Landover Baptist Mail Received April 2001 (unedited and in original form)

I attend the Tulsa Baptist Temple.

Is the unsaved shirt a joke?   I hope so.   Christ didn't teach us to avoid all contact with unsaved people.   If we did how would they see Christ in our lives.   How would they be saved?

I thought that part of your web site was a very bad testimony.

John H. Jones 

you think Santa is satanic? not everything in this world is Satanic. it's anal-retentive paranoid small minded christians that give Christians like me a good name. what do you think this is? Salem? you can't go burning any little thing you nostalgically consider satanic. not all Santa's are lechorous old men. gee maybe the Easter Bunny's satanic too...

hi, i'm writing in regard to the flyer u have on ur homepage.  this is not the ideal to reach people to dancing and living for Christ.  i do believe dancing is allowed in the church and in the world as long as it is used to praise our Lord Jesus Christ.  but the word "Ass" on this flyer is very inappropriate.  yes, the word was in the Bible, but only used as another term for a donkey.  nowadays, is it derrogatory, and should not be used in this way.  i do not condemn the raving scene, but the flyer was
inappropriate and should not be used again.  reaching people for Jesus is important, yes i know, but we have to watch out on how we present ourselves and this manner is not exceptable.  i thank you for your time in reading this email.  take care and...

God Bless,

Anissa Aguilar

you fucking morons. your all going to hell. i wish i could meet one of you fags on the street  i would beat the holy fuck out of you. people like you define oral tragedy.

Kris Osborne 

You call yourselves Christians, but rather you are simply a laughing stock to the world wide web. Just read your mail. The comments of most people that write are just expressing how stupid and lost you really are. People are in their seat and laughing at the way you most ignorant people preform what you call Christian.
 I think many of the folks at Landover Babtist church are the product of some serious imbreeding. I will pray for you lost, ignorant fools.

Very Catholic,

I was searching online for reviews on my favorite movie "Dinosaur" and I read this one. I almost wet myself laughing! There is no way that any child in their right mind (if not sheltered) that would find this movie in anyway sexual! They are freakin' animals! They mate at a certain time of year and for one reason, not the same reason that people do. We all know that in Disney movies that the animals talk and that they have personalities so that the audience can get more involoved with the movie.
I've seen this movie a million times and know it word for word. The only sexual part in the movie that I've seen wasn't even mentioned in the artical! I know just as well as you do that humans were around at this time, but Disney spent $395 million dollars on this movie and they needed to make it worth it. Also take into consideration that a day to God is like 1000 years and that 1000 years is like a day. Plus, if there was only two people or 100 people on the planet at this time who knows if they would be in the same place? Being christians means that you try to live a life for God, not for preventing your children from seeing a Disney movie! And I repeat, there was no sexual conduct as said in the main review on your page.

In Jesus Name,
Anne Matthews

To whom it may concern,

     I read your atricle on pornography in children's shows posted on the internet. I have never noticed this while watching Sesame Stree or Rugrats, nor notice this now after reading your article. What kind of people are you claiming to be? What kind of person can look at these kind of shows and make something perverted out of it. It seems to me you are trying to start controversy, and the finger should be pointed at you for having the perverted mind for coming up with such nonsense. I'll pray for you all.

Zac Saylor
Wallins Baptist Church

Did you happen to take under consideration that you are promoting theft in stores that supply tampons?? For that you will burn in hell, right? Too bad hell doesn't exist either! Thou shalt not steel! I don't believe in god or the devil but even though your site says IM not welcome, I came anyway! And I will visit on a regular basis to laugh my ass off!!

Ps. Religion is for the weak minded
Name Removed Upon Request

Dear Landover Baptist,

I have been a christian since I was nine years old.  I have a great love and respect for my God and my Savior Jesus Christ.  Therefore it pained me greatly to see your web site.  I don't understand how you could take your religion as an interpretation of anything in the bible.  You curse openly. You pervert the scripture, and blaspheme the church and everything it stands for.  I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quiet so disturbing as your so called organization.  I shall pray that truth will some day touch your hearts.  Please read the Bible.  All of it.

Sincerely Concerned,
Lauren Masters

I REALLY hope you are just bunch of people who have bad sense of humour, who put up a pervertic, sick and so unbiblical out of Christ's love kind of homesites
to scare away the seekers of the truth. If you DARE to call yourelf Christians, I am appalled, as well as is the Christ our king. A three year old boy was crushed
over the fact the he lost his kitten, and all he would've needed was a hug and nice word and a promise, that Jesus didn't want anything bad to happen to his
kitten, and that He still loves the boy very much, and that the cat is in a better place. Take any part in the Bible, and you'll see, that what you teach is wrong, and that falce teachers will have the worst judgement of all.

And if you are with the bad sense of humour kind of people, I congratulate you for the laughter you get out of this scared email. You will have it coming, too...

Repent, and you shall be saved.

There are works of demons, but there are also work of saddness, disappointment and being right. Not everything a child say, is demon possessed. You can
all go back to 1600th Century and be a part of the wich hunt.

Maiju, Christian - Hullu Mau 

I am both a devout Christian and a scientist.  The vast majority of scientist are.

Your supposition is fundamentally incorrect.

Christ is THE TRUTH.  Science is a search for the truth.  The two are not in conflict. When approached with the wonder of a child, science reveals the wonder of God's Creation.  Without this approach science does not advance.  Most science is approached this way.

The charitable approach would be to understand some outspoken scientist who have the ear of a secular press forget what science is about and spread misinformation.

Science has brought us the internet which allows this fellowship.
Anthony Scovazzo 

tonight im gonna cram two tampons up my fajita, just becouse you guys are so brainwashed and stupid. Hello do you have proof to support this theory???? maybe you ugly religious fruitcakes would enjoy a good tampon once in a while to clear out all them cob webs up there, and yes i am unsaved and proud of it, i have a life unlike you, but then again you church goin fanatics are so busy in the news lateley for molesting children. oh well i guess ill rot in hell if there actually is one, but it would be better then being a fake crabby a-hole all the time telling people how the should live their life.

have a suck day:)

I Tried to take your quiz, found a link on Darwin awards, and while I attended a Christian college and possess reasonable education skills I must say your methodology in finding new ways to honor God, insults the intelligence he gave me.

You should be sorry in front of your god and mine for twisting truth into lies for the purpose of a lesson.

Coming from a family of 4 ministers, a religious publisher and a Christian radio station owner, its fair to say none of them ever made such an outright attempt to distort reality into religion.

The unfortunate time has come that  people no longer fear God, most in fact have a disbelief due to scientific facts that have been presented, some of which I choose to study and find ways to mix with the word, but when you do something so incredibly stupid as what you did with the test on your web site, you have an effect on a generation of future adults who like no other generation think more for them self's and are less of a follower than anyother generation before us today.

Treat your congregation with a little self respect, assume we use the power of our mind for the furtherment of the spirit of God and don't belittle that power he gave us to know the difference between fact and fiction.

Its disgraceful.

William Allen  

dear sir or maam,
      i am writing in regards to the disturbing message that is attached to the church link. specifically "unsaved unwelcome" . it struck me very strangely. if all churchs felt the same way, how would antone ever be saved. i know jesus would invite all to his messages, so why is it that a church that follows jesus are willing to turn away those that jesus might be able to save? i am sorry that your church has such a aspect on christianity. i was always taught to love all, not just those who claim to be saved. i was also taught that church is for sinners because if we were all saints there would be no need in church.

religiously dissapointed,
toby kirkpatrick 

I am writing in reference to your website. I came across this due to a friends ill feelings towards your so called Christian site. I have the right to speak my mind both as a citizen of the united states and as a true child of God. As far as credentials for me. I am a saved, washed in the blood, purged from sin by the atonement of Christ, child of God. Jesus was crucified, buried, resurrected and taken up to heaven to show his divine right and sovereignty over Satan and death.

      I see your church does not allow unsaved people to attend. Why not? I am going to ask you to get your bible, but I hope you are not a liberal mouthpiece of Satan that reads any bible, but the King James Version. Turn to the book of Matthew 28:19 and 20.   Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.  Now I want you to honestly tell me how your church is going to goto ALL the world and teach them if you are not coming in contact with unsaved people. If the apostles took this approach and taught it no one would have been saved now. You would not have been saved. Don't give me this I was sprinkled or baptized stuff either. Your mother and fathers salvation does not affect your salvation.  As far as you being afraid to be around sinners take this passage to heart.  Matthew 9:10-12 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners?  Now in noway are we Jesus, but that was an example he gave us.  Matthew 9:12-14 But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Hummmm how do you call them when you are in your church locked up afraid of Satan.

      Being saved does not mean you don't sin..1 Timothy 1:14-16 This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.  Paul was the greatest apostle and he says no one sinned more than him.

      I will await your response and I shall pray for your eyes to be open to Gods love.

In Christ Amen

To any self-righteous jack-ass (landover baptist) it may concern,
        Recently, I received an e-mail from your organization informing me that I was going to hell.  I must confess that upon first reading this garbage, I was a little worried.  Fortunately, I am far more intelligent than you will ever be, and I realized that the letter must be reflection upon your tainted soul.  What this letter tells me is that you hide behind a curtain of false righteousness, and accuse others of heresy.  In reality, you are no more than a witch-hunter hoping to redeem yourself by damning other people.  You claim to believe in Jesus, and yet you go against EVERYTHING he taught.  You tell people that there is no redemption for them, and in doing so give them reason to believe that there is actually some biblical foundation to this lie.  I am embarrassed to even consider the fact that we might worship the same God (So it's a good thing you worship your master, Satan).  The bible asks us to teach other people about God, not make them resent him.  Furthermore, I am glad that we will not be going to the same place in the afterlife so that I won't have to bear your company for the rest of eternity.

Jason Clough 

    PS: I don't really hope you go to hell, Satan shouldn't have to put up
with scum like you.
    PPS:  I had sex with you mother last night (Doggy style, she was