Landover Baptist Mail Received May 2001 (unedited and in original form)

Dear sir/or maam
      I read you web page on christian raving and I think that that is such an awesome idea.  You seem like you have a great youth group and that they are very creative, I am also in a youth group and I am sixteen years old.   The poster that you made was pretty cool too.  I just wanted to tell you that you seem to have a great youth group with creative ideas and I am glad the church supports them.


To Whom This may concern,

               You are so full of it. Your little article about Catholics is a bunch of crap. There are many errors in your article. I cannot believe that you can call yourself a Christian. For one thing, the Catholic church was the first Christian church around. Get a clue. Its bad enough knowing that theres people like you in this world, its even worse having to go to school with you freaks. You don't even remember Jesus' greatest commandment. "Love one another as I have loved you" Catholics don't make web pages bashing the Baptists, why do it to us? Well, I hope the truth smacks you in the face and you wake up.

Yours in Christ,
Celeste Rodriguez

Please tell me this is some kind of fucked up way to turn people to Satan, because if it is not all of you are on some fucked up drugs. Are you people the products of incest? I mean what you are saying is bullshit and i will see you all in hell so there is no need to tell me thats where i am going because I KNOW THAT YOU STUPID FUCKS! but guess what you are all going with me


 Jon C. Smith

I have cruised your website some and have found one page very disturbing.  I am writing to you in the concern of your Harry Potter page.  I must say that I do not wish to criticize anyone who wrote that, but it is absolutely not true.  If any of you have read the fourth book yet it says, as all the others say, that Harry's parents were killed by Voldemort.  Voldemort is the evil one and Harry is as we call "the good guy" Harry has tried to destroy the "ultimate evil" NO where does it say that Harry ever did a thing against his parents. As a matter of fact Harry's parents died when he was 1 year old.  It does not even mention a butcher knife.  Maybe that good godly authority was not exactly write. IN accordance to the boy in the basket: If he had even read the books he would know that all the stone did was give eternal life and unlimited amounts of gold.  It was destroyed later on anyway.  I thank you for your time and I hope you will read these "demonic books" before condemning them.  I hope you will see the point I am trying to make.


Just a note to you  , Jesus never turned anyone away , even the unsaved . If the unsaved don't come to church how do you expect them to get saved ?
You people are sadly mistaking , and i suggest you read your Bible , and i will pray for you that you will see the light . Yours sincerely , a follower of Christ that disagrees with you !


I am so sorry to have to say that you are very sick,  you need the great physician so much.  The thing about your website that makes me most think you are sick is that you would charge someone a fee for the information that leads them to salvation.  God saves not man.  Jesus died for your sins, by grace you are saved not of works, so you have nothing to boast about.  I think that you are to beyond hope to listen to me but God can reach anyone but anyone of you who really believe the sick statments in your website are most definetly lost and on their way to hell unless you can agree with the facts shown at this website . . .


Jim T

Sholom Suckers!,
Judaism is superior in all respects to Christianity! Christianity is the bastard step-child of Judaism and Jewish blood.(the only pure blood!)
You are Aryan trash! Yahweh wouldn't talk to your worthless ancestors. He came to us. Our people because of our genetics. We built the pyramids with black labor. Where were you? Probably in a cave! Jesus is nothing more than a Phoney Jew. We couldn't wait until the Romans got rid of him. Of course we had to lie a little,but so what. He is an apostate heretic of ours.(was) Hail Moses! I love to see us Jews getting rich off you stupid Christ-yans $8.00 at a time! Sure, we run things because all of you are just too stupid. Inferior. We are the CHOSEN ONES! Where would your half-ass civilization be without OUR apostate-Jew Jesus?
You even worship one of US as your God! ...and then you worship Mary...a JEWISH woman! It gives me great pleasure to see you Aryans & Chris-ye-ans worshipping us!

Steven Goldstein-Katzenberger 
P.S. ... Eat a kosher bagel on you! ( We're TOO cheap!)

Webmaster, please past this email along to whom it will concern...
Just read your article "Hog Roast to be held in Honor of Jews who converted to Christ during High Holy week"  I'm praising God that these Jews have "seen the light", but what concerns me greatly is the statement mentioned on two occasions, "blasphemous Hebrew holiday called 'High Holy Week.' ".   I'm consider myself a strong Christian man, but these words themselves are blasphemous themselves.  If you read in Leviticus 23, you will see that all "Jewish" Feast are established by GOD, Almighty, as "Lasting ordinances" for generations to come.  I strongly encourage you to take a closer look into the Feast and you will see, without question, that these Feasts show God's plan for our salvation. ( under the Hebraic Roots booklet would be a great start).  Spring feast were fulfilled 100% by Jesus' first coming while the Fall Feast, which include the "Blasphemous" high holy week (Feast of Trumpets through Day of Atonement), signifies (as things to come) the Second Coming of Christ.  Maybe it's time that Christians "see the light" too.  Talk about "Blasphemous", maybe we should look into how the Sunday Sabbath, Christmas (which is also celebrated by non-christians alike), and even Easter (all man made holidays) were first established by the Roman empire.  God's holidays serve exactly the same purposes (and much more) as these do.  I certainly hope hearts have been changed since Nov '99.

In Christ, (Forgive us Lord, for we know not what we do)
Doug Cannon
if you reply, please use 

What nonsense you are preaching! All you are doing is fining people for this or fining people for that.All you are interested in is the money. How can you advertise, "Get your ASS to church". You need to get your ASS in the Bible and read what it really says and not what you want it to say.The Bible is God's Word, not Landover's word. I thought Waco was over but you guys....MAN!! What a joke. If this is what you are all about, YOU WILL BE THE ONE'S IN HELL! Not those of us that truly believe God's Word. I will be praying for your soul's. God wants us to love the unsaved and minister to them. Not turn them away. He says that their blood is on OUR Hands. We will be held accountable. If you believe God will provid, why are you all about money? You are NUTS!!! May God have mercy on your souls

scott kelley

everything you say about the unsaved is wrong.. is says in the Bible to teach others of His ways.. not to shut them out from the church.. i can't believe anyone even though of putting up a site with those beliefs.. you are to help your fellow man and if you don't let them into the church, you are going against everything the Bible commands


Ok, first of all, you are wrong, dinosaur won many awards and kids love the movie, are there anything your religious freaks aint offended by?  I am Roman Cathloic and I don't find any movie offensive....  Just because you dont like it dont mean you have to bash it.  I have access to a wide amount of message boards and I will let them know about this place and tell them to boy cott it and make them complain about your stupid religious thoughts...  Anyone who finds a 4 year old childish movie offensive has some serious problems...  They can rott in hell....  Religion is dieing....   I can't beleive you old geezers find a 4 year old's kiddie movie offensive....  thats just downright sad.

My thought:  GET A LIFE!!!!  IF YOU DONT LIKE THE MOVIES, DONT WATCH THEM AND DONT SPREAD CRAP ON THE NET ABOUT THEM.  JUST BECAUSE YOU DIDNT LIKE IT DONT MEAN ITS A BAD MOVIE...  religious and offnsive..... gimmie a break...   Is there a movie out there that you AINT offended by?  ANSWER ME!!!

Your truly Raptor_90

Steve <godzilla_132

Now I've seen some fanatics in my time but this church beats them all !!

What a bunch of nut cases. LOOK OUT!!!! the demons are everywhere !! And to think that ONLY baptist's are saved    hummmm  me thinks YOU need to read your bible a little closer. What is wrong with you people?  How can you say the unsaved are not welcome?  We are Christians and the Lord wants us to reach the unsaved and tell them about Jesus.  We are to love everyone and do the Lord's work by preaching to everyone.  I have brought unsaved people to church with me and talked to them about God and try to answer the questions they ask me.  You are so wrong in saying the unsaved are not welcome, is that what Jesus would really have wanted?  I don't think so.  You guys make me sick with what you believe.


He guys Good work with the site, etc....

B blessed!!!!

I like to get contact with one of the hackers of the raid in februari / or other christian hackers. Please!!! I am working on a project and I need other Christian hackers.


The webmaster of

The weapons of our cyberwarfare are mighty through God!!!!

This is a parady website and you are making fun of our divine Lord Christ Jesus. Not only is this blasphemy but it is a hae crime and can be shut down. I will do everything within my power to aid in this  cause. You are spreading false rumors. my the good lord have mercy on your immortal souls. Stop blaspeming the word of God and sending the unsaved away from their salvation!

Make your own choices and don't manipulate other people's minds with trash!!! atheism is to be pitied, for it will lose in the long run. we all know this is a fake website run by tow people who got thrown out of college for anti-christian hate crimes.

Meghan Schrader

I am a very strong believer in Jesus Christ and I also say I have very strong morals. I have never done a drug in my life and I am staying abstinant until marriage. I went to your site today and read an article entitled "Nsync killed my baby." I also came upon a review of Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, and Nsync lyrics. Lets start with the first one. First of all, you spelled Nsync wrong, it is not N'Sync, second of all, you spelled Britney Spears wrong, it is Britney, not Britany. I was absolutly amused at the fact you called Nsync an "acid punk rock group." That just goes to show how ignorant and closed minded you people are. Nsync are the exact opposite of that!! If you want to get into labels, lets call them what they really are, a "boyband pop" group. If you want to hear anti-Christ acid rock, get ahold of the group Mudvayne's album. Nsync did not make that girl kill herself. She obviously has some mental issues and would have killed herself regardless of an Nsync song. The song "Bye Bye Bye" is about the end of a bitter relationship. I do not see an any way how a group with songs called "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You" is in anyway as heinous and horrible you have made them out to be on your site. I then went to the review of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and Britney Spears lyrics page. Before you start to judge the lyrics, get them correct in the first place. For example you quoted the song by Backstreet Boys called "The One" as saying "My faith is gone." Actually the lyrics are "My FEAR is gone." That is a perfectly harmless love song. I think it is absolutly appalling how you have perverted those harmless lyrics. You took the Backstreet Boys "I Need You Tonight," a beautiful song, and made those unperverted lyrics a heinous mesh of perversion, at your own discretion. I can tell you Britney Spears' "Soda Pop" has absolutly NOTHING to do with sex, as well as the Backsteet Boys' "The One," "I Need You Tonight," and Nsync's "Bringin Da Noise," (whichis by the way about a basketball game.) as well as many other songs you listed. OK, so maybe "Digital Getdown" by Nsync does, but SO WHAT!!!!!!! I am not going to go out and have sex because of it! It is a fun song to listen and sing to!  I just can't get over how closed minded and ignorant you people are. I can't get over how you guys have that T-shirt on your site saying "if you are not saved, get this T-shirt." At my church, it
is taught we help people who are lost(are you going to gripe about my use of the word "lost there?) from Jesus to help them get found. Jesus also told the people to do that, and you guys do the exact opposite. I think you guys desperatly need to revise your site. I will also have you to know Britney Spears, all of the Nsync member and all of the Backstreet Boys are devout Christians, so why don't you do a little reserach before you open your uninformed, ignorant, and credulous mouths and speak for Christ. I bet you will even have a problem with my signature!!! (the Always smile... thing) Please feel free to email me back and please share this with all your members at your next sermon.


To whom it may concern

I realize that probably no one with any influence will ever read this email, but to you who does i have a few words i wish to share with you...

I feel utter shame and hurt for your so-called 'Christian' website, I fear that the person responsible and all those who support may not be in the right here, and may be bringing people down into false sinful beliefs. It is people like you who give Christianity a name to dispise, i feel ashamed to be connected in the same body with you...if that is in fact true that you people are actually a part of the body of Christ

I have concern about some of your comments excluding non-believers...i have not read through everything in this website, but from my impressions this is almost as far from Christianity as you can get. Let me share something with you that God has taught me. Your scripture qoutes to support your discrimination against non-believers are taken out of context and are completely warped and distorted into heresy. If you actually had the 'secret knowledge of truth' Paul talks about you
would realize this. Our mission as Christians is to reach people for Christ (NOT FOR OURSELVES) but He wants them, it doesn't matter what we want. To in any
way not do this in life is to deny Christ and His work on the cross. I fear you do not even have the Spirit in you or else you would know that in all things, our focus is faith, and in faith we reach others...thats the bottom line to it all

somewhere along the way you lost that, i beg you to find it and become one of His

Ron Wall 

you think pokemon is satan and everything. You obviously know absolutely noyhing about it. You said that pokemon are real and they kill kids parents. What a huge lie. Pokemon are fictional cartoon characters. You said that when a kid gets all of the characters he can have any wish. what are you talking about it's fake. Having played the game and watched the show you dont make any wishes when you catch them. And speaking of the show. If youve ever watched it it teaches good values to children and that they should be nice to others and to their family. How could you openly lie about all these things.

You destroyed thousands of dollars of merchandise. You encouraged the kids to chant "kill them all!" and yet one of the commendments say "thou shalt not kill". You invented a deranged, pathetic attempt at a story about "demons". You're implying anything japanese or from another religion is satanic. And yet you are proud of all of this.

That's hilarious. To stop people from laughing at this particular page, I suggest that you do some serious research and revising. And don't be so close-minded.
Amanda Suen 

To who can answer my question,

Don't you think using Jesus' name and putting words after it as if you're quoting it is a good way to get to hell?  One instance on your website is Jesus says, "Burn these books."  Or something to that affect.  I was appaled to see something like this, on a supposed "saved" church's website was perverse.  Pretending to be Jesus Christ is a sin, and whoever does this is most assuredly going to hell.  I wish for a reply as soon as possible to see your views on this.


 Please read all

      I know that all of you think this is so great when people write hate mail back to you.  I am 25 years old and God changed my life form a life of sin , rebellion, drunkenness, self-righteousness and so many other things all because I went to a true fundamental independant baptist church and heard the gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.  I have a feeling that whoever thought up this site and contributes to it has been a part of a fundamental baptist church at one time.  I really honestly do pray that God has mercy on you.  You know you have been exposed to so much truth and at the end of your life you will be accountable for it espically for the way you have perverted it.  May God help each one of you.  Listen I really feel sorry for all you and pray that you ask Christ to forgive you but really all I can do is laugh
at you.  I know its real!  Your silly little website cant take away what Gods done in my life.  I had everything I could want at 22  yet i was a drunk and thinking about killing myself but because of Christ my life is greater than it has ever been.  I know the Bible is true, there is no contradiction in the Bible when you really study, sure there seems to be when you pull passages out of context like you have but there are none.  I know its real.  I tried everything to change my life including medication and psychology and it all failed.  But the regenerating power of Christ didnt.    I am currently a paramedic and I see alot of people cry out to God when they die, oh they live like they want to their whole life and mock God and His Word, but when they begin to die and they know it, the first thing they do is cry out to God.  I
know I have seen it hundreds of times.  You will to.  The first thing you will think about when you begin to die , maybe in a bed, in a car after a horrible accident when no one is around, maybe in someone else's arms, wherever it may be but you will think how you have blasphemed the name of God, Jesus Christ and Gods people and you will say to your self as you sit or lay there all alone "What if it is real and I have been mocking it all my life?"  Remember that.  Its real friend, I promise you.  All the truth you know, its real.  I used to mock it all myself just like you , just LIKE you but I have not a doubt in my mind that it is all real.   Please e-mail me back with your response.  I know you will still mock me but I still want to hear from you.  And I am a militant, Bible-Believeing, fundamental, independant Baptist but I  still love you and know God can change your life.

      I am not some old grandpa that has been a baptist all his life. I am a 25 year old christian young man who has seen been and partaken in all the so called pleasures that this world offers as a lost man for 22 years. I am   Someone that heard the Gospel for the first time at 22 and it transfomed my life, not psychology, self-esteem or any thing else, its all because of the reality of Christ.   Its All a  Real !

Dear Sir,

I happen to visit your website during a chat session. Well it seemed to me a bit heavy on information.

I am a Muslim that too who thinks & is into comparative religion studies.

I would like to have your literature can you pls send it.

Hoping to hear from you.



Your review was totally innacturate.  First of all, there was no "great flood" which wiped out the dinosaurs.  It is generally accepted that it was a meteor that did that.  Nothing has been proven yet but evidence points to a meteor.  Second dinosaurs and man did not walk the earth at the same time.  I don't know who your "Christian scientists" are but they sure are stupid.  Fossil records easily prove that dinosaurs came millions of years before man.  You don't belive me, then ask Dr. Jack Horner, dinosaur expert, paleontologist and dinosaur advisor for all three Jurassic Park films.  I think he knows a hell of a lot more about dinosaurs then your little "Christian Scienstists" do.  Third the theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds has not been proven wrong or right yet but fossil evidence indicates there is some connection.

Now onto the "Dinsney propoganda."  It's a f*cking kids movie.  Not every disney animator is a horny gay person who wants to convert kids to his sexual way of thinking.  I do admit that in films such as the little mermaid there were sexuallly slanted things in there but not in every film.  The cave looking like a female orifice?  In the words of the great philosopher Watto, "Methinks not."  And Barney is as gay as Darth Vader, which is not at all.  He is just teaching kids good values.  So before you go making all this crud up why don't you get your facts straight.  To describe your site and your review I quote Obi-Wan Kenobit, "A wretched hive of scum and villany."  Bring on a rebuttal because you are gonna be taken down by the Chaos Effect juggernaut.

Chaos Effect