Landover Baptist Mail Received August 2001 (unedited and in original form)

Dear Sirs
I was informed of your web page by an irate church member. I can only imagine what a non-church member would think. I must say I am not impressed with your page and cannot imagine any reason for such a page to be published. I only pray you have a very good reason because God doesn't take prisoners.

Rev. A Dives
Valley Methodist Church

If there is a "hell" you will burn in it forever. I am not a religous man, nor do I claim to be a man at the age of 22. But yourm feebile attempt at mind control through religion is complete and total blasphemey through capaital gain. If you disagree, take off your link to Christian reality services. You hate mongering closed minded fools. Also this email is sent through an outside party that does not represent any persons affiliated with this email address nor does it reflect the opinions of any persons living or dead except Alex Orr, firm believer in the sham that is organized religion. Each person who makes a dollar through this sham of weak minded god-fearing people will reap the seeds that they owe ten fold from the God of Karma who gives us all what we recieve. And who can take your loosely worded bible scriptures and apply them to whatever you want. Biggot.

Professional Internet Solutions

you write:

Please note - If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever.

You have all your people under bondage and you believe in salvation by works. As long as you can whip people with the "tithe" whip you will stay in business. You are a disgrace to Christianty with our occult teachings.


Hi.  I'm Briana Hyde, and I'm a hardcore Christian, and I was just surfing the web and i stumbled across this wepage...I'm not sure what kind of a message you are trying to send to lost people, but what those shirts and mugs and whatever else you sell say is not the way to do it.  I mean, "Get your a** to church"???  How is that an example?  That's not even funny!  Ya know, people call Babtists hipocrites and it's stuff like this webpage that give these people that impression.  People need to feel loved by God, not hated.   Cuz he loves them so very much and they have no idea.  I know, me being the only person emailing my complaint about this is not gonna change anything, but it's something you should think about if you are a true Christian you will change this.  I'll pray for you and your decision, and the unsaved
people who see this stuff.  It's just the opposite of what they need.  Don't you understand that?


Hi, I was at your site and read your review of the film 'Boys Don't Cry', can I please just point out that the actress was not Ellen Degeneres, but Hilary Swank.




I have never heard so much bullshit before. The WWF is not a program full of homosexuals if you actually background checked most of the wrestlers you'd see they have families or girlfriends. I watch the show and beleive me i'm no homosexual or some pantie wearing guy. It makes me sick to hear so much hate. I am catholic and it makes me absoluterly sick to hear you talk about gays that way. If this is the word of God then i don't want to have anything to do with it. Because somewhere in the bible i'm sure it says God doesn't hate others. All these terrible quotes i've heard make me so angry that there are people like you who say hating other people is the word of God. Blacks used to be hated because of their skin color and you'd probably say that was wrong so whats the difference between a black man and a gay man. They are both different from a white man in their own ways. This is site is not near holy it is more on the verge of a hate site. I bet you even support eminem's hate words towards others.

From a very angry reader


i am totally repulsed and horrified with your site and actions whoever it was that dared to say all these horrendous things about 'Our Highest' . I cannot believe that you can even call yourselves 'true christians' or whatever... what kind of sick joke is this? God and what he stands for is not a laughing and mocking matter so if you don't mind, at the 'REAL CHRISTIANS' request i would like you to stop spreading lies and whatever more blabber you have as we are truly disgusted at whatever you say or do, where ever it's coming from... i have no idea if this comes from you or many sick individuals but i have had about enough!

One disgusted TRUE CHRISTIAN.

I feel sorry for you poor souls who behave as if god only loves mental retards with lots of money to tithe.  You are obviously all Satan's hand picked rotten souls filled with hate for anyone that does not blindly follow the horse crap that flows from the foul trenches of your mouths.  God won't forgive you Satan if you keep people in the dark, hidden from the light of his pure logic. A logic which you cannot even imagine ad it would surely destroy the hold you have on the weak and fearful that have nothing to fear but you!

Ray King 

Qoute Please note - If you do not have the same beliefs as we do, you are going to burn in Hell forever.

Tell whom ever belives he can judge me as if he were Jesus,God or the Holy Ghost he must be sadly mistaken. You church in general has good points and
has promise then you do this. (We are booked solid) Cost is $50.00 per person. Wouldnt of been nice of Jesus to say to his Decipels. ohh wait! Today there are to many people here, I shall charge them full rations to join in my speech on what god has for them.

Im sure he  wanted them to go buy a tie and suit not to masturbate tell women to lick his feet and that if no one  belives in the bible that you will read in the year of my lord 2001 King james, or Matthew revised how about the Dead sea scrolls YOU WILL GO TO HELL. thank you for showing me the light.

May God show you all the true meaning of what Unconditional Love is.


Harry Potter. What are you thinking? Harry Potter is fiction. Good fiction. Have you people even read a Harry Potter book?  Harry Potter promotes morals. Yes, there is magic, but there is no evil magic. Well, there is, but Lord Voldemort is clearly a fictional representation of Satan. The fourth book in the series deals directly with death, and while showing death and pain, also tells kids that killing is wrong.

While Harry Potter is considered evil by your church and hardly any others aside from your backwards "hickville", you are completely wrong about some of the things you say. A caption on a picture in your Harry Potter article states "Little Timmy" believes that the "Philosopher's Stone" has taken over his parents. Either Little Timmy is a complete idiot or you are making this up. THe Philosopher's Stone has no power. It only turns any metal to gold and makes the "Elixir of Life" which makes the drinker immortal. How is Harry Potter a sissy? Harry Potter is brave in these books and tries to fight EVIL making him as close to an angel as we have yet to see in these books! THere is a clear relationship between good and evil that is the fight between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort. If you believe that Harry Potter is evil, I think you may have been possessed by the demons of idiocy.

While Harry Potter does not include religion specifically, they DO celebrate Christmas AND Easter. They DO NOT go against any religion NOR do they support any religion. Harry Potter is religiously neutral and I suggest you quit poisoning the minds of your children before we have another generation of small minded rednecks from the south who have nothing better to do than out Teletubbies and call the Walt Disney Company a haven for sodomy.

Ryan Walsh 

To WHOEVER runs this site:

You are sick people!!! ALL YOU DO IS CRITISIZE THE CHURCH OF GOD!! I pray He will let you see what you are doing.  This site is disgusting!  You are one sick person for putting this site up.  Also, BUSH is a CHRISTIAN!! He is totally against abortion.  He has never agreed with it.  That's one of the reasons WHY
GORE lost this election.  From being a Political Science major, I know this stuff.  And being a Christian too, I am TOTALLY OFFENDED BY THIS SITE!
You are one person who just loves to put down the CHURCH.  I hope you see your ways in Christ.

In Him!


I was recently directed to your site from a Jurassic Park 3 site, and found a recent letter on the site about Jurrassic Park 3. I just wanted to point out that the picture yuo used is a picture of Aladar, from the Disney Movie "Dinosaur," not the Universal Movie "Jurassic Park 3." Also the animals you are refering to are dinosaurs that are not simply made up, that numerous scelitons have been found of. Meaning that they were real animals, weither or not they are demonds or something iis up to your fine judgement. As for william H Macy looking like the devil, I found that kinda rude. I mean, In Jesuses time, lame people were called devils,and said to have been occupied by demonds. But I have no other complaints except to point out those tiny errors. Keep up the god work. And good work, I might add.


Bernard Kyer 

Dear Pastor,

    I am a Baptist Christian in England, and I cannot believe what I have just seen, unsaved unwelcome, how on Earth are non-christians expected to feel the holy spirit when people like you won't even let them into your church! Jesus himself was angered by such behaviour in the Bible, he was furious when religious leaders would not let a prostitute into their house, would you welcome a prostitue into your house who wanted to know, or would you just say 'unsaved, unwelcome'? I would suggest reading the Bible and actually engauging in some quality time with God - listen to what he has to say.

    As for those film reviews, Gladiator in particular, I hate to tell you this, but Christians did get killed by the Romans - its fact, so a film about a Roman gladiator just might have Christians getting killed! Don't turn it into some anti-christian campaign!

    Jesus said, "go into all the nation and baptise people", having a slogan "unsaved, unwelcome" is hardly the right way to go about this.

Yours faithfully


Jesus still loves you deeply, more than you can presently grasp.

Robert J Eddy 

why are widowed and single men over 65 allowed pornagraphy since pornagraphy is a tool of the devil?   You must be a cult.

Dianna K Blake 

I do not understand why you do not want the unsaved in your church.  The Bible tells us to spread the word to the unsaved.  Maybe you should read Matthew 5:14, Matthew 7:1, Matthew 7:21-23, Romans 2:10-16 and James 2:19-27.  I could go on and on and on.  You people are giving Christians a bad name.  You should welcome the unsaved into your church, let their hearts be convicted by the word of God so they may be saved.  I will be praying for this church so you people will change your thinking and your ways

Angel and Scott Carpenter 

You web site is directly going against scripture, it the saddest thing I have ever read.  That was not the Lord's intention.  We are to reach out to the unsaved.  I will pray for your congregation and leaders, and that you may truly come to know Jesus Christ, not just the God you want Him to be.
a very concerned Christian
Carrie Mann


I am writing to give my opinion on your web site. I am sure you have a sense of humour but as with most things, this too can be twisted. Having created this web site I am sure you know about twisting things.

While you ridicule the church as a whole through your site, you also ridicule christians and the One they serve. I came to a genuine faith in Christ during my final year in high school. I am now completing my Masters in Chemistry so I know about fact and fiction and the difference between the two. Christ has changed my life. That no one can doubt. My whole character has changed. My whole understanding of the principles this world has changed. I have witnesses men being genuinely healed. I have spoken prophetically into the lives of others. I have dreamed dreams which have become reality where I had no involvement. Am I deluded? No. Are you deluding others? Yes. My becoming a christian has benefited not only me but also postively impacted upon the world, even from a secular perspective. Why are you
so intent on setting up a stumbling block for others. Why are you putting so much effort into misleading people and doing much to keep them from a wonderful freedom in Christ?

I would agree with you that the church has not always acted in a way to promote a healthy society. Yet your course of action to try and remedy this is even worse. I would implore you to consider your motivations in running this site. Is it personal financial gain? Is it a sick joke or are you blantantly and intentionally evil in your

I hope this gives you some food for though. Please respond if you wish to do so.

Paul Swan

South Africa

Can you imagine Jesus stumbling upon your site. You and yours give no glory to God.

You and your followers should be ashamed of what you are doing in "God's name."

May the God of *Love* bless your souls. :))



You people need help!  In this article you publish on your website ( <> ) you reference:  "The devil had a hold on that boy," one True Christian source stated, "that
is . . . until the last three seconds of his life when Jesus finally broke through and saved his soul from a horror worse than any man could devise. I mean, when it comes to gruesome ways of hurting folks, even Charles Manson is a pussycat compared to the Lord. But, in fairness, the Lord's been doing it a whole lot longer."  And.... "Souls that have committed horrible crimes and evil acts that are saved within seconds of their death are something worth celebrating,"

Worth celebrating?  I know this is America, and the first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, but I'm sorry that I (..and probably most of the civilized world) take odds with this.

First of all, do you have proof that Jesus arrives in the last three seconds to free the evil and save the soul eternal?  Why not show up before these animals start the commission of the gruesome acts you detail.... Maybe save us from the pain and suffering of losing that little boy who was raped, tortured, then beheaded.  Do you maintain knowledge of the "master plan"? Another exert:

What a wonderful Lord we have that He gives us carte blanche to sin before forgiveness. And we mustn't let the petty relatives of the lost boys take away from that loving gift.   So you're saying I can go out, murder rape and pillage... and as long as I repent in the last seconds of my miserable life... I'm saved?  Nonsense!  I think GOD will judge us for how we tried to live in his image.. therefore I would expect eternal damnation for my before mentioned actions.  So the Lord inflicts pain intentionally on the those "petty relatives of the lost boys"?  Again... sorry, but I don't think they're petty... just grieving the loss of their precious gift given
to them by the Lord... then taken away (justified in your mind) by a sadistic human being.

Second, let society make examples of these "souls that have committed horrible crimes.." to prevent recurrence.  Again, turning to the article:

"Mr Hobbs is probably rolling around on the grasses of Glory playing with those children right now, giggling along with them in Heavenly Bliss," .   Sorry to rain on the parade, but if Hell exists... odds are he's there burning it eternal flame... or at least we can only hope.

The bottom line is that society, and the liberal establishment to include the unconventional / suitable teachings of several religions, is making far too many excuses for people who commit terrible acts.  We as a society need to hold these animals accountable, and make examples for others so that we as a society can function without fear of losing what we hold most dear to these evil persons.

Mike Wagner 

Dear Imbeciles,

    Why must you ridicule God like that? Aren't you the least bit ashamed of yourselves? You may think this website of yours is funny now....but wait until you people go straight to hell. Who's going to be laughing then?  Even though you're making fun of God.....he still LOVES you. I don't know what provoked you people to write such trash....but I do know that sooner or later you're going to realize how good God is....and when you do.... you will realize how much of an idiot you were for writing such stupidity.

    It's perfectly o.k. for you not to believe with what the bible says or agree with what the Christian religion teaches. I don't have a problem with ATHEISM. I do have a problem with people ridiculing God and Jesus Christ. I hope God forgives you and I pray that someday you people will realize that God is good. May God have pity on your stupid, idiotic, and may I say f*cked up souls!

Yours Truly,

you bunch of faggot cunts
I dont know what sort of fucking web site you silly cunts are running but its fucked. and as for you views on wrestling?...all i got to say is it really proves your fucken stupidity. i dont know if this web site is a fucken joke or what. cuase its so sick i'd hope that people that would believe this shit couldnt exist, but i guess it is in america. i just cant decide if you guys are for real. If you are, i got some big news for you, there is no scientific proof to suggest that god exists. if you are just running this website for a joke (which i hope you are) then your still a bunch of sick fuckers, espiecally if your able to come up with the sick shit on your website.

Rob Simpson 

Hello. I am APALLED by your website. I am a Christian. But what kind of church reviews movies and then refers to Tom Hanks as a homo? And I just love your Homo Jews remark. Are you Nazis? It's churches/people like you that dwindle my faith in ANYTHING. What makes you more godly that you can declare people homosexual because you don't like them? I respect the right to your own religion, by why must you bad mouth other people to better yourselves?  You better give me some real answers that make sense...such as your cult is a joke.

Unrespectfully yours,


I am writing in response to the ridiculous article about the Jar-Jar Binks "sex toy".  Do you realize how ignorant you seem in your view on this toy.  It is obviously a tongue, and holds absolutely no resemblance to an anatomically correct penis.  It is a mentality like yours that started such shameful events such as the Salem witch trials and the "Holy" Crusades, both acts of man said to be the word of God.  Heresy if you ask me. Secondly, George Lucas did not invent this candy.  I have in fact seen similar monster tongue candies in stores for at least the past three years, long before Star Wars Episode One was released.  Next time you decide to raise a full scale boycott, you should do your research first so you don't demonstrate the depth of your ignorance to the world.

Another concerning factor to me as I was browsing your website was your slogan, "Unsaved NOT Welcome!"   As a Christian, I have always been taught that we are to save our brothers and sisters.  Outreach is just as important to Christ as our own diligence in following God's commandments.  Was not the greatest command to love one another, and was not one of Jesus' best friends the prostitute Mary Magdelene?  Keep turning your back on your brothers and sisters in need.  Continue to tell them they are not welcome and don't deserve to share your God, and I will laugh at you when you stand before Him and He tells you that you are not welcome.  You are ignorant and arrogant, and I hope it catches up with you.

Luke Cummings

I was came across your website about Freakylinks.  I think you people are 100% wrong.  Freakylinks is not real!  If you read what is says on the site and at the end of the show, it say that its all madeup, and should'nt be taken seriously!  I personally thought Freakylinks was the best show Fox has had.  I belive that people have a choice to what they want to watch on tv.  If a parent does'nt want their child watching a show, they can shut it off, or use parental control features found on most tvs.  Most people really liked Freakylinks, and now because of people like you, the show is no longer being aired.  I think you people should lighten up a bit.  Freakylinks was a made-up show for entertainment only!  Theres always going to be certain shows that should not be viewed by small childeren, that is just a fact!  But to get all these people to tell fox to stop Freakylinks is just rediculious.  Please change your minds, and email fox saying that you want the show back on tv.  Some of us want to see more then just news, talk shows, and soaps.

Please email back.  I would love to hear from you.


This site was supposed to be a spoof? It was supposed to be funny? I didn't think so. I can't believe that both time and money are being wasted on such a worthless endeavor as this. Apparently, the people who created this site really had nothing better to do with their lives. What a shame.


To whom it may concern:

Hello. I am an anonymous Web surfer who happened to encounter your site. I have a suggestion that may improve your public relations, which you are free to
accept or reject.

Let me first tell you that I greatly respect you for being able to present your views online. Not many people in this country think in that way, and you are certainly being very brave to present your beliefs. So, bravo on that.

As to my suggestion, I noticed that a great deal of the material on your site seems to be presented in (forgive my adjectives) a very outspoken, offensive manner. While this does not offend me, I know that it does offend many others. An example of such a thing is proclaiming that all Jews are greedy, bargaining Christ-haters. Please remember that I am not trying to defend Jews, but that I am simply pointing out that making such comments online is quite likely to drive potential users away from your site. In an age of acceptance, most people find such things to be humorous, offensive and often downright wrong.

My point is, I think that if you were to present your beliefs in a kinder, less temperamental fashion, more people would be willing to investigate you and your church.

Again, I commend you on your bravery. Thank you for your time and God bless you.

P.S. Should the question arise, I myself am not Christian. In fact I am in no religion. I am not an atheist -- instead, I am an agnostic (I believe in God but not in organized religion).

Justin Case