Landover Baptist Mail Received September 2001 (unedited and in original form)

Not that this web site is concerned about anything, I will say the following. I was sent an Email from a EGroup with your web site listed as something to get a good laugh at. I remember now why I am atheist and why many other people tend to lean that direction. Its unbelievable that your web site promotes religious propaganda and brain washing. Its bad enough that religion has the protection of free speech. You take advantage of the weak and uneducated to make a buck. The only reason your web page exists is to profit off the blind sheep and to cause controversy for promoting traffic to your site. How sad is that? I only wish there was a god that would condemn people such as your self. There is no way I would worship a god that kills innocent babies, children and women. To top it off, you sell T-shirts to promote this idea. Let me guess, your a pedophile out of prison that is angry and uses god to establish your dark agenda? Your one of those people like Son of Sam that hears voices in his pet dog that wants to kill people? Your more demented then the Satanists or KKK. In the future, I will keep your web site handy so when I am on line in my Anti-Christian chat group, I will give your web site over to christians to prove my point. Your web site is all the proof I need to show how arrogant and ignorant christianity is. Thanks for playing.

you're hilarious. you give the rest of the world a nice laugh at your site. honestly, you're like primitive little monkeys that never evolved to the rest of the world's current position. you guys are the equvilent to the terrorists in afghanistan, as you are to the united states. as a woman, i have more strength, power of mind and intelligence than you do in your little pinky. you're on a power trip, pastor. by the time you die, i hope you would have realized that your life meant nothing, and you wasted your life living in a sick, sad world. i hope that people like you will come out of your hateful stupor. in the meantime, try not to release too much carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere by your cross and church burnings.


I am a christan mother ,and have four sons .Our boys play with boy dolls.NO where in the BIBLE does it say that it is wrong for a boy to show LOVE.GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!And if anyone is possessed by the devil IT IS YOU!!!!!!HATE IS NOT OF GOD. And playing with dolls does not make a children gay THE DEVIL DOES!! I had two brothers and I played in the mud with cars and went hunting and fishing and it did not make me gay,it gave wonderful childhood memories of my family.If your covered by the blood of JESUS the devil cannot possess you.You need to read your BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray GOD will deliver you from hate and fill you with his precious HOLY GHOST.


I stumbled onto your web site today...i am apalled.

Your beliefs are way off based, and your legalizm is atrocious. When Jesus died on the cross , he abolished the law, and has given us grace. He does not look on the outward, but on the heart, and you deny that, making you a cult. You are denying the power in the blood of Jesus and maintaining a legalistic lifestyle. Ask yourself this..would Jesus associate himself with you people..absolutely not. You put down and repel the unbelievers..whats with that t shirt..?

You people are making a mockery of my Savior, and should be protested. You are no better than the abortionists. Yes it is wrong, but you go about it the wrong way. Jesus did not hold back, but he taught the truth in LOVE. With compassion, Jesus did not turn away the unbelievers..try reading your Bible, and stop making up your own religion.

Do you not know whatthe Great Commision is? Obviously sit there in your little community of haters, and turn away the hurting and dying. You watch as the world is dying and you do nothing. What would Christ think of that? I pray your blind eyes are opened. You are hurting the Christian name.

You are sick people...and I pray Gods forgiveness for your souls.


This site is not at all funny. I bet you will not be amused when you find yourself face to face with God. If your death will save on person from being steered towards hell, then I pray for that to come quickly and without pain. May God have mercy on your soul.
James Gentry 

i would like to tell this pastor that he is a racist asshole and shouldn't be able to enter heavens gate.  you christians don't  know jack about god. God let's everybody into heaven as long as they ask for forgiveness for past crimes. Also it is not a crime to not believe in gods that aren't your god. how do you know that their gods aren't just as true! you have no right to judge people! so i hope to god pastor that god forgives you for your cruel words!
Paul Beatty 

God bless the european and middle-east countries against america and such stupid people like you !

Thorsten König

In the sermon....Jesus Was Not A Sissy. He Hates Sinners As Much As His Daddy! make the mistake of saying....As Roosevelt did to Nagasaki....I
don't think this was intended as humor and was an error so I thought you may want to change that to Truman since it makes you look ignorant and God knows
Christians are not ignorant.
Michael Hickey 

Pastor Whomever,

I've read your website.  You have grossly distorted the teachings of Jesus as well as Christianity.  Not only do you grossly misquote Jesus, you mock him, and therefore mock the word of God.  Your website is filled with hate and deceit.  Your twisted beliefs rival that of the Muslim extremists who murder while hiding behind the faith of Islam.  You spread your hate while hiding behind the Christian faith.

Your church is in isolation.  Your church is dangerous.
I believe your church is probably being run by a group of "familiars".

Jesus asks, "What good will it do to only love those who love you?"  I will do my part and pray for your church as well as your church's "familiars" within.


First take the bible out of context is no better than Jehova witness.  Look man your site claims to be Christian and affiliated with Baptist theology. However, everyone of your comments are just that, they are only your comments.  I fact they are hardley biblically sound.  Im not upset that you have an opinon.....BUT.  Dont dare affiliate yourself with the Baptist theology because you are not agreeing with it.  So basically this is what im saying... be what you say you are!  If your going to be Baptist then be Baptist if not then shut your mouth and stop insulting the word of God!!!
Robert Collins 

I am so terribly shaken at this moment that I can barely explain to others why I have tears in my eyes and cannot speak properly.  From my earliest recollection, I was taught from the King James version of the Holy Bible and never in my 42 years of life have I ever read anything so atrocious and gut-wrenching as some of the articles on your web site.  Please someone tell me this is a joke and that you really do not preach this to children!  Please tell me this is a hoax of some kind and that there really isn't a Landover Baptist church in Iowa that sponsors this type of radical belief.

In order that I might better understand where some of the subject matter was derived, I will turn to my Bible again this evening when I return home, and upon reading each verse with the blessed understanding provided by the Holy Spirit, I will hold my children and my spouse and I will love them even more.

If this is a true church, and if your web site truly endorses the tenents about which are written therein, then I will pray each and every day, harder than I pray for the crisis in New York, harder than I pray for the President, more devoutly than I pray for the unsaved loved ones in my life, I will pray with my entire soul that every person who comes through the doorway of your church, your mall, your entertainment park, and everything else that your church stands for, passes out of that doorway and never in their life returns to the place, for fear of going to hell by association if nothing else.

I know this e-mail will land in the hands of one of your deacons or brain-washed clerical staff and it will probably be used and dangled over the congregation as a tool of some kind, but I don't care.  My soul was so revolted by your message that I had to let you know how I felt.

If, however, this is a joke or a hoax, or some idiot possessed by multiple demons created these pages just to scare people, then God forgive him/her for their ignorance because a person who did not believe in Jesus would certainly not come to know Him by this method.  I think not.  They would more than likely run the opposite direction.

ME  Martin Easley 

I've visited your site before and am still puzzled a little.  Are you a genuine "church" in the generally accepted sense or not?

I would just like to say that your views are demeaning and hateful and that you will burn in HELL for them the fact the people belive this garbage is unbeliveable and i think that the government should shut down so called churchs like yours because they are nothing more than hate groups
ralf stewart 

I will be very short and to the point. This is probably the sickest sit on the entire internet. You think you know Jesus, but you have no idea. Read the Bible sometime. It will do you a lot of good. I will be praying for you, that you would see the love and the compassion that the Lord has for you. Feel free to email me at bpware_2001. I would love to share with you who the real Jesus Christ is.

Is this site for real?  Does your church really not welcome Unbelievers?  How do you witness?  Are you sure you are really saved?  Do you have compassion?  If you have Jesus all the time then how come you don't go over to Zacheus (unsaved person) house?  Food for thought, I still can't believe that you guys are for real?  Please God let this a really bad joke and if it isn't save these People...
-a conserned Christian...
Ben Voran 

Dear Pastor Of Landover Baptist. Org,

    I have never been so offended, so sickened, or so disgusted by a website in a long time. I had never heard of your website until a few days ago when a friend of mine showed me a printout of an article on your website entitled "Say Goodbye to Catholic Friends, because you won't be seeing them in the hearafter." I am not Catholic, but this article turned my stomach. I don't agree with many aspects of Catholism, but who is anyone to judge another's faith. "Judge not, lest ye be judged." "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." This article had my friend in tears, for no reason, the article was pure hyprocrisy. It may have cited biblical passages, but they were twisted to fit the article's implications.

    Then I took a trip to your website and felt more offended. "All Latin's are volatile people." Who knows all Latins but God himself? Who can say anything about all Latin's but God himself. How can you call yourself Christian? How do you sleep at night? Your website is the exact opposite of Jesus. I hate to say it, but you're staring straight into the pits of hell, and the one person I definitely won't see in the "hereafter" is you.

    Thank you,

    Paul Vasquez    

Just so you know, your Blair witch page shows a picture of the wicked witch of the West of the Wizard of Oz.
Kelly Brooks 

Dear Pastor,
  I recently visited your site, and i feel that lord is calling for me to send this to you. Your motto says unsaved, unwelcome, but if you read Romans 10:14, you will find out that people need to be saved. People go to church to find answers and you should give them. Not cast them out for this, does not make them want to be Christians. That thing about not loving family is tottaly wrong because the lord says in 1 Timothy  5:4 says to take care of family and to teach them the ways of the lord. Also you say so many types of people but God says, "Love thy Neighbor as Thy Self".  May i remind you that you do not have the right to Judge. Only the lord can judge. And you may say i am not a christian but i graduated from a christian School, I go to a Babtist Church, and i know and love the lord Jesus. Another thing you say "Presbyterians, Mormons, Methodists, Unitarians, Episkypols, or any other occult activity (unless under supervision by Dr. J. Edwards)". The occult is wrong whenever not just when supervized by a pastor. also that baby thing thelord healed many cripples and they were not demon possesed, read the story of the richman and the begger. All you are is False Teachers. I hope the lord will reform you. In his service,
-Michael  MJS 

I think your website is disgusting!
- Mike & Laurie Young 

After reading your article entitled "Life sized satanic doll serves as masturbation toy for America's youth" I was appalled that an organization that purports to spread the word of God and Jesus Christ would publish such garbage!!!  Even if the story you related in the article was true what possible benefit is it to spread such information.  Did the jar-jar doll come with masturbating instructions?  Of course not!  Kids are going to make mistakes in their lives, but to blame their mistakes on a doll or to suggest that the doll was responsible for those mistakes is crazy!  You ought to be ashamed of yourself for spreading this kind of garbage under the guise of
Christian docturine.  Do the Christian relegion a favor and take this article off your web-site.

Jonathan Payne

You people disgust me! Harry Potter is only a threat to you because it breaks a mold that you've not only fabricated yourselves but adhered to! You're so afraid of looking into yourself and finding what's really there that you decide to blame the world's problems on somebody else! Destructive and Nondestructive! BOTH!!!!! THEY CO-EXHIST! There could not be love without hate. Do you understand that! Religion is a crutch!

oh, and Harry Potter does not murder his own parents with a butcher knife! They are killed by the villain in the story. Oh, but you wouldn't know that since you've never read the books!!!!!


I have just completed reading your piece on "The Green Mile". After reading it 3 times just to make sure i was reading it right i have come to one conclusion. You my poor friend are a fucking wacko. When the time comes and the lord allows all of his followers into heaven i can only hope that i will be there to see you and yours turned away for numerous counts of stupidity, but more importantly for not even being part of the human race but some kind of messed up off shoot that needs to be cleansed from the face of the planet. Please keep up the bad work.
Corey Swann

it seems we have another person that hate god and truth so much that they will try to create funny websites disigned to show how stupid cristians you realise how easy it would be to preform a dateatrace, find out where you live and kill you? it would be justified but i won't do it...but perhaps some one should; let me tell you about myself. i'm a 34 year old comp. tech from l.a. that firmly belevies in God and the bible. wouldn't it be grat to write me off as a goodie-goddie brainless cristian?

i smoke pot, have sex and don't go to chuch like i should..but i these things are wrong, there is right and wrong in life and what you are doing is wrong. now the cristian thing to do is to tell you this but i'm not a full christian yet so what i want to do(not what god wants to do to you) is kick you ass and i know i can do it. you a peice of shit behind a comp. and i know know in a fight i could brake you. you a punk with a chip on his shoulder. thing you could beat me? try. lets meet. if you in l.a. if not i will inform my hacker friends that someone should send you a trojan horse. it won't be me, or anybody connected with me, so don't bother.
your weak, unhappy in life, have no ral friends and no one to talk to when you hurt and you life is empty. your attack on God is empty. your death would be the best thing for this country-you are not an american.

P.s i'd be welcome to talk so e-mail me. i think that with your weak mind and no frien family support, i can convince you you live if futile and suicide is you only answer. e-mail me when you have suceeded.


I just wanted to inform you of several inaccuracies on your website. First, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin did not die from marijuana. It is physically impossible to "OD" on marijuana. What they both died from was a consequent of excessive alcohol while using methanphedamines and LSD. Secondly, you can not "catch" the AIDS virus from a piece of paper that was touched by in infected person. Transmission occurs thought secretions in the body and the virus can not sustain itself on external means. And actaully the Latin definition for prostate is not, as you quote "lie down with your face in a wadded up tunic" but it means "To set before." And as for the nutritional advice given by that fat nasty whore  Heather hardwick FAT and SUGAR are NOT 2 major food groups. this is perhaps the reason the Baptist women are fat assed ugly cows. Now I relize that much of this you will not understand due to the fact that Baptist are among the dirtest and most uneducated of the world. If! you weren't fairy tale loving freaks and had enough sense to go to college and graduate school and join the rest of civilized society then you might even have the chance to gain some respect from clean, educated, and civilized human beings. Oh well, you'll all be together sitting on your dirty fat asses soon in Hell.
Erin Hart 

You peopel have no God given compassion/ are worse than the Taliban inmy eyes.....or any satanic cult for that are way too closed and have become enemies of God as opposoed to his friend.


As a born again believer, I am amazed at your slogan, "Unsaved not welcome."

Also, if the USA did in fact drop pork on the Moslems, I have no doubt it would serve to unite the entire Moslem world against this country---Moslems everywhere would be against us.

Thirdly, the reason why there is no doubt a tremendous amount of obesity,(which is a disease in itself), cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other degenerative diseases in your church is that swine is one of your favorite foods. You pray and pray and praaaaaaaaaaaay for your diseases to be healed, but they are not. If you will go to your concordance and look up "swine flesh" in the book of Isaiah, you will see that the Lord is very displeased with those who consume swine. Just cutting out pork from your diets would do more than all your prayers for healing.

With regard to not eating swine flesh, the Moslems are smarter than you and many other Christians!

"Unsaved NOT Welcome!"????

Unbelievable! Jesus came to SAVE SINNERS....
Elliot & Pam Yudenfriend 

At a time when the world is experiencing so vividly the perils of religious intolerance, your page on "nonbelievers" is offensive, destructive and absolutely inconsistent with the teaching of Christ. The interpretation of our Bible as an exclusionary doctrine is only one step removed from those who would use the Koran to justify their militant actions. I sincerely hope the Lord will lead you to reconsider this point of view.

Mark Hickman
Knoxville, TN 

What is happening with you people. I, as an enthusiastic baptist and above all a re-born christian, feel ashamed of reading the pile of crap that people that share my faith (I hope) have come up with...

Come on you guys!, Stop playing the Urban Legend detective and get on with your business. There is a lot of pain and grief in this world, a lot of people that has not yet heard about Jesus and His everlasting Love and Salvation plan for mankind.Let's give that people the Good News that have been given to us. For the fanatic behavior like the one I am seen here, we Christians are being branded as weird, un-happy people, no better than the Taleeban that abuses the religion to set their own absurd rules for their own convenience. Paul says everything is allowed, but not everything is good for me to do. Let's pray to the Lord so He can lead the way. Let's be a Big big YES, instead a gloomy NO. Toy Story is not your enemy, I have not seen all those things you mention in your web site, My baby has a Woody character figurine and a Buzz as well. He doesn't worship them, he has not been taken by demons, he is a perfectly normal happy child that is starting to know about Jesus and His love, but he is also living his chidhood in a very simple manner. I feel happy with the way he is, I love him pretty much and I strongly believe that Jesus came to save us so we can live a new rich life on Him. Not for us to stop Living!

Remember that Jesus condemned all those religious people that based their beliefs in the law, rather then their personal relationship with God. That same religious people is the one that brought Him to the cross.

God Bless you.


oh for the love of god where the hell do you people get off saying the kinds of things you did in that article. just because everyone else in the world doesn't celebrate hollidays the same way you do you decide it "homosexuals" and "pedophiles"  what a narrow uneducated point of view. its unbelievable how a religion based on love and understanding could produce such stupid hate loving individuals.    YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!
Leslie B. 

       What a sad case of slander and defamation.  You really think your funny putting on a FAKE site on the Internet of a Baptist Church that doesn't even exist. The only place "Landover" exists is in your wicked and depraved heart.  What are you trying to prove?  Your stupidity? Or that you’re an instrument of the Antichrist? Or both? Did you really feel that you would successfully discredit or damage True Bible believing Fundamental Independent Baptist Churches? Did you think you could make Independent Baptist churches look like a cult? My God is bigger and wiser than your little finite mind. If it is your wicked idea to get people turned against all born again Christians by your little fake and illegitimate web site; the joke is on you. Just imagine yourself before a Holy and Just God trying to explain your hateful and degenerate actions of blasphemy and mockery. Or are you an atheist who doesn't accept responsibility or accountability to a Supreme Being. Regardless, you'll be there (judgment day) along with those who you have deceived. And you know the scriptures; “Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.” Take note, I'm not writing you about any of the "make believe" contents of the web site. Because they are all lies. I'm writing you because you have been exposed as a fraud a fool for mocking the Bible that one day will judge you.  YOU NEED HELP!!  But the same Jesus you have blasfemed, is the same Jesus that can help you. What do you say?  Turn from your evil ways, humble yourself and turn to the true living and just God.  He'll forgive you.

Pastor Rick Laurel

Bible Baptist Church, Independent, Fundamental

rick laurel