Landover Baptist Mail Received February 2001 (unedited and in original form)

do you have a psychic network surounding you? how do you know if someone is unsaved? and where do you keep the poison koolaid? or do you make a new batch each day for when the holy time of death arrises. i think that an injunction should be put against you and your society damaging "literal" interpretations of a man made work of fiction, to make sure you do not come in contact with people. PERIOD. you are a very disturbed group of (anti-individuals), and i am very saddened by the fact that you have actually been able to coerce anybody into your beleifs. i ask you, and expect a reply, do you stone your children when unruly???? you state that nothing made by "unsaved(non-fundamentalist baptist christians)" is used by your extremist organization. that means that every window(in your church's especially), screw, nail, and what ever else it takes to build your multi-million dollar (tax free thanks to an unsaved non-fundamentalist baptist government by the way) "compound" was designed, manufactured and produced by your cultist organization. no one unsaved did any of the work or delivered material to the site. if they did, then you are going to hell for using others you beleive unworthy of god to perpetuate your own gains. the money you charge in fines for not following rules is made by and intirely of UNSAVED material and people. the material you use to make your clothes was grown and harvested by unsaved people, and don't forget food. do you grow EVERYTHING that you consume?flower?spices? do you make your own cooking utencils and appliances? where does your commune work and get their paychecks? does everyone work within the commune and nowhere else, maybe an unsaved company and employer? I declare that you are no different than any other mad hatter organization, you enforce what you perceive as enforceable to others, then look the other way when it siutes your needs. i am writting this because i see your website preachings as more unholy than all you condemn. i would very much like to hear your answers to my questions, maybe you could show me the light. i'm fairly open minded. i just don't understand

respectfully yours,
Douglas R Young 

Thanks to your website and others like yours, I AM NOW AN ATHEIST. I am so sick to death of this rediculous Christian propaganda. I have more respect for other religions, like Judaism, Hinudism, Buddism, etc., than Christianity, because they don't force their ideas down everyone else's throats. You people are CRAZY! Who the hell believes in shit like "Rugrats are television for pedos" and these rediculous movie reviews. I took several of your Bible quizzes. THE BIBLE IS NOTHING BUT TRASH!! All you Christians want to do is use these 2000 year old verses and force people to believe them or they will be damned to hell. If I had one wish, I would wipe all religion off the face of this earth. Who gives a crap about this stuff. I don't care about what the Bible says and I don't care about God. I don't know whether or not it exists, so frankly I don't care!! The main reason there is so many problems in this country and elsewhere is because of right-wing CHRISTIANS like you. GO TO HEL!L! (if there is such a thing)

Neo Anderson 

Dear Landover Baptist Church,

First, where do you get your information? How do you know these are the things Pedophiles look for. It seems you, yourself, have had a little experience in this area. Second, do you even watch the show. Stu has repeatedly brought up toys for Tommy and his friends to play with. Not sexual devices, but children's toys. I'm even sure Betty is not a bull dyke, she's a hard working homemaker who spends her whole day with her kids. Finally, Jerry Falwell is a media whore, who's only purpose is to earn money to futher advance himself. He only comes out with something like Tinky Winky when he either want's more money, or more attention. I think God should save us from people like you.


As far as im concerned you are a pack of hypocrits who sit around all day and make your own judgements on other people using Jesus as a shield for whatever you say. Your complete wowsers whos ideas and philosopies are dated back to the 40's. Its good that you follow a religion but you fail to relise that shoving your religion down other peoples throats is not the way to do things. Telling people to burn books and not go to the movies to watch something is completely brain washing. Most people can work out what they want to do without you sticking your head in. I know you will proberly turn what i said into some sort of message from satan but it is not, just comments from a normal middle class person. I would like to know your ideas about what i said.

Matt King 

Deuteronomy 20 says nothing at all about raping women and children. Your church is as Satanic and unscriptural as the catholic harolt, from which you get your morals. You keep the heathen sunday, and the pagan Christmas and easter. You hate God, and you do not know Christ at all, because you are too lazy to read the bible. What a bunch of derelicts.


Oh, for crying out loud...the Toy Story 2 playtent is designed for the kids to play in...not to be sexually active. Pull your head out of your ass and get a fricking clue. If Disney had that intention, do you honestly think that would be out on the market?? my niece has one, and she does not play dr in it, thank you very much. Neither does her cousin, who happens to be a boy. They are both closely supervised, and I think that if you would closely supervise your children (if you have any), maybe they wouldn't be playing "doctor" and getting themselves sexually excited. My sister in law is a christian, and I am too. She does not believe that is what her daughter is doing, and I don't believe my son is doing that. As I said, they are both very closely supervised. And, as I said before, Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass and get a clue!! Personally, I think that you need to watch your children more closely.


I am considering visiting your church.  I would just like to know if the fines are for the members only. Or does it apply to visitors as well. The fines for being late and for not having the prope attire. I was also wondering how does one know for sure  that the clothes ones wears were made by Christians.  Not all of my clothes were.  Who made the fabric?  What about the cars we drive, the phones in our houses.  How does one control it all???

kay mcl 

Dear reader,

   I would just like to say that I think that you and your little community are the most uptight, hypocritical organization I have ever laid eyes upon. If your orginaziotion truly does exist, and is not some sort of sick prank, I find it utterly disgusting. Upon visiting your website and reading some of your anti-everything articles, I was astonished and found it hard to believe that anyone could be so wrong about anything. I consider myself to be a strong christian, i am not perfect, but no one is... you all seem to think you are. I do not mean to offend anyone by this, and i am certainly not angry in any way. (just in disbelief) So I hope that you and your little
community are not offended by this. I'm sure you will have a pleasant day in your plastic bubble and not have to deal with any unsaved people. Instead of being so gaudy and criticising everyone else, maybe you should look at yourselves, in your expensive utopia, and stuck up livelihood. Just remember that Jesus was a humble man.

Nick Long 

You people are really Fucked up! Don't have anything better to do than to  tell people how to run their lives. People like you make me sick. Who the fuck do you think you are, a messanger of God? Sounds to me that you think YOU ARE GOD!! I hope these people shut this site down, and if anyone who reads this wants help contact me. YOU to fruitcake,you got a problem, YOU contact me!

p.s. DumbAss


To the Pastor Landover and Sister Taffy:

I am writing to you because the url address to your Sister Taffy site was given by my pastor at yesterdays service. The basis of the service was on the downfall of modern religion and what will become of those who teach false ideals. Your site was set as a example of what happens when money and power take precedence over true belief.

I was saddened by what I found. I don't like to see the spiritual gifts of God ignored nor do I like to see the fakery and mockery of them that the Word of Faith are given. That is exactly what you are doing with that site. Whether you realize it or not you are so blinded by greed that you are making a mockery of the bible and it's teachings. The context is so distorted and the ideas are not biblical based. The facts stated on that site are untrue and almost appear as if they are to be humorous.

Sir, what you are allowing Sister Taffy to write and publish is nothing less than blasphemy. No real christian I know would perpetrate a contest for Jesus impostors nor would they damn another person for their choice in feminine products. Do you really think Jesus would actually care what a woman uses during her personal time of the month? Why would you allow someone to create an entire ministry around this? There are no biblical facts upon which to base this. Where do these notions come from? Certainly not from God.

I have not written to you to condemn or to judge you or Sister Taffy. That is not or me to do. God will do that in his time. I am writing simply to tell you how offensive what you are doing is to other people. What you are doing is given others a horrible experience in their quest for salvation though Jesus Christ. Jesus died that you may live forever through his salvation. He did not die so that his grace and teachings could be distorted and passed off as truths. You do not preach the truth you preach lies in the name of Jesus Christ. I am sure the Lord sees your misinformation as unintentional but is as sorrowed as I am by what you teach.

It is sad that God's word and God's gifts are used unwittingly to hurt us and control us by the enemy. We are to go by God's Word and how the Holy Spirit leads us through it. Not your Sister Taffy's word. It is my prayer that those who have been were hurt by your site especially your Sister Taffy's site will see the truth and not believe what you pass off as truth. Please remember that God uses All things for good. Somewhere there is some good in your site but I have yet to find it. All I have seen is distortion of the word, greed, and mockery. I am so thankful that there is a God who will show mercy on you and those who believe what you teach. You will need it. You can come from out of this dark place and been blessed but you should remember that a contentious spirit is not the spirit of Christ.

I pray that you will rethink some of your teachings and realize that it is not for us to decide what is right and wrong it is for God to decide.

Our Love Of Christ.

In Gods name


lynda felman 



i am a unitarian christian who doesnt believe in a god of love torturing people in an eternal burning hell.i find your satirical approach,however,to be as big a turnoff as the the christianity you do true christianity a great disservice.we are probably very close to each other in our theologies.but in the words of todays gramatically challenged society,"you are so not funny"!

david john rambo 

My Mother and Father heard a song, by someone called "Humphries" (vocalist).  The song was something like, "When He Reached Down His Hand For Me".
Is there any way that you could help us in finding a place where we could require the sheet music for this specific music?
It would be deeply appreciated.
We appreciate your ministy, more than we can say.  We are unable to contribute since we are part of a local church planting project which is yet in the baby stages of growing.  Therefore, our funds and energies are mostly directed toward our local church.  I say this because, I am asking you for a favor, yet we have been unable to help you with contributions, which we would love to be able to do.
Thanks for your openness and honesty;  Biblical standing firm on truths that are not popular in this day and age.
Bonnie R. Sauder

Brother Harry Hardwick,
     I have recently veiwed your website with an open mind and heart.  I have found some things that I am having dificulty understanding however, and I was wondering if you could assist me in making sense of these issues. I read your comments on the nickalodeon show "the Rugrats"  and I have to say I found your interpretation of the show very disturbing.  It is startling that someone could watch an innocent childrens program and see it in so many twisted and sexually perverse ways. Now, I am not arguing your right to view and make judgements on such programs, however, I cannot understand why you are convinced that the cartoon has horrific sexual innuendo. As far as your viewing the parents as "feminazis, dykes and homos" I think that is an unfair assumption of their roles.  Perhaps they are merely providing an unbiased veiw of american culture that all children can associate with.

 Also, why do you feel that it is necessary to serve your congregation with costly violations just because their kids miss sunday school a couple time or because , heaven forbid, their church clothes are not up to par?  What if they are not able to afford the clothes you have deemed appropriate?  Will charging them 300 dollars realy help them in purchasing the proper attire?  I doubt it.  As for the anti black, anti homosexual comments that are scattered about the website, I can't even begin to explain why that is wrong and unfair and most of all UNCHRISTIAN.  Isnt the purpose of Christianity to love and accept all beings on god's earth?  I just feel that it must be hard to be productive and be one of god's children when you are so full of hate and perverted thoughts about the world.  Do you think that if you actually arrived at the gates of heaven that god wouldnt remind you of all the times you spoke badly of your fellow man and would chastise you for making such perverse as!
sumptions about children?  If we are all on this earth, it is because god put us here, and so you have no more right to be here then any one else.  I think of all things you could do the most heretical would be to assume that you are in a position to judge others and preach racism and homophobia under a guise of religion.  If your convictions are strong enough and you can defend them with valid arguments then you do not need to hide behind the skirts of Christianity.  Please be enough of a man to face the very people you verbally attack on your website.  I hope that you will respond to this email with rational and sane comments, and please do not try to push me away by simply replying with bibly verses or scripture quotes.  Trust me it will be a waste of your time as I have already read them all.  Thank you for your time and consideration-  EM



Annoyed reader
joe shmoe 

Dear Sir,
I have been a Baptist for the last 10 years, yet I have never in my entire life witnessed such a closed minded organization such as your own.
"Judge not, lest ye be judged."  Why don't you stop criticizing the sinner by condemning him/her to hell & start spreading the word of Jesus Christ so that we may all save the "lost children of God."
That in my mind makes more difference than not.  By the way, you may want to get a new Writer/Editor for your columns and link pages.....the Jar Jar Binks support article from
Thank You for your time and attention.
Mark John Wyn

You guys are the most screwed up religion next to mormons!!!!!!!!!


It's people like you that make it difficult for those of us who are trying to show the love of Jesus to those who need him the most.


dear fellow beleivers,
  my name is darrell howard and i havespent thelast two years in the unites states marine corps.  i joined so that you and the rest of americawould be able to freely worship the way that you wanted. to protect your rights.
but after looking  at your webpage i am not so sure i want you to have those rights anymore.
you are there to save the sinner,  not shun him away.remember,  "He who hase not sinned cast the first stone" Jesus said that,  and you need to follow it.
e-mail me please at Marinek1

Question one: Has it ever occured to you that you might be wrong? I recently found a link to your page surfing the web and was completely and utterly shocked..."Hannibal" a delight for all ages (it's a good movie but there's no way in or out of Hell that I'd bring children to see such scenes as Lecter hanging/disemboweling Pazzi)...and "Rugrats" as kiddie-porn?!?!? I've got no love for the show, but really, I honestly think the problem in this case is on your end.  I mean, if you were able to spot this stuff nobody else did then chances are the perverse one is you.Question Two: Is this a joke?

If yes please disregard question one.

Mr. Gumby
tom servo 

Well I bet you do not put this on your web site. I am a Christian and I think you are all sick perverts. In your stories about the Rug-Rats series and the Disney movie Dinosaur you described things only a sick individual would come up with. I think it would be in your best interest to look at your own sexuality before commenting on that of children's T.V. Furthermore what makes purple a "purely homosexual" color? Check yourself you may Be needing some gay attention yourself. Any Homo could read things like this into any piece of literature or film ever created. One of my closest friends sent me a link to your web site with the subject "Who are the sinners here?". Well I have a good feeling who may be I trouble on judgement day. Need a hint look in a mirror.
Michael E. Dinger

Don't you have better things to do with your time/lives?  I suppose anti-productivity is a thing to spend time doing.  I hope those who maintain and pay for this waste of data called a site find some enjoyment out of it.  If not, they truly are more pitiful than I thought.  Or perhaps it's the other way around?


I will be reporting you. I am a baptist and this crap is terrible. You have a problem. <Giddy church members could barely contain their enthusiasm last Sunday as Pastor Deacon Fred played missionary videos showing piles of slumped dead bodies killed in a recent earthquake in India. "It is exhilarating to be able to see the Lord's wrath in action," >


Hello, my name is Peter, I have been raised in a christian household, my father in fact is a Lutheran Pastor with the ELCIC. Now then I am educated upon what the Bible says, I have ready it, and I have paid particular attention to the parts where God speaks of the end times and of what we are to do and what we are not to do. One Question, when did Jesus ever charge people to listen to him? Never, yet you do. As well I have read several sections of your web site concerning your policies and beliefs. Firstly I would like an explantion to your beliefs and policies as I find some of them take the Bibile out-of-context and warp the meaning of the Bible. As I stand right now LandOverBaptist Church is a cult. No more no less, a perversion of the Bible and God's message, and extremist group of people. Thank you for
reading this, please feel free to email me back to further explain your point of view's on the Bible. Thank you, and God Bless, I pray you have eyes to see him and ears to hear his true words, and minds to discern what is true.

God Bless,

Peter Senften

I can't believe unsaved are not welcome at your church. There was a time that I didn't even know what 'saved' was. I thank God he lead me to a church with open arms for me to hear the true gospel.  You should read your Bible.


"When men strive together one with another,
                 and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the
                 hand of him that smiteth him and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by
                 the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her"
                 (Deuteronomy 25:11-12).

You unsaved morons got it wrong because of the unclear pronoun antecedent in the English translation. It is, more logically, the enemy who is smiting the woman's husband whose genitals she is forbidden to touch.

D Conner and C Schmitt

Dear Pastor,

I am a good Christian in California and would love to be able to interview the mother of the boy. This is exactly the kind of story we need to promote in our own church newsletter. please let me know if you can help me. God bless you!

Elizabeth Panteix