The Demoncrat Room

In Room number 2 you will experience the horrors of life under the extreme liberal agenda! Your guns will be taken away! Your children will be taught that homosexurals are human! You will pay taxes while lazy good-for-nothing negroes eat fried chicken and watermelon and watch color TV all day while you have to work! Boodists, Cathylicks and other satanists will go unpunished and will walk the streets like they own them! See for yourself what blasphemy will occur if the Clinton/Gore liberal feminazis are not stopped! 

On-site Republican voter registration is required;
minimum registration is two states. Prizes will be
given to the individual(s) who manage to register in all fifty states, "Puerto Rico and all U.S. holdings and territories." Participants will have to dodge the Al Gore monster as he tries to chop off your hands when you register to vote! While the evil Gore aims for your hands, the liberal demoncrat Lieberman will aim lower, trying to perform a circumcision. If you fail to dodge the demons and register in two states, you will be evicted from Hellhouse! 

Landover Baptist Hellhouse 2000