May 2009

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Letters To Landover: "Pastor's Mailbag"

APRIL 2009
A Small Sample of e-mails unedited and in original form

I came across your web site, and, whereas I agree that our children should be protected and religious tolerance should be exercised, I think it is absured that a bogus attack is made on a cartoon.

The "eye trick" used to see Spongbob Square Pants eye/nose "genitalia" is nothing more than a desperate attempt to control and scare people into staying subserviant.  If someone can make the world out to be a scary place, then no one is going to question authority and will be dependent on their leaders to protect them from the evils that lurk.  Little do these mindless fools realize they are being brainwashed by people who have an agenda for power and control. 

May your god protect you from yourselves.

Also, don't pray for me.  I don't want any of that mess.



Four words for you:  You can't fix stupid!  (your words, that is!) 

Troy Baile

What I've seen of your church makes me believe that none of you are saved. God says that you should love all people, and that hate is the same as murder. Not allowing the unsaved on your website or near your church makes it even harder to save them. Your church does not show Christianity in any way, except by name. Many things on your homepage is VERY offensive to people, and your staff picture looks EXACTLY like the KKK. I'm Baptist, but my church is nothing like yours.


Dear Pastor,

you are turley an idiot, I am sure you already knew

Deeper Truth

Thank you

may you repent and recieve Christ before it is too late is my prayer and you are anything but funny

Bonnie Zepeda

I am very disturbed about the answers who you wrote to the 8 year old regarding the loss of his beloved pet.  Its very heart breaking to say that especially to a little kid who really loves his pet.  How dare you, I really can't believe it. I thought it was a very distasteful joke. I will have to pray that you find real guidance in the Lord,  Do everyone a favor and stop answering letters and deceiving people.  Its evident that you are very ignorant pastor.  You will drive people away from God with those ignorant assumptions of yours supposedly coming from a Christian pastor . You really need to pray with all your heart and ask God to guide you. If you don't know the answer which is more than obvious...point people a right direction don't make ignorant assumptions.  I really can't believe there are so called pastors like you.  I am trusting God with all my heart instead of relying on advice from people like you.  I know there are still EXCELLENT, inspiring, and passionate pastors out there.  Unfortunately there are other deceiving ones.

Juanita Garcia

You are a bunch of ignorant Bible thumping morons who have no idea what Wicca is or what it is about. A reall Wiccan would never do any of the stupid crap you have on this page. Being tattooed has nothing to do with Wicca and niether does being over wieght or pierced. I am a Wiccan High Priestess and am very proud of my religion and my beliefs. We do not critize or condone the killing of another group of people just because we do not share thier belifes. YOUR God does not either. Try actually reading your Bible. We are peace loving, nature loving and people loving people who deserve and demand respect. We do not believe in Satan in anyway shape or forn, there for we do not and can not worship him you ignoratant asses. Not to mention the fact that Jesus is one a Pagan God and two, hes riegn ended 9 years ago. Again you would know this if you read YOUR BIBLE.  If people like you and the members of your church would get your heads out of your asses you would also see that YOUR GOD accepts everyone into HIS house. Again its in the Bible. So before you go preaching and killing off innocent people who want nothing more than to help our planet and the people in it maybe you should look around and see just how many of us there really are and just what we are about. You should not be alowed to be a pastor or anything else involved with a church you hypocritical asshole.    

HPS Jeannette Lumbard


wiccan people look just like you. we eat,sleep,laugh,cry,play and work just like you do.where do you get your information that we are ugly people.and that we worship the devil. we do not believe in your devil. that is something you made up to scare people. we believe in loving everyone.and we love the earth that the creator gave us. i think you are full of bull. and you need to follow the teachings of jesus.JUDGE NOT LEST YOU BE JUDGED.FOR WITH WHAT JUDGEMENT YOU GIVE, YOU WILL RECEIVE ACCORDINGLY.chapter and verse.  

Angel Heart

what the hell is this? are you some drunk older men in ur underpants? your site makes no sence. a church? lol. i'll pray for soul if i would. u spend all this time and money on this site for what? scary demon faces for childeren? idk.... what will that teach. i had fun though..... i'm rising my kids to be smart thoughful people. maybe you should rethink how u speak to childern.

Sgt Amy Bliven

I think you should get your information straight.  I think that baptist people are to quick to judge and spread hatred due to ignorance and intolerance.  You guys are way worse than any other christian religion.  You scare people into doing what you view as the right thing.  I think it's very stupid that the majority of you hate gay people.  I'm not gay myself but you're born with it if you are.  God created them so why do you hate them.  When you judge other people you are going against God.  I don't think it's possible that God speaks through baptist people.  My concept of God is more positive.  No one can say they are living God's will if they are hating and judging.  Here's some information about Catholics.  You really should research facts before posting lies and spreading hatred.  I have tolerance towards most religions.  I don't for bapists and all the religions that scare people and talk down on other religions.  It's border line extremism.  I know Catholics and none of them are like you describe.  Then again I'm an educated person and I accept people for who they are.  I also don't hate anyone and I don't bash or judge anyone.  I live God's will and I know that God doesn't hate anyone.  Read what I copied and pasted below.  Seriously do research before you spread lies and hatred.

Do Catholics worship the saints? To worship someone is to acknowledge that the one who is worshiped is divine, is God. Sometimes we can confuse cultural gestures of reverence for gestures of worship. In doing so, we often judge not as God does, by what is in the heart, but rather by appearances (see Jn 8:15, Is 11:3).

Catholics hold saints in esteem because they are such wonderful images or mirrors of Christ. Paul several times exhorts his readers to be imitators of him: "Be imitators of me, as I am of Christ" (1 Cor 11:1, also Phil 3:17, 1 Cor 4:16).

Mary is the first saint, and holds high honor today, as she did in the early Church. Over the course of history, devotion to Mary has taken many forms, and even has been confused with worship. Church teaching has consistently placed Mary in the company of the saints, however.

Devotion to the saints comes back to the theology of image: Christ is God's image, the saints are Christ's image. We honor them because we desire to imitate them. We pray to them the same as we call upon earthly friends to do a favor for us. This too, is scriptural. In Acts we read of Peter and John going up to the Temple for prayer and encountering a beggar. Peter says to him, "I have neither silver nor gold, but what I do have I give you: in the name of Jesus Christ the Nazorean, rise and walk" (Acts 3:6). Peter makes it clear that he has the power of Christ in his possession.

To be sure, it is Jesus who heals, but Peter holds the right to extend that power. The same can be said of Paul. In Acts 19:11-12 we read, "So extraordinary were the mighty deeds God accomplished at the hands of Paul that when face cloths or aprons that touched his skin were applied to the sick, their diseases left them and the evil spirits came out of them." These texts are the basis of the Catholic practice of asking saints to help us, of honoring (not worshiping) the bodies and relics of saints.

Brad Luzier

Yes, I have the courage to write a letter to you and God is appalled and sad that you would assume I'm stupid.  

I am a Christian Grandma of 4 beautiful angels and am grateful that they are learning about Jesus and to do what He does....which is not what you are teaching.  

I am praying for you with all my might that you do not end up in the opposite location when God takes you from this Earth.  

God bless you abundantly and quickly,  

Sunny Dade

You are on the wrong path. You believe Lucifer tempts and corrupts and deceives and now, what makes you unaware that he too has corrupted the Bible? You know in your hearts what you do wrong you feel it before you commit your acts. Stop using the corrupted old testament to fulfill your evil, primitive desires. You can not use God as a defense for your evil doing! But you do and you enjoy it! You are helping evil by doing what you are doing. You would be helping Christ by reaching out to these people you condemn so much, it is hard, I know but do you think it was easy for Jesus? You can only spread the word and move on! God gave us free will and you have no right to violate it. You know who was cast down and who reigns on this planet behind the curtains. God allows this to fulfill his divine plan. Are you unaware that you are being tested and you are failing? Darkness has consumed you and you have yet to see that. It is God alone who has the right to judge. What right do you have to condemn anyone? It is God who has made the laws of this life. It is your job to obey. You can not play God and believe he is appreciative of what you are doing. I have read your website, and it is full of treacherous lies. You broad of snakes! Woe to you! You filthy serpents! Are you not partaking of Legion's poison? Are you innocent of crime? No! You are not! You are as guilty as the man who has turned from Christ. Christ wants you to help these people that you condemn, that is why you see them! That is why you are aware of them! Do you not feel it? I know you do! Christ did not condemn sinners the way you want. Christ was sent here to save them. All of them. "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son". The corruption you believe in, the ways of old, put here by corrupted men to keep humanity in spiritual bondage, when the truth is CHRIST is the icon of spiritual salvation! He has the knowledge to free you from your bondage! All things changed when HE came into this world. Yet, you say you believe in the WHOLE bible. Lucifer has his systems, secret societies, mystical brotherhoods and his workers. They are in the flesh, in this world. Lucifer was cast down TO THE EARTH. Not in it. Lucifer is the ruler of this world, and as long as you continue to partake of the corruption. You are a part of this world, for it is our purpose to spread the word of Christ and not condemn people. If you are going to judge then you shall be judged. If you are going to condemn, then you too shall be condemned. If you are going to kill, then you too are going to be killed! It is written in scripture, if you live by the sword you will die by the sword. have you not fully read the whole bible? Because there IS truth in it. A message of peace and hope and salvation. A message of how we are to treat our brothers and our sisters and our neighbors. Turn from your wickedness. Apologize to Christ for what you have done so that you may be sanctified in his name. My message is not intended to harm you are change you in anyway. You have your own will and I have given you my message. It is up to you wish to believe me or not. Take heed that my work is not finished. The time is near and earth is rapidly changing and you can expect to see more of me in public places. Spreading the word of truth, and salvation. I am no Messiah and do not dare to put false words about me claiming to be. I am but a single man, in a dangerous world that is wounded beyond recovery. Leave this world be! Is it not in scripture that we battle against principals and spiritual wickedness in high places? It is not flesh and blood. Murder changes nothing, people will rise up against you in defense of peace and love and you people will make martyrs of them. The blood of innocent will be spilled by your hand. For it is your system that is the Anti Christ. You are in danger, and far more if you do not take heed to what I have revealed. Do you not desire to twist my words and make a mockery of me? See! You are corrupted! But be prepared! The son of man is prepared to enter the house of the one who bears the pitcher of water, the time is so close! You will need wisdom to understand my previous sentence. May Christ forgive you and may he give me the strength too...

 Sincerely, Keith Warrner




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