The Lake of Fire Dunking Booth!

In this area visitors will be given the opportunity to send a sinner to Hell in our very own Lake of Fire Dunking Booth! Pope John Paul II, a Jesuit Priest, a Mormon, and a Jehovah's Witness will taunt the crowd with blasphemous sayings and their evil teachings. We will be using actual sinners from the St. Francis House Homeless Shelter as our costumed actors. They will be sitting on a 2x4 over 48 hibachis filled with burning brimstone and charcoal briquettes to symbolize hell. Parents are asked to remind their children that while they may delight in seeing the dislodged hobos run "hot footed" off the burning bar-b-que grills, there will be no escape for them in the real Hell. And who says Baptists can't have fun?

Landover Baptist Hellhouse 2000