Landover Baptist Mail Received January 2001 (unedited and in original form)

Dear Sir,

    My name is Nathan, I am 18 years old, a college student, and the son of a minister.  I have been visiting your web site for the last few days and, to be honest, I find its content disturbing.  I have been studying God's Holy Word since I could read at all.  Are you aware that the word "rapture" does not appear in scripture anywhere?  Are you also aware that Jesus Christ came into the world to save those you yourselves have forbidden from entering your church?  Sir, I ask you, how are you supposed to do the work of the Father if you do not allow those who need "the Great Physician" to even set foot on your property?  The Lord God’s only begotten Son was a friend of tax collectors, prostitutes, and the lowest of the low.  He knew, that those who need to be saved could not be saved through yelling and threats of hell.  He was a kind and gentle man; he only raised his voice once.  That was when the tax collectors were thrown out of the temple.  Speaking of tax collectors…money should be given to the church under no obligation.  It should be given freely and joyfully.  They should not be forced into it because of what you deem “inappropriate” attire.  These are the thoughts and feelings of an educated Christian.  I would appreciate any thoughts, retaliations, or feedback you would grant me.

 In Christ,

Nathan W Scott 

May God forgive you for your audacity and infringement on my civil liberties by publishing such absolute chicanery as your view of the Homosexual handshake. I assure you, this is purely your own invention. I am a 53 year old homosexual - male - and elder in the Presbyterian Church - and I say to, until you recognize that homosexuals are not predators but are actually the preyed upon - your love is a hollow as the simple falsehood you are perpetrating. But God knows that and you need not trouble yourself over my judgment - I have none - just love and compassion for all those whole stray from the universal truth that "love" between men is among the most beautiful forms of love and that, as you will no doubt say this precludes "lust" and sex, the join of two human beings in love and holy-sexual-sharing is among one of God's most precious blessings. There is no homosexual handshake that I know of - and I can think of a million better topics for a website for a
Church than fostering the "devil's" message.

Yours in Christ
Ed Patterson  

I was just going to tell you that if you wanted to use movies in your website, maybe you should actually watch them first.  As everyone knows this is a picture of a witch.  You say that this is the Blair Witch. Guess what? You are WRONG!!  I am very happy to inform you that this is a picture of Bet Middler in the movie, Hocus Pocus. This movie came out in the early 90's and was made by Disney. Maybe you should stop wasting so much time criticizing others when you don't even know what you are talking about!  Oh by the way, tampons are not sinful you are just to ashamed of your own body to think of actually touching it!! AHHH, one more thing, It would be easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than to get rich snobs into Heaven!!!    - A very concerned METHODIST!!!
Concerned Methodist 

This is the most repulsive website I have ever accidentally ran across.  Shame on you for mocking the word of God.  This website is a complete insult to Christ and I am embarrassed FOR you.

I've read a number of the pages on your web site, starting with your page on Harry Potter.  I read what you had to say, so I pray for your sake that you listen to what I have to say.  Please read this entire message and feel free to respond.

I'll start off by saying that I am a follower of Christ, and I am forgiven of all my sins.  I belive in the Bible, and I am generally a conservative person.

I was just going to say that it is obvious that none of you have ever read any of the Harry Potter books all the way through.  If you had, it would have been obvious as to it's message of how love is the stongest "power" of all.  That is why Harry wasn't killed.  His mother died to save him.  You've managed to twist every theme and message that this book has to offer, and I had to say somthing.  Harry saw his "dead" parents in the mirror because he wanted to see them.  (I point out, that in the mirror, they weren't dead, but alive, as Harry wished them to be just like any child who has lost his/her parents.)  I could go on forever as to your mistakes in interpreting Harry Potter.  (I will also point out that your "godly" souce was wrong in saying that Harry killed his parents with an ax.  You could've come up with
somthing a little closer to the story.)  "Death is the next great adventure" -- isn't it?  We'll be with God.  For those of us who know where we're going, we have
nothing to fear!  Just on more thing --  Voldemort being evil.  Why shouldn't the bad guy be evil?

Harry Potter, however, isn't really my concern.  You do realize our purpose on this earth is to help bring people to Christ.  I don't think you could be any farther from doing so, as your moto is "Unsaved not welcome".  YOU are the ones playing into the devils hands by pushing people farther from Christ.  (I can't even belive you're even considering the theory that women don't have souls!  That's outragous! Men were created because God was lonely - we must not have souls either!)

If you actually read this entire e-mail, I would love a response.  I'm very concerned about the image you're giving Christians.  As followers of Christ, we are to
be forgiving and loving so we can bring people to Christ.  You seem to be doing the exact opposite.  Confining yourself into a little resort doesn't help anyone.  It just makes you even more full of yourselves -- just like the Pharasies.

Please send me an e-mail back on what you think about what I have to say.

I also ask that if you print this e-mail somwhere, you leave it as it is.  I don't want you changing this to fit your needs and allow it to become part of your war against those who haven't found God yet.

Nathan Sohn 

I do not know where you get off putting this ridiculus form of mockery on your website. I have no idea who informed you that there is a "secret handshake" that we homosexuals use, but you are sadly mistaken. Not to mention the fact that most of us DO NOT have sex in a public restroom, let alone recruit someone with those intentions. Whatever this homosexual agenda is it is absolutely ridiculus. I grew up a God fearing man, and I do not ever recall learning that God has instructed us to hate specific groups of people. Its people like you I am sure who are pleased with the Matthew Shepard murder and other such crimes, but what you don' seem to
realize is that no matter what we choose to do in our personal lives, we are still human beings and deserve to be treated as such. All I ask, and I am sure on behalf of everyone who agrees with me, is to just please leave us alone. We are not evil people with the intentions to get a hold of your son and turn him into a homosexual. If you do not agree with the way we live our lives, just please keep it to yourself. Preaching against it, and making it sound like a horrible thing is not going to stop
it, and if you honestly belive that it will, you need to rethink.  God did not come to you and say "hate homosexuality AND everyone who is a part of it." you and your followers feel that way, and it is shame, because you use God as your excuse for justifying yourself, becasue you know well enough that God obviously cannot speak for himself in the same way that we could. Oh and who in the world would question God's judgment? Well this man is questioning this so-called "God's judgement."
I do not want a response from you, in fact I would rather not ever speakl with you again. All I ask is to please stop. The only accomplishment you are acheiving is making the hate in this world even greater.

crombie and jay

I think that as people of God you of all people would understand that even though these people are commiting a sin that they are still people and not preditors. You are the preditor of people like this and for your discrimination aginst these people will find your self in hell. You should love all people not just the ones that make you feel comfertable in life and with your self. Just because you can't uinderstand why these people are like this doesn't mean you should be so cold hearted. People
like you are the ones who cause hate and violence in this world. So the next time you do some thing like this, if I were you I would think about all the people killed because of people like you and about how hot it's going to be in hell.

Lorie O'Brien

How dare you tell lost sinners who are looking for the Lord that they are not welcome at your church. I pray that God will open your eyes and see that at one time all of you were lost. Did people turn you away from the  gospel. No! You all are a bunch of morons and i pray God will shut down your church. You don not derserve to be called Baptist. take it off your church and call yourself THE CHURCH WHERE SATAN IS LORD!

Maybe all of you should check your salvation. I really wonder how many of you are jusst lost souls and on the way to split hell wide opn. I am glad that I am not a part of your so called church. I would be afraid God would kill me before I go there. Jesus came to seek the lost. He didn't die on the cross just for you. maybe it is time that you all started reading the Bible. it wouldn't surpise me if you all wrote your own Bible. Anyone who supports this ministry needs to check there heart and get right. Things like this should not be aloud on the internet. it is nothing but trash. You as a so called man of God, how could you be a part of a church who does not welcome lost people in the church. Get your heart right with God. What a LOOSER you are. Remember, Judgement day is coming soon. If you are saved God will judge you when you get there. I would hate to be you.

Bobby L DeLong 

You are some sick people. I can see that you firmly believe in wor$hip. I can tell that you are all very desperate and lonely people. It sure will be funny when you see that your life's greed and ignorance will get you a spot in hell too.

Wick Nelson

Your site is the biggest lie I've heard in a long time-

   Don't you get it??
   That is not what the bible means!
   You take everything out of context!
   All you're doing is creating a vision of Christians for the rest of the
   world, demeaning us, fuffiling prophecy! I've read some of the e-Mail's
   you've recieved, and the people actually believe this Church exists!!!
   This is stupid! This is hatred towards Christians!
   It's times like this I hope the Rapture happens right now so that you'll
   see the error of your ways-
   And yes, I sound stupid and idiotic- I was once on your side of the fence.


The Baron 

You goddam fanatics.  I hope you enjoy your stay in hell, which you certainly deserve for your racist and pagan diatribes.  I offer you the olive branch of islam, take it or leave it.  See you on the day of judgement.
Sincerely, a loyal canadian follower of Islam

Mohammed Hussain

Where do you get off telling the users of the internet that Brittney Spears turrned an 11yr old into an "AOL chat whore"? What the fuck is wrong with you "GOD" dammed people? There is now way  the 11 in the picture is an "AOL chat whore"

You people discust me, if the IS an 11 yr old "AOL chat whore" than it is the fault of there fucked up parents, NOT brittney spears. Really , what the fuck is wrong with you people?

Well i hope when the shit hits the fan, and the "Armagedon" comes, it starts right were you people live.

P.S. I spit in your general direction.


Hey pastor, if i'm not allowed within 10 miles of your so called "church"  how am i  going to get saved?{ if in fact this is the only place on earth  that  a person can in fact get saved} Iwould say that the world is in pretty dismal shape. wouldnt you say so!!   please respond and fill me in. i am verry concerned. 

Dear Pastor ,
       I was brought to your web site via a concerned friend, who has issues  with your doctrine, and as a person from a faith which differs from hers as  well as from yours, I feel it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to address some of her  concerns as well as the issues which I myself see that need addressing.
       Please afford me due respect that you and your fellowship require for  yourselves, it is Christ's name this is asked.(amen)
       First of all, Jesus Christ himself, NEVER  charged anyone financially  to hear Him speak, the charge was spiritual, never financial, but He does  address the responsibilies of the Christian financially. Render unto Caeser  that which belongs to Caeser, and unto God that which belongs to God- i.e.  tithing- (10%).Then there are the expenses past that 10% which are concidered  gifts of love, like individual Church and school, expenses which we as  members are to help with.
       The things you have suggested on your web site as "Required" in  regards to costs are absolutely absolutely ludicrius to say the least. It concerns me also that your doctrines are by and large contrary to  Biblical teachings, and yet you are pressing them onto others of different  beliefs to the point where you feel you are able to condemn them because they  differ from your own, I believe that if a person views things differently ( God given choice by the way to investigate and descern for themselves, for  individual Salvation is our own responsibility to work out with our Creator)  instead of critizing, condemning and ostrasizing them, it should be a matter  of deep prayer and study for each individual; not condemning .
       As for the whole Bible beliefs which you "Claim" to uphold, do you  keep  the Ten Commandments then as well? Do you keep the Sabbath as given at  creation, and as well as in the Law given to Moses? The same Ten Commandments  Jesus Himself kept out of Love and Respect for the Author and His Own Father?  While I do agree we have no way to keep them on our own, and it  is grace   which is the key to our Salavation for the most part, I do believe that it  does not end just at grace, we have a responsibility also, to follow the Law  as God gave it in our lives, which thru Him and His power is the only means  we have that hope. However, I do not feel that my friend who believes  differently is a demon to be avoided, simply because  he or she believes  other than what I believe. We are to love one another unconditionally as God  loves us, pray for one another and let the Holy Spirit ! do! the work in each  persons  search for truth .What comes out of a mans mouth does not  nessessarily come from God, regardless of what "Church" he claims to  represent. ( including my own faith. there are those who claim to have a
form  of Godliness but denying the form therein..) That is why it is up to each  person to go the Word and find out for them selves after praying for the  guidence and wisdom to descern that which it speaks to our hearts of.
      As for you personally, it is not up to me to decide your salvation,  nor is it up to me to condemn you for that which you claim to believe, but,  it is up to me, as a believer to exhort you to go back to the Word, after  prayer, if you are sincerely desiring that knowledge, and find the "Truth  which comes only from God himself,not ANY MAN" and you will know that those  things you claim and press upon others is not in keeping with what God  actually says to us from HIS WORD. Perhaps then your desire to control,  condemn, and to  ridicule others who are out here who believe differently  will result in a real desire of the heart to love as Jesus taught, love God  with all your heart and others as God loves us ( unconditionally as the  sinners we are) and these  " CONDITIONS  you place upon people will end, as
 they should. God's Word ( the whole word) is the only source a person sho!ul!d  accept, and the understanding of that word comes from a daily communication
 with God,and prayerfull study of His words.
      It is my hope as a believer, that the Holy Spirit will accompany this email.
 In His Name,

I am a Christian so that is why i visited your web page because the only requirement was a person could not be unsaved.  Well I am saved and have accepted my Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior.  But when I read your web page my bottom jaw just hit the floor and im still not convinced it is not all just a big Joke.  If it and all it reads is real then i will pray for all of you because there is a lot of hate coming out of the words on your page.

God bless you all....


The downfall of Western Society can be attributed to your brainless posturing.  If Jesus were to come alive today, he would be ashamed to see his name being used to carry out such heinous projects as this. Your wild claims serve only to destroy what little credibility the religious right already had.  Tell me, if Christians are supposed to love one another, why do you support gun "rights." Guns kill people. They don't love people.  The Bible mentions nothing about guns, or having a right to kill people, or anything else for that matter.  Only God has the right to do that.  By the way, the laws of quantum mechanics(look it up, o brainless one) state that if God exists, he cannot be both omnipotent and loving at the same time.  Time to pick one there.  While you're at it, read some Kant, Marx, and Rousseau.  It
seems your goal is to suppress as much knowledge as possible.  Science is our only way out of the hole you are digging for our society. Beware.  Your time is growing short.  Intellect, decency, and tolerance shall overcome your narrow-minded views.  Do our children a favor and shut down your bigoted website posthaste.


Tyler Barnett
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.  USA

Hello Pastor,

I just thought that I should let you know that you may need more "Unsaved" protection for your website.  You see, you've said many time on your website that you don't allow any unsaved people to enter.  But I am unsaved, and I find that I end up at your website many times a week.  And I would like to point out that I truly am unsaved, I'm not just making it up.  I took you test and failed it miserably.  I got every single question wrong.  Also, I voted for Al Gore in the election, I despise Charlton Heston, I'm liberal, I bought your "Unsaved" sweater, I'm gay, I'm poor, I believe in science, I believe in evolution, I know how to read, I've had a college education, I think for myself, I genuinely care about the people around me, I believe that we should help the poor and defenseless, I'm for taking care of the
planet, I celebrate Christmas, I color Easter eggs, I don't capitalize god when I write it, I know how to spell AND use a spell-checker, I don't believe in Satan, I go to gay bars, I drink Long Island Iced Teas, and I listen to dance music.  If that doesn't make me unsaved, then I don't know what else to does.

So I'm just letting you know that your site is, in fact, receiving hits from the unsaved.  Me and most of my friends visit this site a lot.  Almost weekly.  And thanks to your exposé on the homosexual handshake, I now know how to greet other men when I see them on the street.  This will cut down on the embarrassment of cruising and mistaking another's eye contact for interest in me.  Plus I will no longer have to ask the awkward question,"Are you a top or a bottom?"  The handshake is gold to me and my friends.

I'm not sure how you can remedy the loophole that allows the unsaved onto your website, but I beg you to keep trying.  With all these invaluable insights on your website into paganism, and heathenism, and just plane "being of Satan," I can't help but coming back to your site again and again.

I would say God Bless at this point, but I don't believe in God either. See?  I told you, I'm unsaved.


Ben Tousey

Loon Tunes! That's what you should rename  your organisation. Are you saying 15,000 people of all religions who died in the earthquake in India made God angry? Then all I can say is, give your vengeful Wrathful God some Quaaludes and tell him to calm down. It is fanatics like yourself that keep this world full of Hate.Take off your religious blinkers and look at the world more realistically...Hinduism is thousands of years older that Christianity and has millions of don't see Hindus going around the world "Saving" unwilling people..Wake up and smell the coffee....tolerance for all other religions is what makes or breaks this fragile world. They say that my family tree began with Apes...looks like yours ended there....
Mike Fay 

Belongs to Christ himself.  For you are christains and must represent Christ.  This is a POOR excuse for a church promoting HATE.   The Lord Himself said "Ye without sin be the first to cast a stone.

Our work here it to pray for our enemies and teach the love of Christ now just blowing them down with fear tactics and heresay.  I would not attend your church knowing this hatered existed soley for the purpose of running others down.

It seems to me that the log in your eyes are much bigger that the speck in your brothers.  The Lord I know has forgiveness and love for the christain not the sin.


I have posted the above article to a Jew who has the following to say on the story:-

"Concerning the ridiculous quote, "The conversion of nearly 255,000 Jew during a blasphemous Hebrew holiday called "High Holy Week"". Having practiced Jewish Holidays for some five years now to one extent or another, I assure you their is no "High Holy Week". There is of course a time called the High Holy Days, but it is ten not seven days long. And if this "blasphemous" holiday is what they refer to, then they are fools because it is just the time between two festivals commanded in their own Bibles in Leviticus 23."

So, what do you think, is he right or wrong?

I would appreciate it very much if you can answer his comments.

Love in Christ,

haddad aust 

I don't know what planet you people came from but please go back and leave us alone!!!! You are a bunch og sickys!! How can you even say you'er a CHRISTAN??
Ken Hutchison 

Are you guys serious?!?!?! Your beliefs are one thing. I won't get into that because I'm afraid I'd go overboars with rage. But, support the NRA?!?! YOUR A CHURCH!!! GUNS KILL PEOPLE!! Being a pacafist, I don't believe in violence. I do, however believe in god. And I don't think god would think to highly of y our ways. Your to restricting. You need to let people live and make their own decisions. Mistakes help people discover themselves. If somone commits a sin and is truly sorry for it, god will know. You can't judge people the way you do. You can't  play god. You people are the definition of blaphamy. Not only that, but you are advocates forviolence. And if you claim to be saving socioty from smut, then why is your website full of it!! I've seen worse things on your site than i've seen in porno magazines!!! I'd really appreciate it if you respond to this so you can explain some things to me.
 Evan Smith