The Tounged Beast

In room number 7, the tour group will witness children as they sit huddled around a television set. They are watching a scene from a movie called "Star Wars: Episode I," a movie that should have been rated X. A demonic monster called  "Jar Jar Binks" appears on the screen and the kids begin to chant, "we love Jar Jar, we love Jar Jar!" While they are chanting, Jar Jar Binks appears from behind the shadows with a giant axe.  He lets out a demonic scream and goes completely insane, chopping off all of the children's heads. He hacks them up into little pieces. The tour group will not be allowed to exit the room until they see the hellish creature laughing as he laps up all of the blood off the floor with his 7 foot tounge. A church member disguised as George Lucas then begins to make love to the creature as the tour group is hastily escorted to room number 8.     

Landover Baptist Hellhouse 2000