicken. The chicken will then be be-headed, de-feathered, and cooked. The unrepentant souls will then be given the choice of eating the unholy chicken or going forward to Room 12. If they refuse to eat the chicken, there is another Room, Room 11b. This Room is the reason for the medical waver forms that an individual must sign before entering Hellhouse 2000. Unrepentant souls will be beaten and whipped until they confess Christ. (come early for preferred seating on the other side of the two-way mirror to witness this miracle of faith). It is an unforgettable 20 minutes. For some, an unforgettable night.

Landover Baptist Hellhouse 2000