Landover Baptist Mail Received Current Month (unedited and in original form) UPDATED:  02/17/2000 -7:05AM EST

You guys deserve to die.  I can't believe you would make up this BULL SHIT about the Backstreet Boys.  You people are sick and twisted and should get sued!!! If I were them, you'd being staring out the windows of a barred room.  That's right, if I were them, you'd be in Jail!  - Beth Harris 

The FBI are investigating this web site.  You cannot say that you are protected by the first amendment of free speech!!!  You are degrading a religion and causing hatred among a lot of people!  I told my friend who works for the FBI and he laughed and said, "These people cannot be serious!"  You people have been busted and will be shut down.  Go ahead and enjoy your time degrading the Baptist Religion because you will be shut down soon and will be charged with a Federal Offense.  I wonder what you would look like in stripes.  If I was you, I would ask the Lord for forgiveness and get on your knees right now before you die and go to hell.  Landover Baptist- ha, what a JOKE!!!

To whom it may concern:

    "Backstreet Boys Glorify Satan in Song" is the biggest piece of trash that I have ever read in my life.

    I realize that your page obviously has nothing to do with glorifying God and you should be ashamed of the way that you have tried to tarnish the reputations of five respectable young men. There is NO excuse for your actions, nor your trashy literature and I demand that it be taken down immediately before I alert someone that could file suit against you.

   Your so-called-article is debased and morally wrong. I can see no reason for you to write this and I can only wonder that the person behind this website is no more than an immature 10 year old little boy with no life or ambitions other than to hurt other people.

    If you're "with God" then you should know that God punishes liars and if anyone is going to go to hell, it's going to be you.

A concerned person.

To whom it may Concern,

First off i would like to say I am a 20 year old Christian who was raised in the the Baptist church for most of my life.  My mother is even the secratery at our curch.  I have a strong belief in God and in Jesus Christ.  I love the Lord and I do as he asks me in His word.

And with all that said I want to say your church sickens me.  You are exactly what makes people fearful of Christians today.  You spout your mouth off as if you know what you are talking about yet you don't.  In your article promoting your CD burning you libeled the Backstreet Boys to the point that they could sue you.  I hope they do.  I cannot believe you are telling such raunchy lies about these men, just so you can pass off your neo-Christianity.  My friend wandered upon your
site and let me know what you are passing off as the truth.   Granted some of what you said is truth, but the majority is gross lies.  The supposed quotes on
homosexuality you have from the BSB are totally false.  And I feel it is my duty to tell you that they are.  You now as Christians have a choice.  You can continue
on withyour lies and I will inform the BSB management, The Firm, or you cn remove this from your site and print a retraction.  I am giving you a choice.

I pray for you, that you may do the right thing.  Remember that "there is not one perfect, no not one" and "judge those as you also would like to be judged".  Take the Log out of your own eye before you try and pull the splinter out of mine.

In God's everlasting love and forgivness, Jocelyn Jones  a 98° fan(and if you start on them I will go off with all the power God has given me, they are good Christian boys)

PS For Your Information Lance Bass one of the members of NSync is a devout Christian and has his own management company to promote Christian artists. Think about putting THAT in your web site.

Dear fellow 'christians',

I am appalled that you would post something so immoral!  I am a baptist and first of all, I believe we would not post anything like that!  I know what being a christian is, and you are not.  I do listen to the Backstreet Boys' music, and in no way have I thought them to be immoral and bad influences.  And to let you know, Brian would NEVER do anything you said in that article.   He planned on going to seminary school before the whole Backstreet thing started.  Why would you post something like this?!  If you were a real christian you wouldn't put anything like that on a website that kids and others like me would see.  Please do your research on the next group you decide to run into the ground.  If you don't like what I have said, tough.  This is how I feel.  I don't think the Lord would allow me to listen to
anything that could in any way harm me, or scar me for life.  I listen to what the Lord says, and in no way has he said that the Backstreet Boys are immoral and non-christian!  Just think about what I have said.

Oh, and by the way, that advertisement you put on saying "wwbd?", that's completely wrong!  I don't listen to ANYONE but God.  She might be spreading
the word, but half the time, it's all for ratings and more money.
Stacey Vohs  



At first, I thought I had stumbled on a comedic web page that  satirized and made fun of the "Christian" behavior that turns so many away from relationship with Christ.  As I read, I soon discovered that your web page was not a joke but rather a bigoted, self-righteous attempt at promoting Christianity.  Your messages are not only slanderous, demeaning, anti-Semitic and cruel but they are also outright lies.  Certainly not what the Jesus of the Bible would portray.

Our God is an inclusive God not exclusive.  Our God is not bigoted but loves all color and all ethnic origins because they are of His creation.  He is the Good Shepherd that ministers to the lepers not one that drives the unsaved away.

Your message is frightening and I will pray for your sorry existence that Christ will forgive and be compassionate with you.

In His Service,

Dear Sirs/Madams:

    I was greatly disappointed and angered by your website. That article is SUCH a FARCE!! It makes my blood boil to think that someone could even concieve something like that!  This is SOOOOOOOOO WRONG!! You should all be ashamed of yourselves for trying to destroy the hard-earned reputations of five decent young men. If those five men could read this article, it would probably hurt them beyond description! If anyone's going to hell, it just might be the person who wrote this article for saying such horrible, cruel lies!! These men have been raised on the things of God and still continue every day to give Him the glory for their success. The fact that you could print such a horrible article on your website only proves to me what a disgrace you are to the holy name of Christ. Just because you don't agree with something someone does, it does not give you the right to condemn them! Two of those young men--Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell--were raised in a Baptist church and cherish their upbringing. Nothing on this earth gives you the right to condemn and destroy them like this! You are nothing but a bunch of racist, nose-in-the-air supremacists. It almost made me cry to think that there are such people as you who call themselves children of God. I am a Christian and I have never been more saddened with the world than I was tonight. May God forgive you and have mercy on your souls.
PS. Our admonition from Christ was to "go into ALL the world and preach the Gospel." I therefore think that the unsaved ARE welcome to come to Him!

I thought that you might like to see that you are being investigated by S.B.C. representative:

Young Man, I must apologize for the delay in responding to your letter. I have been away for several weeks and had honestly put this entire matter to rest. You mentioned seeing my letter on the site. I want to know how you saw that letter unless you are a member of that Cult. As a Christian it is my duty to answer your questions. If nothing else to assist you in exposing that place for the Devil's Playhouse that it is.

>This solely for the purpose of an academic study which touches on the Landover Baptist site amongst many others. I intend it to be a rational and unbiased study.

There is absolutely nothing rational about that site, I assure you.

On with the questions.

>1) Was your e-mail a legitimate and real reaction to the LB website and in no way generated or suggested by representatives of the site ?

Sir, my email was very much real. I find that smut offensive and nothing less than vulgar.

>2) If yes when you sent the letter did you consider the LB site to be representative of a real church or to be a parody/humor site ? Has your opinion changed now?

There is nothing humorous about taking the Lord's name in vain. And for the record, No, I am of the same opinion that that woman and those people need help.

>3) I can definitively inform you that there is indeed no Landover Baptist church of this kind and the entire contents of the site are intended to be humorous and satirical, with no basis in reality. Does this humor offend you ? Do you think it is harmful to the Baptist Church ?

As stated above. There is absolutely nothing funny about mocking religion. They can laugh now but they are the ones who will have to answer to God come judgement day.

>4) Do you on the whole believe the Internet contains more pro-religious or anti-religious material ? Should it become more pro-religious even if that means censorship of sites such as Landover Baptist ?

Overall, I find the Internet to be filled with trash. There are a few decent sites that I have selected for the church library. But not near enough. The public schools and libraries are opening the doors to perverts, child molesters, and evil by allowing unrestricted Internet access. I pray that one day this will not be the case.

>I thank you for your time and hope you choose to respond. Please advise me if you would like to be included on the distribution list for my paper when it is completed in approx 3-4 months.

Yes, I would love to see exactly what is written. Again, I apologize for the delay in replying to your message.


I have visited your website, and I wished to comment.  I am a Baptist--born and raised.  I believe that Baptistic beliefs are correct and should be propagated.  I believe in evangelization.  But, how can we "shoo" an unsaved person from our pews and then expect them to listen as we share the good news of God's Gospel?
Jesus had many unsaved people listening to his sermons.  He loved them and was kind to them even when they were cruel and sinful.  I believe He would expect no less of us and our churches.  Besides, only God knows whether someone is truly saved.  You can never truly know if I am saved and I can never know for sure if you are.   Will we then judge by the quality of their life or the cleanliness of their clothing?  Jesus said judge not that you be not judged.  Certainly He is the only one that may make such judgments. As a Baptist, I am ashamed of what your website is telling people that Baptists believe.  I welcome unsaved into my church because if they are there, they may very well be searching for what is missing in their life--Jesus Christ can fill that void.  If I were to ask them to leave and they never accepted Christ because of my actions, Jesus would hold me responsible.  I could never stand before Christ and explain to Him how I could have allowed myself to do such a thing.

In closing, I refer you to James chapter 2 of your KJV Bible (which I always use).  The whole chapter is good, but verse 9 basically sums up what I have to say.  "But if ye have respect to persons, ye commit sin, and are convinced of the law as transgressors."

Please reconsider your policies in light of the Bible.  Thank you.
Teresa Gordon  

I was surfing the net to get information on pokemon, to show my 10 year old why they were evil.  I was impressed with what you had to say.  Then I read the top of your web page.  "The Largest, Most Powerful Assembly of Worthwhile People To Ever Exist.  Unsaved are NOT welcome."  This statement deeply disturbs me.  That is what Christians are for,  the unsaved!! "Powerful Assembly of Worthwhile People", who do you think you are?  You are nothing without God!!   I don't know if I should trust your views or not.  I just felt this should be brought to your attention.  This statement does not sound like something that a Christian would say.


How do you people live with yourselves?  Jon Claude Haines 

Okay Movie Editor,
Are you a complete dumb-ass or do you just want to pose as one.  You have a thumbnail of the woman who starred in the movie on your homepage, with the words "Ellen DeG pictured left."  WRONG.

She wasn't even in the movie.  IF you're going to bash it [that's your perogative, what do i care] at least get it RIGHT. What makes you think people want to follow the lead or recommendations of an IDIOT????


To Whom it may concern at Landover Baptist, "America's Favorite Church":
    I realize you most likely will not listen to me, or pay any heed to what  I have to say about anything, since your ears and eyes are so closed from the rest of the world. Despite your close-mindedness, I would like to offer you this. The dictionary defines the word Christian, which is what you obviously claim to be, as follows:

Chris·tian (krschn)

1. Professing belief in Jesus as Christ or following the religion based on
the life and teachings of Jesus.
2. Relating to or derived from Jesus or Jesus's teachings.
3. Manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus; Christlike.
4. Relating to or characteristic of Christianity or its adherents.
5. Showing a loving concern for others; humane.

Now, I am not going to belittle you with quotes from the Bible, or the teachings of Christ, because this is not the issue. The issue is how you choose to teach your children about God. In the process of being a true Christian, one must strive to become as much like Christ as possible. That is a well-known, solid, non-debatable fact. In enjoying your website, I came across many, many examples of instances in which, if Christ were in that place, I am sure he would not have approved of. There was an abundance of racism on your website, which I find disturbing because in such an advanced society you cannot be tolerant of anyone but what you believe to be superior. The basis of whites being the superior race is long-held by such fanatics as yourselves, but it is a weakly supported fact. And tell me, would Christ turn away, snub His nose at the 'unsaved'? No, he would, being Christ, try to save them. The popular saying What Would Jesus Do? seems to be irrelevant in your little society of overzealous addicts. It is people like you who should be feared in today's society- forget the psychopaths and serial murders, they only kill or cause a little chaos. But you... you multiply, and teach your children to discriminate blindly like you do, and they breed, and there is a never-ending circle of death that you lead marching stupidly into the future. You are not a religion, you are nothing but a totalitarian society. A totalitarian regime is one that crushes all autonomous institutions in its drive to seize the human soul. Thank you for your time.  <AshleyWJ

Okay you right wing, prejudiced, dogmatic, holier-then-thou scum, I have something to say to you people and you had better at least understand what I say, you vile, close-minded, vapid bigots.

Where in the bible does it say that all opinions are wrong except for those made by you?  A religion is open for interpretation from anyone, from the lowest street beggar to the leaders of the nations of the world.  That is, as a matter of fact, the process by which Christianity came to be: the different interpretations of Jesus and his teachings.
Now, if you think that your opinions of other people determine whether they are admitted to the kingdom of Heaven or cast into the depths of Hell, then you seriously need to examine your beliefs.  Jesus preached that God loves everyone and all will be admitted into His kingdom.

I also notice that you are anti-Jewish (among other things).  Well, was not Jesus Jewish?  Was his foreskin not cut? (These are both rhetorical questions, if you did not know)

Finally, you are also very anti-witch.  You classify all witchcraft as “the devils work” and such.  You are wrong in these accusations.  Many forms of witchcraft do not believe in a devil and some don’t even believe in a god.  Who are you to stereotype that which you do not understand?  If you think about it, giving something a name gives it power, so whenever you even THINK about Lucifer/Satan/the Devil/El Diablo (whatever you want to call it), you are giving it more power!  In that sense, YOU are also devil worshippers!

Here’s an idea for you guys: lighten up a little.  God gave you this life to enjoy, not to prepare for the next life.  What if you don’t get another chance, what happens then?  You wasted your only chance on this Earth that God placed here for us.

Chad Brayman  
Theologian in training

Ellen Degenerates is not in the movie Boys Don't Cry. You may want to research that a bit more. Bill Fisher 

To Whom it may concern,

             I was both shocked and amazed at the contents of your web site. Someone forwarded me the hyperlink and stated that this was a page designed to be,well, "Humorous"??  I do not find any humor on your web site at all.  we as Christians should in all things be sharing with others the Love that God has shared with us.  I am sure that you meant no harm by this page , but i do ask you to please seek God about this web site.  Pray and ask his Guidance. We have all done things that we felt were " the right thing to do" , but it is not always the "God" thing to do. think about the great commission and ask yourselves "does this web site Glorify God?".  Is this Gods will"? " What would an unsaved persons perception of Christianity be after viewing this web site"? I too will be in prayer for you. I do Hope that
you will do the right thing .

In Christ's Love,

You are The sorriest excuse for Christians i have ever heard of. Not only are you full of yourselves, but you are full of SHIT.   

Hello, my name is Keith, and I live in New Wilmington, Pa.  I'm trying to be as polite as I possibly can right now.  Unfortunately, I had the displeasure of stumbling upon your website, and initially I first thought that it was simply a satire upon Christianity.  However, I looked through and realized that indeed it wasn't, that your organization (cult) really does exist.  Actually, I was once like you.  Not too long ago, I was unfortunately brainwashed into believing in the Charasmatic movement that went through the likes of Brownsville, Florida, and Toronto, Canada.  But never have I seen an organization (CULT) like you.  In fact, I found some parts of it quite amusing.  Like the Sex 4 Salvation.  I really liked that.  And of course who could forget the Personal Testiment Improvement Center.  Beautiful.  Your CULT truly is a work of art.  Now, I know what you're saying. :-)  I must be either possessed, or not saved, or maybe, hey just maybe, when I get through with typing this, perhaps I'll conjure up Satan himself and have him do evil things to whoever is reading this and your little communtiy.  Ooooooohhhhhh!!!  Because, obviously, being that I am possessed (according to you) I'm sure that I know who is reading this right now, because of my evil powers and all.  Do you honestly think that you are doing good with what you preach.  Doesn't it say in the Bible, that wonderful man written book, to love the sinner, and not the sin.  The reason why Christianity isn't working today is because Christians stopped acting like Jesus.  Supposedly, Satan is the destroyer.  And I can tell you one thing, I'm sorry but your beliefs are completely warped.  But I'm laughing right now.  I don't believe in Christianity, and according to your website, neither do you.  Sooooo, if there really is a Hell (doubtful), I guess we'll see each other there.  Trust me, you ARE hurting more than you are helping.  And believe me, God will punish that.  By the way, I didn't give you my E-mail address.  It's  Please, do E-mail me.

P.S.  I also loved the little article that you posted, about the 15 separate raptures.  Yeah, Ha!, you're a Christian!

I agree with - Mrs. Nancy Williams .  And furthermore, on your website nothing should be unsuitable for children under 21 if you are really Christian.  Besides that, you AUCTION BABIES????  I think that that's just insane!  They are children created in God's image, no matter who the mother is.  They are GOD's CHILDREN.  And tampons... They create no sexual feel at all.  You don't even feel them!  My pastor at my church does not even see anything wrong with them!  I spoke with women at my church and none of them see anything wrong and sinful with tampons.  Maybe sexual pleasure, but give me a break... TAMPONS????  I am NOT Satanic, but I DO think that you are messed up.  My nana was a good Christian, and she never sinned, and spent much time in Church, but yet SHE died of cancer two weeks ago.  And you're telling me she was killed by the devil due to sin?  He gave her cancer?  I'm sorry, cancer is God's way of deciding who is called back to Heaven and who is not.  My Nana by no means went to hell.  She was a wonderful Christian.  And do not consider me an attack by Satan himself, for I beleieve that Satan only attacks the wicked, not people who do not beleive that he would kill innocent Christians through cancer.  And just because Jewish people do not beleive the same things you do does not mean that there is reason to discriminate against them.  God loves all his children, no matter who they are.  So why don't you?  And you say Andy Kaufman was posessed in the beginning of Man on the Moon?  Well when I was little I talked to invisible people too.  It was all PRETEND.  Children pretend sometimes that they have playmates, especially if they are lonely.  If you pretend, you can do anything... Go to Africa, have a pet horse, even swim in the oceans!  I'm not sure if we know the same God, but something I DO know is that the God I know forgives, even if he never forgets, and LOVES all.  He would never hate you, but he DOES have people to help fight against Satan.  Angels.  And Satan is not in everything!!!  My violin teacher is Baptist and she is not as insane as you!  She beleives the same thing, that God is LOVE.  I don't understand your... CULT but it DOES disturb me that you could be so insensitive and closed-minded.  Alyson