Landover Baptist Mail Received March 2001 (unedited and in original form)

Is this a real web site/ church...? is this fake??? it has to be!!
Did you know that Jesus ate HE ATE with sinners!!
did you know that all of the cheif rulers and jewish leaders in his day CRITISIZED him for by not welcomeing sinners into the house of GOD?  What the crap are you doing it for then?  Your ownselfish motives?
The bibile says in Matt 18  to go into all the WORLD...not the church..and preach the gosple baptizing them not yourselves....
Of course sinners are going to hell..but weren't you a sinner at one time and someone loved you enough to lead you to Christ!!??!!  Isn't that our whole mission as win the lost???!!!  How is the love of Christ being shown by kicking them out of your church..a church with so much means and so much right at their fingertips to proclaim the gosple throughout the sitting on it...honestly that makes me sick...Jesus himself went to the sinners houses, tax collectors...ect and ate with them..don't you understand what that need to read the bible in context.  Jesus put himself in the middle of them...even when he died on the says he became sin..meaning he took all of our sin...who are you to think that you are so perfect saying that we're too good to have a sinner like you in our church...
all have sined and fallen sin people are so blind to the truth of the word of God...
please write me I would like to hear your views

The only thing that I can gather from your repulsive sight, is that you are a complete halucination of a very sick individual. You twist scripture and use it to your benefit, just like Satan.  I pray to the Lord you are not real, and there is no Landover Baptist Church, and if there is, then trust me you and your "followers" are in my prayers.  To begin with, something like what you're promoting is an abonimation to the God, you are adding to and taking away from the Scripture, whether you believe it or not, you are infact cursing yourself and your family, read Rev.  Second, if we are not to have any contact with non-Christians, how do you supose we are to go into all the world an evangelize (Mark 16:15) Jesus did not come for the healthy but for the sick, so how do you figure someone get's saved?  How are
the unsaved supose to become saved, if not by the love of Christ, through Christians. You blind Hipocrits, you Brood of Vipers, how dare you take the most beautiful thing in the world, the Word of God and utterly destroy it, and pass it off as a lie.  You are in my prayers, and I do Anxiously await an E-mail back from you.  I want to know if you're church is for real. If I followed what you are claiming, than this attempt I'm using right now, to save you and all other corrupted by you, would be an abonimation, but because I have the grace of God and the Holy Spirit as a constant reminder of Jesus who is God, then I know I am sharing God's love.  You have questions, and issues that need to be addressed, until then, you really ought to be far more careful with what you say, because on the account that I'm correct and your not, that will be a very scary day, a day of mourning, weeping, and nashing of teeth.

In God's Love, Grace, and Service

If you do not invite the siner into your church how will they be saved? Our Lord Jesus Christ went among the siners to preach the message of salvation!!!!

Dear Pastor:

I was searching the web for Ronald Reagan WAV files and your site popped up.  I skimmed the front page and was dismayed to see the "I have black friends"
defense employed to defend BJU and their reprted stance on Roman Catholicism.

As a former Catholic and current Baptist, I think the remark regarding the Pope as a "man in a dress who calls himself equal to God" was uncalled for and does
nothing to promote Christian brotherhood across the two denominations.  Catholics are Christians - the first Christians, it might be noted.

While claims of Papal infallibility may be questionable to those outside the Catholic faith, it should not be mocked openly by others.


Jeff McKain
Cincinnati OH
Landmark Baptist Temple
Glendale Milford Rd

    Up until now, you Baptists have simply been the laughing stock of the rest of the world.  It's a rarity to have someone in today's society still thinking the sun is a fire god crossing the sky each day in a chariot but ignorance is generally forgiven since the low IQs the Baptists have as a group is not your fault.

   Torturing and murdering God's creatures is not ignorance, however, it's pure, undiluted evil and humanity will relish the day when you pompous,  Baptist, self-righteous morons, especially you Harry, you fat, bumbling buffoon too stupid to tie your own shoes, are skewered and roasted like pigs in your own private hell.

   In the meantime, your contribution to more hatred in this world has at least contributed to making the Baptist Church an even bigger joke than they already were.   God tells us you are his biggest embarrassment and the burden with which he tests the rest of humanity.

   If any of you brain-damaged stooges have trouble reading this, I will be happy to come up there and read it to you.
J Michael Kyle 

How dare you call yourselves the lagest most powerfull assembly of worthwhile people to ever exist when you call an 11 year old girl a slut. You are the largest pack of imbiciles hear me imbiciles thats right to have ever lived.
Tribal net 

Most people would find your tripe very time waisting and hurtful, I just think it's stupid as hell.  You are a bunch of racist, sexist, descriminatory freaks that need to learn love for fellow man, not hatred and jealousy... also, I am insulted by your concept of Christianity.  Good luck getting into Heaven.  Heathen bastards....

P.S. And yes, you WILL be punished for your beliefs of other human beings, in some shape form or fassion.

Hatefully yours,
Ryan Hutcheson and Jim Goza

Hello, I am not really sure what to say.....I read the article about your church (I am guessing) throwing a christian rave and I need to speak w/someone in detail about getting something started where I live (Dallas, TX) I have been in and out of church all my life, and  although I have been saved, baptised, and have a christian upbringing.........I haven't been to church in some many years. I have WANTED to go (I have been in the RAVE scene for 3 years now, which, unfortunately, has deterred me) but I want to go back here in Dallas and bring w/me an idea for a new wave of music which is taking the US by storm, but with God controlling that storm. If you or whoever organizes these events at your church could get back to me, this is my passion (I am a "dj" by the way) and my God-given gift and I want to use it for the Lord, please connect me with that person so that I can fulfill my obligations and dreams through this awesome music. Sincerely,

--- Eric Rose

I can't find any words to describe your site other than disgusting.  Ungodly, uninspiring, uninformative, and disgusting.
Curage Knight 

I spent about an hour going through your web site.  To me being pentichostal, and also Babsist.   How can you dare tell people the things that you do?  I was always taught to live by the bible.  Yet you have obstructed the bible in every sence of the meaning.  The bible does not put a rule on dress.  If you think that it does then you sir should be wearing a robe, or dress.  You sir should not cut your hair, and there are several other things that you should not do.  I think your site is an abomation
aginst Jesus Christ and God.  But it is not my place to judge you.  That will be left for Christ to do on judgement day.Do I deserve to be judged by you for wearing jeans and shorts, or watching T.V, or listning to music?  I don't that that is your right.  You are not Christ.  You may be a decon but you have no right to point a finger at anyone from the pulpit.  I have been saved, spoken in toungs the language of the Lord, and filled with the holy spirit.  I walk a path and do my best as
a human to follow the Ten Commandments.You are courpting society and the youth with your ways.  This I do not think any Babsist Church would agree with.  You have a cult and so your name should reflect who you are. Not hidden behind a releigon.

Tami Hardin 

I'm what respect did Tom Hanks play a momosexual in the movie "the Green Mile?"

Are you for real, do you have any idea that it is 2001? If there is a satan I am quite sure you will all meet him, you sick bastards.

Read a book, maybe it will help.

A truly blessed individual  mz chilly <>

I was surfing the internet for a battery powered hairdryer for a missions trip when I came across and old webpage of yours advertising for the Y2K survival kit. It had on there a battery powered hairdryer. I would like to know where you can get that. No one seems to have ever heard of one. Please let me know. Thanks


New Creation Designs
Robin Scanlon

Hello Dear Friends in Christ,

I am someone that has worked on the computers for a Christian Ministry program, and have been asked to create a web-page for that ministry.  While researching what others have done in this area I was lucky enough to come across your site.

I think I will tell my pastor that there is no need for us to make a site, as your's pretty much says it all!  Ours will just list weekly activities and include a link to yours.  PRAISE GOD YOU HAVE THE STRENGTH TO DISCLOSE SOME OF THE BEST BIBLE VERSE in the Bible!  Verses others are afraid to say, because
of the liberal media!  It's about time these SINNER KNOW WHAT GOD HAS SAID!!!  I pray to God to strike these liberal media people DEAD!  They HAVE TURNED US INTO A GODLESS SOCIETY!!  COULD ANYTHING BE WORSE??

We have a chapter of the NRA meed in our basement, and I'm sure they will enjoy some of the biblical truths
you bring to light.

Keep up the GOOD work!

May GOD BLESS YOU for your efforts!


Um, first off I would like to start off saying that I found an article on this web site that is very offensive, and to be short and to the point its a shame., here is what it said, in quotes... please read this as i respond to it.

"Little Nathan De'Angelo told his teachers at Landover Christian Academy: "Me and a bunch of other kids are going to win souls with our Halloween costumes this year." He went on to say, "we are going to find some unsaved liberal kids with devil costumes and present them with the gospel. If they refuse to accept Jesus, we are going to tear off their costumes and burn them right there in the street! If we can't get their costumes, we are going to beat the devil out of them. And take their candy as a love offering for the glory of God!"

"What an exciting night this is going to be!" Pastor Deacon Fred told the congregation last Sunday. "I am behind our children 100%. The Holy Ghost is going to attack Satan on his own birthday. We, as adults, should admire Godly children like Nathan who have the guts to stand up for their faith. These sweet kids are living out the words of Jesus when he said, 'I came not to bring peace, but a sword!'(Matthew 10:34) I think a fist works just as well as a sword when it comes to doing battle with real live demons!  If a little six-year-old girl thinks it is cute to dress up like a witch, then she needs to find out what happens to real witches.  Maybe she’ll change her little mind when she ends up in the bottom of a well or under 150 pounds of rocks.

wow, im just not sure what to say here, i was totally shocked out of my mind, oh yes, to inform you, i am a Witch, and very proud of it, It's been a family tradition for 1000 years, and we are not bad people. This year my coven (group of fellow witches) gave more food to the Niagara Regional Food Bank than any other organization around here. I dont know if you know where Niagara Falls Ontario Canada is, but thats where im from. A group of 8 people raised more food donations than any other organization, and to imagine were all witches. I guess if it was up to you we would be at the bottom of a well, or under 150lbs of rocks, and thousands of children would have not had food for their dinner, their bellys empty, and their hearts may want to reconsider what you post on the web, you know your warping the minds of youth, and one day the youth will grow up and be in charge of this world.and to make something else clear, witches are not evil, we do not beleive in the devil, the devil is christian, and we want to keep him there. please stop "informing" people that witches are bad people, bacause from what i read of your web site, we are better people than you are, even your god thinks so!

yours truly,


Who the hell do you think you are!?
A Godly Warning We have a permanent injunction against all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10-mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory

Ya id like you to see this enforced. Whatch ya gonna do?Send me to...HELL?? Since when the hell did the church make laws? What happened to seperation of church and state? The state makes the laws, not the church you goffy damnuts. By the way, I would prefer to go to hell...why have to follow also those damnut rules to go hang out with this fag someone called god?? I can /\/\Burn/\/\ wit the koo' devil and /\/\/\Burn/\/\/\ with my friends who know the simple truth about god...its a load of S.Cya in hell you Its people like you and California minivan drivers that are polluting the world with all your crap and spreading the virus through those kids you torture with the "good word".Take that good word and shove it you morons! Cya in hell


PS your movie reviews suck donkey balls.

I would very strongly suggest that you read your Bible cover to cover and study it thoroughly.  Your teachings are contrary to the Word of God and that is blasphemy.  Anybody who will not allow unsaved in their church is working against God.  How are the unsaved supposed to hear about salvation.  And to call yourself a Baptist Church?????  I hope nobody thinks that all Baptist churches are like this.  THEY'RE NOT. And I hate to disappoint you but Baptist Christians are not the only ones going to Heaven.

Have you even READ the Bible?  God has prepared a place for sheep in wolves clothing.

In Christ,
B. Nickerson

This is in regards to your online news source found at

To whom it may concern:

My name is Jennifer and I have been raised as a christian my entire life.  I even had the pleasure of attending a baptist church when I was younger.  But never in my life had I been exposed to the kind of hypocracy that you are publishing in your online paper.  This is exactly the kind of garbage that turns people away from christianity...the holier than thou attitude that you and your church protray.  Jesus said to go out and make fishers of men....we as christians are already saved..we need to be loving and caring for those who are "unbelievers."  Do not banish them from hearing the word of God.  I will be praying very strongly for you and your congregation to know the true spirit of Chirst and I am praying for those that you may have turned away that they will come to know the truth through other means.  I am not doubting your faith, but please, have compassion for those who do not know God yet and spread the word that we know a loving and forgiving God that wants to know all of us.  Shame on you for acting like you have done something wonderful to be spared the mercies of God.  God has granted us ALL eternal life for those that choose to know him.  I urge you, please do not turn people away who are looking for the truth...Accept them lovingly and show them in a gentle manner what it means to be christian, like God has done for us.

Thank you!
Jennifer Frommelt