Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2000

First of all let me just state that I am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN !!!!! And have been that way for 5 years. I have also surrendered to the ministry and as a future minister, let me just say what I have seen on your web site is appalling! Just the fact that you say the unsaved are not allowed on your site is crap and shows your ignorance. And what is this junk about revoking some ones salvation, do you have scripture to back that up, because I can't find any. Then you have this serious complex about judging someone OK your really smart I do believe it says in the BIBLE (in MATTHEW 7:1-2 1. Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you, 2.for God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply the same rules you apply to others.) that you should not judge others which means everyone !!!!!!! Including gays, lesbian, and unsaved. Instead of scrutinizing and condemning people to Hell (which also you have no power over & shouldn't judge one's salvation) why don't you try praying for them and treating like Jesus would treat them. I hope you know I am praying for your lousy money grubbing ministry (which in my mind isn't even a ministry at all) And I am also reporting your church to the Southern Baptist Convention as well as other Baptist organizations to warn them about your cult! If anyone is going to be tortured in Hell forever it is YOU! You deserve to DIE!

Jeremiah Kindrick 

You may think all the Backstreet Bioys fans are stupid, but I now realize your page is a parody.  Even so, you are, under no circumstances permitted by our federal court system to commit slander, its illegal.  If you are going to make a parody page do it the right way, personal gain never comes from the loss of others.  You can distort this email to your benifit all you want, I won't care, because I know that once you have read this the full realization of the crime you have committed will open your eyes.  You did not only do an in-justice to this country, you did it to yourself and the millions of people who adore the backstreet boys.  That makes you, quite
frankly, less than human.  You are hurting people, the people you are hurting are REAL.  You have no justification to make up an article and call it truth.  You are not funny, your website is not funny, and you are a sick twisted group of people.  Not to mention how predjudice you are.   It is not acceptable for you to use derogatory terms when speaking of another human being.  People read the crap you write and it hurts them, you have no right in hurting another person, especially when nothing was done to you.  I for one am sick of your racist views on this world.  People read this, maybe you don't understand that, but people read it.  And may I say again that slander is illegal.  I don't care what it takes, but I will do everything in my power along with the many legions of other fans to put this travesty to an end.  This will not be tolerated.  And so, in closing, I hope you realize your wrong doings, and take down all the untruthful materials as well as all the derogatory terms, bu if you fail to do so, proper actions will be taken against you, just remember you only brought it on yourself.
Katie Jahn 

I have looked over your web site... I am very disappointed in you, who call yourselves Christians. How can you not include the unbelievers in your group? The only way to make more believers in the world is to go out and make disciples of all nations. Romans 12:10 says: "Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, in honor giving preference to one another" and Romans 12:14 says "Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse." And the picture of the "staff"
on the lawn with the burning cross does mean otherwise. You knew what people would think when they saw it so why did you put it up to begin with? And another thing... What do you have against the young people of America? Don't they have a voice? Many of your voices are of older beings who, with no disrespect, are going to pass on before the young ones will. And you have a 12 year old Pastor, so if he wanted to write an email he can't? That's all I have to say. Thanks for listening. God bless.    Sarah Ames 

i thought german churchmen were dumb but you are eben dumber that anyone could ever be. it hurts to see that churchmen all over the world didnt learn anything from the past and still harrass over people they dont even know. what you said about the best vocal act of todays music scene, the backstreet boys, is just wilfullness resulting from the writer´s unability to have a good and successful life. i guess you don´t care about real problems in the world or otherwise you wouldn´t waste your time writing that kind of bullshit which you know is so very untrue; so no wonder that more and more people are turning their backs to the church. its time for you to apologize - to the BSB and to the fans who are now trying to shut this site down and believe me-they will because backstreet power rules!!!

keeping the Backstreet pride alive

a devoted BSB fan:  Nicole Hahn 

Dear Land Over Baptist Church,
    I was very disgusted at your article about the Backsteet Boys "pimping" themselves off and practicing homosexual sex. I believe it is wrong to say untrue things, and I believe on your page what you are saying is wrong. If this was true it would have been a national news story and I never heard before until I went to your page. It is true that not every person is perfect and that we all may slip up at times. The boys may have made some mistakes but never to this degree. They would never "sell" themselves to 70 year old men. Just because you don't like someone you should not spread nasty rumors all over the Internet. What you are doing is telling a false statement and last time I checked that was a sin. You're also showing the ignorance of the American public and being very immature. Spreading rumors is not mature action to take when you have a problem with something. What you are probably thinking right now is that I'm a disilliosional teenybopper. That is also a
very untrue statement. Some good advice to you is that you take the article off your page or your likely to get some legal action taken out on you. Not by me, but one day the wrong person is going to stumble on this site.


Hey you low life pieces of SHIT! U think that ur funny with ur site? Well guess what? UR NOT! Me and my friends are gonna kick ur ass! We have soo many things that we could do to you! The only reason that u did that was becoz u could never equal up top them! I bet you can't fucking name 1 thing that u have that
they don't! ugh!
Rach Carter 

Just what are you guys smoking? You have a restraining order on unsaved? Isn't that who you would want to try and help the most. But by threatening them with restraining orders and also by saying things like "Get saved and get a free cruise/cellphone" makes you pretty hypocritical. You are doing the fictional "Devil's Work". According to your ethics I guess that makes you "Unchristian" so you must be unsaved. With this in mind stay off your own website. Your unwelcome.

-Daniel Ray

I  writing about an article that i was really sad about it. I'm baptist, a true and faithful serve of Lord, and in my life i never thought i'd be so shamed of my religion.
How dare you talk bad about someone you never knew, and than say things that are not true? As a pastor you should talk about things based in the Bible, and what i read was nothing but someone talking. God teach us that we must be true and be for the opressed, and help the people that are needing your help, what you did, was nothing based in that. It was ofensive not only to the Backstreet Boys, but for everyone who belive in GOD, cause the most terrible thing is that you are somebody that in theory should be called a GOD's instrument, and you're not. You are a shame to God's gospel, ans please if you have any rest of moral and love for GOD, please, do not ever go in front of the church saying what GOD says. You are not qualificate to do that, even that you have a certicate that tells the opposit. I pray God once he forgive you for this attitude, i ask God, not puinish you. Just to let you know the Backstreet Boys recived this article and maybe they will take some action. You really gotta pay for that.  If not by the human justice, for the God's justice, you will! Sham on youn!

Dear Sir,
    Hi, i was reading your little article on the Backstreet Boys, and the tuff you are saying about them is TOTALLY desgusting and NOT true at all!!!!! The backstreet boys are not like that at all... they're not at all gay perverts like you make them out to be! I'm a Christian and I've done some reasearch on the Backstreet Boys like through Focus On The Family and they are NOT the gay fags you're making them sound like! I'm so p!ssed off right now and i can't believe anyone would do such a thing! Well... I have 2 go. and by the way... whats up with no unsaved people being welcome at your "church"? Aren't you supposed to be whitnessing to unsaved people instead of shoving them away? well, you can mail me back with your thoughts if you want. bye!

i as a baptist and christian am appalled by this article written. not for one moment do i believe that the backstreet boys are some homosexual perverted   hymphomanics. it makes me feel ashamed to see a sight set up by so called fellow "baptists" like this. for one, i don't because you also talk about the use of small fire arms in your site. christians should have their hearts full of peace, not judging people, burning and potentially shooting things (or someone). i am keeping my backstreet boys cds, i will go to their concerts and i will support them. if you feel that i am going to hell, that is fine. if knowing i'll be in heaven with a group of bigoted, narrow-minded so called christians - i'd rather listen to backstreet songs while the flames of hell lap at my ass! it is not your place to judge, only our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. for if one is saved and knows God, and allows Him to be the pilot of his/her body, one will knowingly do right by Him. thank you.

Nicole Tubbs

don't you think that you are going a little overboard?  God teaches forgiveness, so why don't you do what God wants, and forgive them.  I'm not trying to judge, as God asks, but it amost seems like you are trying to judge others, not noticing your own sin.
j r <alpha0145

I pray the Lord grand you the grace to see through the eyes of the Spirit. Apostasy is the only word that came to my mind as I reviewed your web site. May God have mercy on all who think your ungodly attempts at humor are in any way glorifying God Almighty.

Do ya all know what a lawsuit is? What you said about Brian Littrell in the article I was down right rude and totally untrue, you call yourselves servants of God? I have news for you, your going straight to hell and burning. Ya all need to get a life and stop saying rude stuff and trying to scam the TRUE Baptist members!