Landover Baptist Mail Received July 2000 (unedited and in original form)

I just read the article published by your church in reference to your trip to Ethiopia. You have got to be sick to think that people like you go on a mission trip to this country where people are actually starving to death and eat in front of them and don't even offer them a crumb and think you are Christians.  This truly sounds like work of the devil to me.  You people would actually dare to go to this country disguised as missionarys just to hand out gospel tracts.  You should be bringing all the food and other necessities that these people are starving for.  If you feed them first, they would be a lot more willing to listen to you when you try to tell them about
God.  A starving person can't be fed with a piece of paper when they also have starving children that are, to quote your newsletter, "like black bowling balls on sticks". This is the most disgusting thing I have ever read in my life from people who claim to be Christians. You people are only going to this country for your own benefit and to see what you can by for a penance from these poor starving people.  You all should get down on your knees and pray to God that your trip isn't filled with major disasters because you all are "Devils, disguised as Christians".  You are using God as a cover for your own gain.

Have you ever thought about how full your stomach is every day?  You eat and don't even worry about where your next meal is coming from.  God forbid that
these people would have such a small worry.  They don't even know if they are going to have anything in their stomach for weeks, months, at the time.  You dare to go there and put a fence between these people and you just so you can eat in peace.  Jesus fed thousands with a few fish and a couple of loaves of bread and you dare to take food and not even think about sharing it.  What kind of monsters are you people that call yourselves Christians?  If this letter just makes one of you think about your "vacation" then it will have been worth it.

All of you should be damned to Hell to use a mission trip disguised as a trip to spread the word of God and use it for your own personal gain.  As far as I'm concerned and I'm sure that any God-fearing Christians that read this will be as offended as I am by your callous lack of regard for human suffering.

Instead of living in the lap of luxury while you are on your so called mission trip, why not try using this luxurious food you are suppose to be eating and try sharing it along with the word of God to these people.  I'm sure you would win a lot more souls to God than by stuffing your faces in front of them and showing your blatant disregard to their suffering.

I truly feel that God will deal harshly with all of you if you go on this so called Mission Trip and use God in such a blasphemous way for your own gain.

May God have mercy on all of you that take this trip, because you all are going to need it when you are in Hell screaming for mercy.  That is the only place that is fitting for you all because unless you have compassion for your fellow man, be he Black, Red, or whatever, then there is no place in Heaven for you.

In The Name of Jesus

A True Believer

How can i become ignorant to?? How can shread any sense of indiviuality,morals,intellegence and common sense?..because you seem to be the masters!....I'm not entirly certain that you exist, i mean i find myself asking'are there people that dumb in the world?" you honestly beleave half the filth you preach. And, yes it is a fact that all of the founding fathers did sleep with their "nigger" slaves.probaly not all of them were female too...I have a relieable source which says old Georgey boy was quite fond of them big black cocks!YUMMY!....Where was i?..oh yes i was ridiculing your moronic,ignorant,facist beliefs.If you beleave in the whole bible then
surely you know that going to church is breaking "God's" laws?.You seem quite aggressive towards the jews,and yet your cruel master Jesus was one of these choosen elite. There is no evidence that Christ ever wanted to create a seperate religion from that of Judaism.It was his apostles that started that shit.There was no real Christian religion until Ceaser Agustus of the Roman empire created the roman catholic church.Than 400 years after Jesus died (and stayed dead!not resurecting ..ever!) The old cathlics made made the bible.A cheap rip off of the torah(the old testimate,the bible of the Jews) and some over exagerted and made up storys of christs life.And all other christian religions come from that. Jesus didn't die for"the sins of man"...he as a criminal, and was punished accordingly. well i think that's enough ranting..for now I doubt that many of you have the I.Q to read, and that you'd take the time to listen to truth.I hope that a meteor stikes your little compound
and you all burn.slowly.


Pokemon is just a cartoon U sack of crap!!! If U tell this 2 any of my friends they won't believe it!!!Pokemon aren't demons and tell yer pastor 2 quit burnin' things! I'd hate 2 see yer church burn down cuz of his retarded stupidity!!! That church looks cool and I don't want it 2 burn down because of carelessness!!!


Would you be interested in talking to our homeschool email group why Harry Potter books are not good for our children to be reading? This would be done compeletly over the Internet.  Only take a few moments of your time.

Connie Anderson

William Farnsworth,

You are proud of the fact that you kicked an Ethiopian child like a dog when he was so hungry that he ate your vomit.

I can see that you are just like Jesus in Mark 1:40-42 who on seeing the leper, slapped him on the face and said, "You deserve your fate, leprous riff-raff!" Then he returned to his 5 star hotel (Luke 9:58) to eat lobster and caviar behind electrified razor wire.

Oh, if only everyone was just like you.

What's the difference between you and the KKK?

Uncle Mark

Yo Mr. Pastor, since you think your church website is funny, which I don't. I forwarded copies of it to Baptist and major news organizations in the US. Guess what? You'll be probably the laughing stock or the most hated religious organization in the country.

Good luck!

 angel Ramos

Landmark Baptist wrote::
if any of these 'so-called' children's books are found anywhere on church grounds or in the home of any church member, proper steps will be taken to ensure your child is fully deprogrammed from the illicit material (which may or may not include a trip to a Russian orphanage at your expense) and you will be fined $250.00 per book.

Hi I am emailing you regarding the website, I have just read over.As far as Harry Potter, I have not paid too much attention to it all, I guess because this isn't something my  son would be interested in just because of his age.But, I do see your point to a point:) But, to go as far as sending the kids to an orphanage? A Russian one at that? That is delirious.....Totally.I am a Christian, and a believer of Jesus Christ, and I do not believe he would approve of such behavior. Like an orphanage is going to fix anything at all??????? What about God? Don't you believe he can fix it? You are a Pastor right? Well, I think as a Pastor you should put your faith in God, not a reform school,  who will just demonize a child more........What are you thinking? And what are these parents thinking if they attend your church? What right do YOU have to decide on how a child is punished, or deprogrammed as you would put it? You talk as if they are robots. They're not they're
human just like you. What right do YOU have to tell someone what they can or can't have in their home???????? I am a Baptist, and Thank the Lord MY pastor is more loving than  this................He is filled with God's Love. What are you filled with? I am not supporting this Harry Potter thing. I think it has gone a little too
far on BOTH sides.......but for good grief, I think you are handling it the  wrong way. I am just thankful I am not part of YOUR congregation. I would want a Pastor to love me, and my kids and help us, not send us or  them as far away as they can, so someone else can demonize them.........Let  GOD do it!!!!!!!!!!
Let God fix them, or are you not fully trusting in him?????? Please reply back to me, I am curious of how you'll respond. Thank you and GODBLESS you and your church.


Who in the Hell, do you people think you are? If you don't like it, don't watch it. If you don't want your people watching it, tell them to go outside and breathe in some of God's air, look at his scenery, whatever. I agree that sometimes it get's out of hand, but at the same time I find it  quite intriguing, sort of like a soap opera.
But then, you probably don't like those either. In any case, I am a true WWF fan and no one is going to sway me to not watch it. I particularly fancy Kane and the Undertaker. Great guys. The others, with their extremely large bodies, glistening with sweat. Damn! That's hot! God is not going to punish these men for their career choice. He may,  however, punish you for being so arrogant and casting the first stone. If Americans of all shapes and sizes and religious beliefs, can't figure out
that this programming is nothing more than a fantasy, perhaps they should get  a real life or get their head examined. And you, take a seat next to Falwell. Find something creative to do. Leave the WWF alone. Brush up on the bible and watch less tv.


I just read the story of your "church" and the Ethiopian trip. I have never been so repulsed by any group of people in my life. I consider myself a Christian. I cannot begin to understand how you can look at yourself in the mirror. You hide behind a Christian banner and name, but your resemblance to anything that Christ stood for is absent. I am ashamed of you and what you stand for in the name of Christ. The only thing that tempers my anger is that someday you will have to answer for your
attitudes, your thoughts and deeds to someone who will not take lightly the use of his name for your selfish, arrogant, snobbish and self serving ways.

I am disgusted by what I just read. I hope to Christ that there might be an explanation of some sort that would justify such non-Christian thinking. Shame on you!!!


I am shocked and outraged to read about the beliefs of your church. I was asked to go to your web site by a friend of  mine who described your web site as the most comical site on the net.  I actually  don't agree with him, I believe your site is the saddest on the net. You people are sadly disillusioned, because your beliefs promote hatred.

The devil comes to us in many forms, and one of those forms is by disguising himself as a fundamental believer and preacher of gods word. By this medium he is able send his message of hatred across to the people and promote racism, sexism and an overall disrespect to fellow human beings. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!!
The fact that your church openly discusses and promotes its beliefs on topics such as tampons, homosexuals, sticking things in little boys mouths and other issues that are of a sexual nature leads me to believe that the devil is using your church as a medium of communication. Either you people are too dumb to realize that you are being manipulated by the devil or you are simply devil worshippers.

Your beliefs are shocking to me, and I would never want to see my children exposed to such ludicrous ideals such as yours.  Therefore I believe it is my duty to do whatever it takes to stop the promotion of your beliefs. I am a Java systems engineer with years of experience with UNIX. I also set up security programs for corporate web sites around the world.  In other words,  I can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. This is my suggestion to you. You either peacefully dismantle your web site from the internet within 2 weeks or you may choose to keep it.   If you decide to keep it,  I will promptly set up a web site that humiliates your church and link it to over 5,000 other american sites. Mark my words, you will become the laughing stock of America.  On top of this, I will upload a program that I designed myself onto your web site.  I thought about telling you what this program will do to your web site but I thought I'd surprise you. Whoever created
your web site hasn't got a clue about internet security procedures and even if s/he did, I will always find a way in.  Remember, I am giving you 2 weeks to dismantle
your web site.  If you choose not to, i will dedicate every spare moment of my time to humiliating you and beliefs.


Morris Italia  (A computer nerd who is pissed off.)

Well it is nice to see that your church and it's members are on their own little reservation out in the middle of nowhere in Iowa.  I too am a Christian but you people make a mockery of His word and I believe that you are all biggots.  You consistantly attack Jews, Homosexuals, minorities and other races or religions.  It is sad to see that people like you represent my religion.  I read much of the email that you have recieved and it appears as if everyone else feels the same way.  I am not going to bash or hate on you like how you have to everyone and everything else, because I am better than you and I wont sink to your level.  I know that I am far from being a perfect Christian but I know that God will let me into His kingdom when my time has come because He will forgive me for all that I have done, but your church will need to pray very long and very hard because you misrepresent Christianity.


I read your an article on your website about encouraging baptist youths to desecrate Catholic churches. I don't it as Christian act, what if the same is done to your church. Remember, DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD LIKE OTHERS DO UNTO YOU! FOR EVER ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION. IF YOUR ACTION HAS NOT RECEIVED A REACTION YET, SOON IT WILL! So you think your website is satirical eh? I forwarded your article about the desecration of Catholic churches to Irish Republican Army USA Chapter. It will probably take only one body not 1000 as you guys do, to desecrate your church, the way IRA does in Belfast and London. With a big BOOM!

angel Ramos 

I am a born again Christian, I would never have been born again if all churches had your unsaved member policy.  I feel that you do not want to save anyone except for the people in your church and I believe that is bigotry toward Christianity.  The other thing that bothered me was your advertisement stating that "Jesus says vote for Bush" I don't believe I read that in the Bible, if it's in there please send me the verse number so I can look it up.  I also feel that you should stop putting negative articles in your web page, instead you should try to do things that encourage being saved by Christ not telling people that they are going to burn in hell for using a tampon, also if that was in the Bible then send me the verse number so that I may share it with my fellow brothers.

May God bless your church,


I was wondering where EXACTLY in those Harry Potter books does it say he isn't Christain? Why does it matter,anyway? I haven't read the books very closely, but from what i did read it didn't seem evil or anything. The books simply show that the good side always prevails.It is a pity that goodness always prevails for you isn't? 'Why' you may ask is because you so called "good" christains are evil beings that says something is evil just because you don't like it. You should be ashamed. I am not afraid of you, the revolution will come.

The revolution will come.

Ally Rene 

To whom it may concern:
I am a christian who lives in Missouri and I recently read the web page that you have on pokemon and I totally agree with you but I did find a problem when I was reading the article the caption that is under all of your headings unsaved not welcome . I have a question what would have happened if Jesus felt that way no one would have learned about god . The unsaved should be welcomed in with loving arms so that they may feel the love of god around them and in the people in the church!!! Your church will stop growing if the unsaved are not welcome to come in and find god!!! And then where it says the most powerful assembly of worthwhile people to ever exist , well that is for god to decide not you!!!!!!!

Please respond to my e-mail by e-mailing me

the fosters <>

As a pastor of a church, I do not see how you can permit a website which looks like ran by the devil himself. You think the articles on your website is funny? You should be ashamed of your self, as a leader of a church permitting GARBAGE, BIGOTRY AND TEMPTING YOUR FOLLOWERS TO ATTACK CATHOLIC
CHURCHES, YOU OUGHT TO BE HANGED!. Here in the South, you are as bad as a WASP. 

why do you pay to see these movies if all you are going to do is trash them? some of them are great movies.....the blair witch project wasn't good but it wasn't satanic either...i was a work of expression....then the talented mr. ripley wasn't about killing the rebel son, it was about bringing him back to new was never about murder until jude law(who is a very great actor) attacked matt damon(who is a homosexual)...then there was the whole toy story was a child movie with no other purpose....and what's with the whole jew thing? what- do you have a problem with jews....they are people just like you and me....i am an athetist but i think you should not be so prejudice and get over whatever problems you have with such petty things....instead of wasting your money on movies you know you are going to


No i do not allow you exclusive rights to use this letter and u have no right to say so

All i can say about your recent article in your newsletter about your people going to Ethopia is that i hope it was a joke If its not then u people have no right to call your selves Christians or even align your selves to the baptist belief. You people are disgusting and all u are trying to do is to feel good about your selves Why dont u
just stay at home and send the money u spent on the trip

Noel Wilson

a disgusted Christian

This may be the first piece of intelligent email you have ever received.  First off let me state for the record that I am an atheist.  Oh shun the fact that someone is actually open minded!  But it is true, I do not believe in your ruthless god and his hollow promises.  I am staunchly opposed to your beliefs against homosexuality, so.... according to YOU, and your GOD, i must be gay.  However this is not the case.  Little Billy may put all the dick in his mouth that he pleases.  I somewhat find it amusing that such a benevolent god (who somehow let six million of his followers die in the holocaust) would have such closed minded inbecilic followers.  But I guess it is to be expected.  Someone worshipping a ghost probably isn't stocked with too much sense.  I shall leave you with that.  You will not change my mind, and I will not change yours, but you should feel ashamed for your petty beliefs, and the pain it may cause some people, namely the people you shun.  Good day.

Geoffrey Glaab 

you people are sick,narrowminded biggots. you cause hatecrimes and make the world an unhappy un christian place , to say that you're interputation of the bible is twisted is a major understatment, im not even a christian my self but if i were id be highly offended by youre ''ministry'', if indeed God created all life then all life  must be equall and that means all life be it gay straight black white jew or gentile.all created and loved by God without exception ...what youre message bring is only the pollution of young inmpressionable minds and the ardent affermation of sick demented biggots looking for some back up for their hate, im sure if there is a ''God'' in youre sense of the word he is disgusted by you and youre type. in closing i'd like to say that ive seen a lot of religous hate im irish i only hve to look at the north of my country to see what biggotry like your's can cause,AND i'd like to leave you with an old irish addage '"a curse on all youre houses".

I've just read your testimonial evidence of having been satinized into the Nazi philosophy of burning books. Try to get some help in saving yourself before you end up with the same fate as the Nazis, because it is this kind of misguided thinking that is the "disease" of self destruction. Have you actually, really (honestly) used a "silver plate" with cookies to try to exorcise --- in your satanic belief --- demonic possession? If so, you ain't been SAVED. And as such, you qualify yourself as among
those not worthy of being saved. Therefore, I'm not going to tell you to GO TO HELL. You're already there. A TRUE BELIEVER IN THE POWER OF "ALL THAT IS" TRUE

truman smith 

Dear Landover People,

You will be forgiven for mocking the Word of God; of that I am certain.  What I feel so bad about is the extent to which you substitute hate for God's love.  The message of the Gospel is SO good that many people just can't or don't choose to believe it.  But, my brothers and sisters, belive it.

God's love overcomes all hate; it overcomes all sin; it sets you and me and everyone free.  It is not about separating ourselves one from the other; rather it is about reconciling each of us to each other in mutual thanksgiving for God's love, and in mutual connectedness to the very God
of creation.

In the name of Jesus,

I pray for you,

Bob Anderson 

I think that u all are the biggest bunch of idiots ive ever seen!!!!  Enjoy eternity in your burning hell!!!!


Dear sir, I think of your site as the most utterly distastefull thing I have ever read. I am a devote Catholic and I also watch pro wrestling I do not beleive that anyman should judge another for his or her actions. However, I do not think I will here back from anybody from this sad excuse for a public forum. I only hope your small minds may someday see the world for how it really is, and not for your simple backass ways that you sadly call a religion!!

Larry Goodwin

Your article regarding your hatred toward our Native brothers and sisters is apauling!  Do you not know that Jesus himself dined with whores and drunks?  Yes, He loves the sinners.  He hung out with them.  Who are you? I will pray for you, for you are the ones who need the love and grace of  Christ. God is love, and we are made in His image.  Therefore, we should be the very  ones in whom these people see love. If the Native people know drugs, alcohol and cursing, it is because they were  taught it by the white man, many years ago, when we "stole" their land and  slaughtered them one by one.  And yes, in the name of our Jesus. It is quite obvious that you do not know a Native friend.  How sad for you,  for they are the most loyal and devoted and honoring people.  I am so blessed  to have them as my friends.
Know that Jesus Christ died for each of them, as He did for you. I do thank God that you are Christians, so that at least there is grace for  you when you stand in judgment for the un*Christlike treatment of these  brothers and sisters. And by the way, obviously you are still living in the days of racism, but the  word "Injun" does not exist, except in the mind of an ignorant, unGodly,  judgmental legalist who has not found freedom in Christ. And the biggest pity is, that Jesus Christ hung on a cross and died so that  you could be free, free to love the hell right out of others, so that they  may know Him too. James 4:12  "I believe in getting into hot water; it keeps you clean." - G. K. Chesterton 

I would just like to say that you all are unbelievably wacked out.  I'm sorry, but "Unsaved are NOT welcome"?  What kind of crap is that?  Who are YOU to deem who is saved and who is not?  Are you God?  I think not.  How would you know who is saved?  You obviously know nothing and are completely fucked up.  Oh no!  I said "fucked"!  I must be going to Hell now!  Wait, "hell" is a cussword too!  I forgot!  Get a life!  And homosexuality is not an evil sin.  Homosexuality fine.  I have read the bible and no where did I see that it says it's a sin.  So go fuck yourselves!

Christine Unger 

Dear Landover Church,

In regards to your report that the WWF is a house for gays to make their wishes come true is digusting.  Not only did I not see one shred of evidence, I noticed that it was nothing but a chance to make wrestling "evil" and "immoral," and nothing more. This article is a sham. The WWF makes use of its titles and phrases merely because they describe the moves they pertain too. Smackdown does not have to mean "a gathering of three or four catty black dragqueens to disparage each otherís clothing and hair." In fact, MANY normal, everyday people use it to describe a beating, nothing more. it is a shame you try to exploit wrestling with lies. If you really want to exploit it, why not show how violent it is? Why not show that it encourages violence in children? But this, Landover Church, is going to far!

I am making this short, and these are my points. Wrestling is NOT a gay sport, and shouldn't be considered one. why not get real analyists and pyschologists, and get the real story.

Lalartu Alal 

Just curious as to your purpose for spending so much time to create this site that makes a mockery of Christianity?

Travis Schrock

Dear Pastor:

I stumbled upon your website expecting something spiritually uplifting.  However, I was astonished when I read the heading on the Main Page excluding "unsaved."  As I investigated this website further, I discovered the following passage:

A Warning to The Unsaved:
We have taken the liberty of requesting a restraining order on all unsaved persons. If you are unsaved, you are not allowed within a 10 mile radius of our church, nor are you allowed on this website. Kindly leave, and be about the Devil's business, for you are not welcome here. Glory!

Excuse me sir?  But could you please explain this to me?  Is not one of the primary functions of the church to save sinners?

I was horrified and sickened by this website and all of the hate which spewed forth from it.  And to think that you and your followers say and do things in the name of Christ makes me very, very sad.  The bible warns us of individuals such as yourself and your church members.

Thank God I do not attend Landover Baptist Church.


Cheryl Mobley

Dear Pastor,

I've yet to see a more hateful web site than that that of you church. How in Christ's holy name can you people call yourselves christians?


Tony Monaco 

I hope God forgives you!


If memory serves me correctly, it does not require an age limit to send an E-mail. The Internet is a free domain in itself and I could visit your website again anytime I wish to, but you don't have to worry about me visiting your poor excuse for a church site again either.


P.S. God Bless. :)

You people are insane. All the problems with the world start with you people and your foolish ways. You can pray and hope and try to push me into hell all you want but when the end comes I will be so far above you. Not in heaven or hell, that is a foolish myth created by foolish minds, and followed by the most foolish people. You will be condemned for judging others based on a book with no true foundation whatsoever. Keep your puny fucking minds closed and live in the segregated lifestyle that you prejudice bastards have created. Fuck you and Fuck Jesus. I am more of a man and probably more of a god then any of you people can even concieve.

I am one of the most peaceful loving people on this waste of a planet. I am truly an altruistic being unlike yourselves. I wish peace for every man who wishes peace for others. And you people have no idea what that means. What I pray for and meditate upon is the hope that you will all perish and take your religion with you. I would love to see the day when people aren't brainwashed into this foolish myth. You should be ashamed of yourselves and I pray that you live a short painful life just like the one you keep telling me about when I die.

Fuck you and may you live a short existance with a painful end and no blissful eternity that your weak minds have created.


Hello Pastor,

My name is Richard Burley, and I am a born again follower of Jesus Christ.  As such, I am your brother in Christ.  I read on your own website an article about a supposed Christian and Creationist by the name of Fred Neiman who had the audacity to state that women don't have souls!  When I read that, I was tremendously grieved and angered that this was brought forth in any church that names the name of Christ and represents Him to a lost and dying world!

I don't know where to begin but to say this is an outright and heinous lie that could have only been concocted by the prince of the power of the air himself and delivered to Mr. Neiman (however unwittingly) for mass distribution.  Now, I don't know if Mr. Neiman is one of your flock or whether he was just a visiting speaker.  But regardless, this lie should never have been allowed to occur!  He should have been stopped the moment he uttered it!  Please, where is your discernment Pastor!?

I am certain that esteem the Word of God and believe in its inerrancy.  I am also sure that you have read the Word of God extensively enough to recognize that
women can be saved!  But just for verifications sake let me prove unequivocably that they do, from the Bible!  All one needs do is look at Galatians 3:26-29
for the answer (KJV here, emphasis mine):

"For ye are ALL children of God by faith in Christ Jesus.  For as may of you have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ.  There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, NEITHER MALE NOR FEMALE, for ye are ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS.  And, if ye be Christ's then ye are Abraham's seed, and HEIRS TO THE PROMISE."

Of course the Bible says reems more on the subject and I could go on for pages.  I don't know how much more clearly the Bible could make it!  All human beings (no matter who we are) God's children through faith in His free gift of salvation (see the Gospel of John 1:12).

The article that I read said that some Pastor's response to this lie was something like...."we need to check into this.  But until this, all the women can consider themselves saved".  While it was good to jump on it immediately, this accusation should have been a no brainer to refute and put right on the spot.  No
checking is required.  Just because some wolf in the fold comes along and spouts a lie doesn't mean that women are suddenly "unsaved".  Jesus says that NO ONE
can take us out of His or the Father's hand (John 10)!  The Bible goes on to say that nothing, nothing, nothing can separate us from God's love (Romans 8:38).
What does that mean?  That means that we have assurance of Salvation (men AND women)!  For a denomination that espouses "eternal security" so
greatly I am apalled that this lie has been allowed to go anywhere.

Do you see what the devil is trying to do here?  I hope so!  Isn't it ironic that he is taking two things that Baptists have been doctrinally adamant on for so long and using them against you (namely the prohibition of women as Pastors and eternal security...which I think are good things).

As I alluded to earlier in this letter, another factor that should strongly be considered in this is:  What kind of image do you think this brings on the Church and on Jesus Himself?  How are we to be salt and light when we allow such heretical lies to spewed out!?

I realize that I have been very hard on you.  But realize that it comes from my heart and my concern for you as a brother and for your flock.  What a terrible,
WICKED LIE!  If you haven't already, please refute it!  Come against it!!!  Speak the truth and stand on God's Holy Word!  It's a sink or swim thing now!

I know and am confident that you will do the RIGHT THING and put this lie down.  If this man is a member of your body, he needs to corrected.  If he isn't, he
needs to be warned and certainly don't have him back to speak!

Well, thanks for listening.  Please hold fast to the Word of God!  May God bless you and keep you.

In Christ Jesus,

Richard Burley

You people are insane. I read the following articles on your website:

1. Learning To Treat Colored Folks Like Human Beings
2. The Ex-Negro Ministry
3. All You Can Eat: Endangered Species

How dare you suggest that the African Americans of this country not be proud of their heritage.  Suggesting that they become "Ex-Negroes".  Each race has it's own customs that enrich America.  You make me sick.

In addition to your obvious discrimination of African Americans, you add another insult to the vast majority of the population.  You take endangered species and
make a mockery of their importance on the planet by having the annual "All You Can Eat: Endangered Species" event.  The photo of congregation members disemboweling a rare African Rhinoceros is disgusting.  You are obviously still stuck in the Old Testament, where such sacrifices were made.  Jesus died for our
sins, thus nullifying the need for such barbaric behavior.

Then you create that creepy looking "Jesus Fish" and have a gruesome animation of Jesus smashing the devil with his mouth.  You have defiled Jesus and should be
ashamed of yourselves!  Jesus saves through LOVE!

All in all your entire website is a disgrace and I am ashamed that you are part of this country.  Too bad we don't have an island where we could send all of you. I think the island of "HELL" is where you'll end up.  It's a minor punishment for the way you've taken the bible and twisted it for your own purposes, which, I
must add, ARE NOT THE SAME PURPOSES OF THE FATHER AND THE SON AND THE HOLY GOAST.  You will be lucky if you don't burn in hell.  But, being a "christen", I must follow what the Lord would truly want of me.  Therefore, I've included the following prayer:

Oh my Jesus, pray for us sinners, save us from the fires of hell.  Lead all souls to heaven, ESPECIALLY THOSE IN MOST NEED OF THY MERCY.  Amen

You are definetly going to need his mercy!

lisa love

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Vladimir Zivkovic.  I just read the review that was posted online of the movie 'Dinosaur'.  And I have to say that it was the most ridiculous article I've ever read.  I took my son to that movie and can not see what you're even talking about.  To say that the dinosaurs looked like male sexual organs and that the caves looked like a female womb has to be one of the most sick things I've ever heard.  However there is something say that Christian scientists have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that man walked with the dinosaurs is the most absurd notion ever.  What scientific evidence do you have?  Where is the peer reviewed paper that these unnamed scientists wrote.  Sir, I am a geologist, and it's a shame that you have to pervert peoples minds into thinking that your ideas are true.  Use some common sense.  I'm sorry to say that the world is about 5 billion years old, dinosaurs lived until 65 million years ago and man appeared 1-2 million years ago.  God did not create the world/universe in 7 days, nor did he just create 2 people to populate the Earth.  Use a bit of logic and not misguided faith.

Thank you,

Vladimir B. Zivkovic

The most hard boiled baptist and heaven bound saints are not full of your venom.  The parody don't wax.  When one is saved they get a sound mind and a spirit of love.  and in every baptist church and christian church the unsaved are welcome. they don't come because of the hardening of their heart and the wiles of satan.  He is like a roaring lion  looking for someone to devour.  God threw a banquet and invited all of his chosen people and none came so he went into the highways and by ways and got all of the unsaved  the came and were refreshed.  God gives grace to the humble but opposes the proud.  The kingdom of God is eternal and will continue.  You have a choice to come aboard or be left behind for the return of Christ and his judgement is imminent. If God be for us who be against us.  If you had read your history book you'd see what is about to happen.

Good  Luck

Joe Dunn, LeBlanc, Debbie 

You know what?  You people are not accepting that God does allow people to be born with disabilities.  Simply disabilities.And he loves those who do.  And If he does not allow this, then each and every one of you need to be "steralized".  Because you ALL lack a fully functioning brain.  And If you are not trying to play God, then what exactly are you trying to do?  It seems to me that you are trying to play with the natural order of things, and make a perfect race.  All I have to say about that, Is I hope you have fun spending alot of time with  Adolph Hitler, in Hell.

Forever-Kari Evert

if you call yourself a christian you would not be writing or thinking in these perveted ways.  you should spend your time reading your bible and  following what it says.   are you perfect?  then don"t throw stones.  grow-up and act  like an adult. If you don"t like Disney  that"s fine  you live in America and know one is making you go and see these movies or go to the parks.  Stay away it makes it better for the rest of us.  Spend your time helping people instead of tearing them down.  God  does not want you to have this hate.  Don't use disney for your political platform for your drug taking canidate.


I am a believer, however I was shocked with how you ban unbelievers from your site and from your church.  Jesus did not say, avoid unbelievers, he said spread
the gospel, be the light of the earth.  Also Jesus hung out with sinners, with unbelievers.  We as christians need to help unbelievers become saved.  We need
to help those who need help most, the unsaved.  How then are people supposed to be saved if no one will share the gospel with them?  What you're doing by
banning the unsaved, is turning people off to christ.  Do you think you are the only people worthy enough to be saved.  The bible says that it is only through
God's grace that we can be saved, not because we are worthy of God's grace, but because he sent his son to die on the cross so that our sins might be forgiven.
We don't deserve God, NOT ONE of us.  So don't ban unbelievers from your site, they need Jesus just as much, if not more than we do!  If you don't believe
me go to the bible... God's inspired book.... and look at the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and other places in the bible and you will see that what you're doing is wrong and is against what God says in the bible.

Raymond Norkoli 


Delynn Fisackerly

I'm very upset with your Anti Harry Potter web site. It really annoys me that you would say that Harry Potter killed his parents. If you ever happened to read the books, you would've noticed that Harry Potter's parents died when he was an infant, making it therefore impossible for him to have killed them with a butcher knife. You are DISRESPECTING people of all ages by saying that Harry Potter is driving kids out of their minds. If kids do not want to hear Harry Potter, so be it. They have legs, and are capable of walking out of the room whenever they want to.  Being fined $250.00 for bringing a book into a stupid church is outrageous, meaningless, and just rude. Diving into the magical world of Harry Potter through books is exciting, educational for reading skills, and wonderfully calming. Now, when the fourth book comes out, I plan to write you a very nasty letter when I am finished with J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and The Doomspell Tournament. You are the people of hell yourself. Concerned parents can shove it. Yes, I am a christian, and am offended that anybody, all religions alike, would do such a terrible thing.

Horrible Days to you,
Angrily Yours,
Janice M. Tiedemann Esq.

I thought at first that the site was a joke, but on scanning a few of the "articles" it appears you are for real.

Are you really into preaching that kind of hate? You are going to get such a fright when you die and find out...well find out nothing as you'll be dead.

You are evil, nasty, hateful people who don't even base your life on the words of love that the bible preaches, you base it on a collection of mistranslated couple of hundread year old bollocks.

Wake up it's 2000.

Scott boy 

I find your church to be cultish.  I feel you are using the Baptist name as a disquise or ploy to attract poor helpless people.  The only comfort I find in this whole situation is that I know how God views what you are doing and it angers Him.  He will deal with you and your church on Judgement Day.  I will pray for you and your church to fold and shut down.  Maybe you should actually read the Bible sometime and see how He feels about your mockery of Him and His people.  Have a truly blessed day.

Amy Gray

i cannot believe you people think tampons are the work of the devil.  i have never in my life seen people with their heads in the sand like you .  using tampons is a natural part of a woman's life . you really need to get a grip and  focus on ussues that are a little more important such as drugs, disease, and starvation rather than  tampons.  i am a catholic woman and believe in god with all my heart, but you people are ridiculous.  fining people for being late for church or tampon use is a pathetic excuse to steal money from your community and congregation by brainwashing them with silly, unrealistic beliefs


I would like to respond to your article on the Harry Potter series. I think that you completely missed the point on the books and the way that the kids were reacting. First of all, the Harry Potter books are completely and in all ways a fictional story. So since they are fictional, there are can be no way that the books are trying to turn children to the "occult". Children react the way that they do to the books the same way that they react to all other fads. They want to be like the characters just like they want to be like their parents or siblings. This is the now the parent's job to help the children distinguish the difference between reality and make-believe. I do
not see how you can call these wonderful books the work of the devil. These books teach children how to love to read and to think for themselves. They also teach children that is ok to be different. I don't see how that is a bad thing at all. I apprecaite your time the time you spent to look at a different oppinion.

Julie Marling