Wicked Women Room

The scenes depicted in room number four are dedicated to the sins of three wicked women woman. The tour will view the first woman as she ingests a birth control/pre abortion pill in order to have unrestricted premarital relations. Within seconds of swallowing the pill she begins to spew blood and bile. You will see her belly self combust, sending bits of singed and bloodied fetal matter into the crowd. The next woman, a young wife, who from first glance appears to be a Christian, looks at her calendar and calls out to her husband, "It's baby makin' time!" As she succumbs to her marital duty, a horrific smile creeps across her face. She writhes and takes the Lord's name in sexual vain, like a harlot! As she enjoys her time of procreation she begins to suffer excruciating pain. Her husband transforms into a demon and his member morphs into a rattlesnake!

In the final scene, viewers will visit a 14 year old girl as she sits on a toilet in her school bathroom. As she reaches into her purse and pulls out a box of Tampax, she looks around to see if anyone is watching. She then begins to reach up between her legs and insert the Devil's Cotton Finger. Demonic laughter and the music of Cristina Aggy'lerra fills the room as she succumbs to the pleasure. After a full two minutes of witnessing this sinful act, Satan appears behind the girl and she screams! The crowd realizes that it is actually his hand that is under her skirt! After a moment of agonizing terror, his middle finger, the cotton one, explodes. Her white skirt becomes saturated with pus and blood while the Toxic Shock flames destroy her womanhood. Satan stands back and behind the curtain and shakes his bloodied Tampon finger at the crowd shouting, "WHO IS NEXT?!"

All standing visitors who have not soiled themselves in this room will be given a Hellhouse 2000 Tampon locker magnet that reads, "Godly Girls Use Pads with Angel Wings." CLICK HERE for more information about the Pulling The Plug On Satan Ministry.

Landover Baptist Hellhouse 2000