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From Query #003 (Landover Historical Photo Archive)
Above: Rev. Sir Edward Gaines & Family (1912) Right to Left- Deacon Filmore Gaines III, Mrs Edward Lola Gaines II,  Rev.Carol Gaines Jr., Rev. Sir Edward (Shifty) Gaines, Rosebud Gaines.

About: Charter members of the Landover Baptist Church, the Gaines family tradition still continues till this day. Mrs. Taffy Davenport Gaines Crockett currently resides at the 210 year old "Gaines Estate," The Hallmark of our church's gated Christian community, "Leviticus Acres." The last surviving male member of the Gaines family, Carol Gaines IV, is currently estranged from the body of Christ 

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A Warm Welcome to all Church members! What you are about to see here is the culmination of 27 years of intensive research. Until today, most of the restored photographs in our church library were seen only by Gold Tithers. I gone to a great effort to make some important pieces of our church history available to you online. With a $7.2 million grant from the Landover Baptist Historical Society, we expect to unveil a number of rare items over the next few years.

In spite of my serious allergies to mould and paper-born mites, I humbly serve The Lord and this Congregation by sifting though boxes and boxes of old photographs, books, greeting cards and all kinds of important things in order to fulfill the mission of the Landover Historical Society and share with the world the rich heritage of True Christian Witnessing that is ours.   I think of this project as putting together our Church Family Scrapbook.

With our history going back to 1786, there's no telling what I'll exhume around here.

I am proud to have assumed the mantle of this important position from the all-too-recently departed Georgia Sue Gaines.  She was a beacon to us all.

In the interest of accuracy, I will ask The Ladies of Landover and other First Class Church Members to help with their recollections of any details that would be of interest to our congregation.


Dora Jean Hazlett
Senior Executive Curator 
Landover Historical Society

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