Landover Baptist Mail Received October 2001  (unedited and in original form)

First take the bible out of context is no better than Jehova witness.  Look man your site claims to be Christian and affiliated with Baptist theology. However, everyone of your comments are just that, they are only your comments.  I fact they are hardley biblically sound.  Im not upset that you have an opinon.....BUT.  Dont dare affiliate yourself with the Baptist theology because you are not agreeing with it.  So basically this is what im saying... be what you say you are!  If your going to be Baptist then be Baptist if not then shut your mouth and stop insulting the word of God!!!
Robert Collins 

Pastor Whomever,

I've read your website.  You have grossly distorted the teachings of Jesus as well as Christianity.  Not only do you grossly misquote Jesus, you mock him, and therefore mock the word of God.  Your website is filled with hate and deceit.  Your twisted beliefs rival that of the Muslim extremists who murder while hiding behind the faith of Islam.  You spread your hate while hiding behind the Christian faith.

Your church is in isolation.  Your church is dangerous.  I believe your church is probably being run by a group of "familiars".

Jesus asks, "What good will it do to only love those who love you?"  I will do my part and pray for your church as well as your church's "familiars" within.

You peopel have no God given compassion/ are worse than the Taliban inmy eyes.....or any satanic cult for that are way too closed and have become enemies of God as opposoed to his friend.

First let me say that I and our church only use the KJV and preach against all modern versions.
I found your web site and was interested in the article by your wife and her experience with the NIV. I am always looking for comparisons of NIV vs KJV that I can use to point out the dangers.
The two that your wife mentioned about "Jesus wept" and "homosexuality" interested me so I looked them up both on my computer bible program in printed versions and did the comparison. To my shock I found that the NIV and the KJV were the same both used "Jesus wept" and both used "homosexuality" in the verses sited by your wife.  I am interested to know what printing of the NIV she used as it is obviously different from the ones that I have available to me.  Don't get me wrong, I am not defending the NIV but am concerned that if a new Christian was to do what I did in reading your wife's article and then comparing for themselves only to find out that the NIV they have in there hand is the same in those areas as the KJV it may do more harm than good. Perhaps a statement of the date of publication or even ISBN number would let folks know that all NIV versions are not the same (at least accorinding to my comparison and your wife's experience).
I look forward to hearing from you.
In HIS Service
Gordon J. Le Grow
Forest City Baptist Church
London, Ontario, Canada

I stumbled onto your web site today...i am apalled. Your beliefs are way off based, and your legalizm is atrocious. When Jesus died on the cross , he abolished the law, and has given us grace. He does not look on the outward, but on the heart, and you deny that, making you a cult. You are denying the power in the blood of Jesus and maintaining a legalistic lifestyle. Ask yourself this..would Jesus associate himself with you people..absolutely not. You put down and repel the unbelievers..whats with that t shirt..?  You people are making a mockery of my Savior, and should be protested. You are no better than the abortionists. Yes it is wrong, but you go about it the wrong way. Jesus did not hold back, but he taught the truth in LOVE. With compassion, Jesus did not turn away the unbelievers..try reading your Bible, and stop making up your own religion.  Do you not know whatthe Great Commision is? Obviously sit there in your little community of haters, and turn away the hurting and dying. You watch as the world is dying and you do nothing. What would Christ think of that?  I pray your blind eyes are opened.  You are hurting the Christian name. You are sick people...and I pray Gods forgiveness for your souls.

As a born again believer, I am amazed at your slogan, "Unsaved not welcome."
Also, if the USA did in fact drop pork on the Moslems, I have no doubt it would serve to unite the entire Moslem world against this country---Moslems everywhere would be against us.
Thirdly, the reason why there is no doubt a tremendous amount of obesity,(which is a disease in itself), cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and other degenerative diseases in your church is that swine is one of your favorite foods. You pray and pray and praaaaaaaaaaaay for your diseases to be healed, but they are not. If you will go to your concordance and look up "swine flesh" in the book of Isaiah, you will see that the Lord is very displeased with those who consume swine. Just cutting out pork from your diets would do more than all your prayers for healing.
With regard to not eating swine flesh, the Moslems are smarter than you and many other Christians!
"Unsaved NOT Welcome!"????
Unbelievable! Jesus came to SAVE SINNERS....
Elliot & Pam Yudenfriend 

Dear Pastor,
I was on your web site when I took a look at the quiz comparing the Christian God to the Muslim god.  I did not like this, it is not how Jesus would have approached it.  When you do not answer a question right, it says "Wrong!, You Unsaved Moron".  It is very disturbing and will turn off unbelievers.  I am a baptist myself, and I still do not like this.  I think you should take it off your website before anyone else sees it.

God Bless,
David J. Stoeger

I am a christan mother ,and have four sons .Our boys play with boy dolls.NO where in the BIBLE does it say that it is wrong for a boy to show LOVE.GOD IS LOVE!!!!!!!And if anyone is possessed by the devil IT IS YOU!!!!!!HATE IS NOT OF GOD. And playing with dolls does not make a children gay THE DEVIL DOES!! I had two brothers and I played in the mud with cars and went hunting and fishing and it did not make me gay,it gave wonderful childhood memories of my family.If your covered by the blood of JESUS the devil cannot possess you.You need to read your BIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pray GOD will deliver you from hate and fill you with his precious HOLY GHOST.

At a time when the world is experiencing so vividly the perils of religious intolerance, your page on "nonbelievers" is offensive, destructive and absolutely inconsistent with the teaching of Christ. The interpretation of our Bible as an exclusionary doctrine is only one step removed from those who would use the Koran to justify their militant actions. I sincerely hope the Lord will lead you to reconsider this point of view.

Mark Hickman
Knoxville, TN 

What is happening with you people. I, as an enthusiastic baptist and above all a re-born christian, feel ashamed of reading the pile of crap that people that share my faith (I hope) have come up with...
Come on you guys!, Stop playing the Urban Legend detective and get on with your business. There is a lot of pain and grief in this world, a lot of people that has not yet heard about Jesus and His everlasting Love and Salvation plan for mankind.Let's give that people the Good News that have been given to us. For the fanatic behavior like the one I am seen here, we Christians are being branded as weird, un-happy people, no better than the Taleeban that abuses the religion to set their own absurd rules for their own convenience. Paul says everything is allowed, but not everything is good for me to do. Let's pray to the Lord so He can lead the way. Let's be a Big big YES, instead a gloomy NO. Toy Story is not your enemy, I have not seen all those things you mention in your web site, My baby has a Woody character figurine and a Buzz as well. He doesn't worship them, he has not been taken by demons, he is a perfectly normal happy child that is starting to know about Jesus and His love, but he is also living his chidhood in a very simple manner. I feel happy with the way he is, I love him pretty much and I strongly believe that Jesus came to save us so we can live a new rich life on Him. Not for us to stop Living!
Remember that Jesus condemned all those religious people that based their beliefs in the law, rather then their personal relationship with God. That same religious people is the one that brought Him to the cross.
God Bless you.

oh for the love of god where the hell do you people get off saying the kinds of things you did in that article. just because everyone else in the world doesn't celebrate hollidays the same way you do you decide it "homosexuals" and "pedophiles"  what a narrow uneducated point of view. its unbelievable how a religion based on love and understanding could produce such stupid hate loving individuals.    YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!
Leslie B. 

I think that your chruch members are decieved. I believe strongly that what you are doing is against the will of God and sad. Christ called us to be the light of the world not to become hermitts and seclude ourselves from it. how can you minister to the unsaved if you dont invite them to your temple. It is the sick that need healing not the whole. but then again you know that. And having to pay $50.00 dollars and a two year reservation to listen to your sermon. God's word is free for all who want to hear it. I am a Christian and it's people like yourself why others will not come to christ you are shutting everyone out and charging for your services. Let he that is without sin cast the first stone. If you will not let in the unsaved who do they become saved? or were your church members born saved?
Orlando Rivera 

If you would explain why your web site says the name of your church and then under it, it says unsaved not welcomed.  If i was unsaved i would take offence to that and probably think the baptist church was a i don't know what kind of church it is but my friend im trying to witness to saw that and got scared.....i just don't think its right to put something like that on your web site....thank you

Your website says that it is a satirical newsletter and a parody. I don't know who you are or why you put up this is a sad joke. I will not waist more time reading your site or even worrying about it, however I will say is a sad generalization and stereotype of Christianity that displays someone's (or many peoples) obvious internal bitterness to Jesus and Christians. I will never come to your site again...but I will pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to you and set you free, that He will meet your needs and bless you and all that you love. God bless.
Nathan Swisher

My empathy is for all those who fall prey to YOUR interpretation of Gods' WORD. His obvious love  and  committment to His people evidently has not been imbedded in your heart, otherwise such attitude and judgement of others would not come forth out of your mouth. I could site more instances of His WORD than you ever could...but I shall not waste your time. I conclude at this moment as I am typing this, you and those who are weak enough to actually listen AND believe YOUR words are lost sheep and in desperate need of more prayer than you have, I am certain, already recieved.May GOD have mercy on your soul for all the mistreatment of His WORD and damage to His children you have done.

you people are disgusting and disturbed i have been studying the bible closly for the past 12 years of my life i have gone to catholic schools my entire life and no where in the bible dose it say i should be taken to heart only my message should be you people are just a bunch of sick twisted fucks

Dear pastor,
      I'm not being biased because I'm a Christian myself but, I believe your criticism of the movie "Dinosaur" is particularly harsh. How dare you say that?I don't know about you freaks but I don't sit there watching Disney movies all day waiting for the slightest little thing to pop up. If I wouldn't know any better I'd say YOU are the ones who are the sexual freaks! Sitting there wasting your time to see some "penis" or word or anything like that. Only truly perverted people can see those types of things. Get your mind out of the gutter! That is so RUDE how you say gays and lesbians are against God. What the heck?! If God hated gays and lesbians, wouldn't they all be dead by now? It's okay to be a homosexual, it isn't like you're a freak or anything. How dare you insult people in such ways?! And you all say you're so pure and God will forgive you for eveything! What a LIE! I don't give a crap! Post this message on your website! Post my name, address, phone number, screen name, and whatever the heck you want! You are all messed up! Children aren't perverted like you! And the United Sates of America is not a Christian country. We are a mix of every race and religion and you need to respect that. I'll have you know that Christians were the designers of the movie too you know! The world is not plotted against you and Disney is not some sex-crazed maniacal company that wants to turn all children into sex maniacs. The fact that you think an egg is a penis is totally ignorant of yourselves.

This is in response to the diet that Heather Hardwick put on the internet.  Is she serious?  This is all I want to know.  I mean she preaches of good health and all but yet she is evry oese.  Isnt obesity a sin?  The body is the temple and you should take care of it, you only get one chance at the this body.  That is why i will be very amazed if this is really a true way of eating heathly.  It must be some sort of joke.
Thank you,
Heather Nesmith  

   Hi, I've been a life-long christian and I accidently got on to your website by searching for dates and information on the baptist religion.  But when I saw "the unsaved are unwelcom..shoo demons" I got sick to my stomach. How do you expect the unsaved to come to god when you scare them away like that.  Some people don't become christians because they think that christians think there better than others and "shoo demons" is a perfect example of that. I just thought i'd share my opinion to you..Thank you..God Bless


I loved your promo!  My name is Janet Downs.  My husband and I are youth pastors at Dickson First Assembly of God in Dickson, TN .  This is our first year for doing Hell House.  If possible can you tell me how you did your promo?  What software you used?  Can we use it and modify with our youth group name?  We will be in prayer for your group as well as ours.  Have a great day in the Lord.
God Bless - Janet  

I visited your site. First I thought it was okay but read your church policy. You better read the whole bible you can not base your beleifs on a pick and chose method. I will pray for you,  for God to enlighten you.
Jeanie barkley Jeanie&Augie 

Is this site what you have chosen to do for a meaningful social contribution?

It's a sad shame when fanatics like yourselves roam the earth.  You are not anymore different that the radical Islamic Fundamentalist that have declared the Jihad against Americans and those who support us.  Instead of preaching your rhetoric, you should be offering solace and brotherly love to all of God's children; Jews, Muslims, Christians, other religions, Gays and abortion providers.  I've read the Bible, and the only time I found it reference violence is when God, itself (himself), abhored it and damned all the perpetrators of violence to Hell.

So, I ask that you think about what you are saying to people.  Because they will react and put some innocent person at extreme risk.
Don Joe