Landover Baptist Mail Received November 2000 (unedited and in original form)

From a concearned Baptist:

You guys just don't get it do you? You can't just go aroud judging other people, that's GOD'S job! Pressing the issues on your page only comes back to you as being ignorant naive and borderline crazy. Maybe you should READ the Bible sometime. Let God do his job I think He knows what He's doing. Unless you think He needs your help in running the world? Why don't you find that plank in your eye before you go searching for specs in others'. I say this in the most loving way possible. Focus on YOURself and YOUR family and quit damning people who YOU think are wrong and let GOD handle them.


Landover Baptist Church,
Having read over your website, I am appalled and sickened.  I cannot believe that a "Christian" organization would condone, let alone propagate such hate-filled and very ignorant messages on its website. Websites such as yours give the world a very negative opinion of Christianity.  You depict your self as narrow-minded hate mongers, hardly a Christian image. ("Christian", in case you have forgotten, means "Christ-like".)  And perhaps worst of all, is your "Godly Warning", which tells all non-saved people to leave your website.  Have you ever heard the expression "preaching to the choir"?  If not, it means that the "saved", while being an important part of your congregation and your faith, are not the only ones who should hear the Christian message of love for your fellow man and life everlasting through
Him.  Perhaps the non-saved could use a dose of it as well to enrich their lives and help them find salvation.  On second thought, maybe the unsaved truly SHOULD avoid your website and your church.  Your message is NOT the Christian one; it is a twisted and truly sick mockery of the teachings of Jesus Christ.  The unsaved, having viewed your lies and self-contradictions, would probably discount all Christians as being as hateful and ignorant as you appear to be.  I have been a very devout Christian all my life until about a year ago. I began to have my doubts that a just God and His ever-present son would allow such horrible atrocities to be carried out in Their names.  Your website, with its blatant lies, hateful propaganda, and harsh judgments is only one of many such atrocities.In conclusion, your website makes me want to weep, scream, curse and vomit all at the same time. You and your entire congregation should be ashamed of yourselves.  I only hope that you someday see the error of your ways before you find yourselves facing the "unquenchable fires of Hell".

Jennifer Hendricks 

Just a couple comments about some articles on you website.

"Pokemon? Poke yourself, Satan!"

1.  The reason I came to this webpage is because of a pokemon Fansite on the web, the URL is at, you are in the humor section because some of your articles are just plain Humorous!!!

2.  Ebeneezer Smith is an idiot.

3.  Marty Richards in an idiot also.

4.  The children in your church are given the award for "The Religious Idiots of Tomorrow!!!"

5.  Pokemon started only 5 or 6 years ago when a person named Satoshi Tajiri made a video game about his childhood hobby of bug collecting

6.  Pokemon mean Pocket Monsters, not "Pocket Demons"

7.  The idea behind pokemon is not to "show a child that they can become 'powerful evil force, and they don't have to listen to their parents', it is to catch pokemon, train them to become strong, and win the game

8.  Deacon Fred is an idiot

9.  Deacon Fred's children were very upset at him for crushing the action figures of pokemon.

10.  This is a message to all those IDIOTS that slam pokemon by using the bible against it, Satan has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH POKEMON,  POKEMON IS ONLY A VIDEO GAME/TELEVISION SHOW/TOY

"Japs Declare War On USA, Use Pokemon to Launch First Strike"

1.  The Japanese are not planning to attack the USA.

2.  Buddha is not a any more of a murderer than our god.

3.  The "Japs" are not in league with Satan, you are.

4.  The eyes of the pokemon fans are not becoming japanese-like

5.  ANIME RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.  Pokemon has not been banned anywhere in the usa except for some elementary schools

7.  There is absolutely no way to make pokemon illegal in the entire USA, we're too smart.

8.  The only way to make you shut up is to drop the 200,000,000 tons of plutonium that you wanted to drop on Japan right on your retarded church.

Other things...

1.  Christians worship the same God as Catholics

2.  Native Americans were blessed with this land before Europeans came, and most likely everybody in your church had some family in a European or Asian country, even you.

3.  If you insult Jewish people so many times,  think that Jesus himself was Jew.

4.  Many people are AFRAID to convert to Christians because of retards like you.

5.  If you don't put this e-mail up on your church email page before about this time next week,  I will mail this same thing back to you until you post something on your Homepage explaining this E-Mail to all who come to you page,  and I will email you again with a message in the same lettering as this because I will keep this message saved on my Harddrive.

6.  The WWF, WCW, NWO, and etc are not Homosexual, just stupid.

7.  Jar Jar Binks in not Gay, you are.

8.  I know there are some things in this message that may offend you, You should consider yourself lucky that I am not suing you for offending me with all your anti-pokemon, anti-Japanese, anti-International, and anti-Better Religion things.

9.  Scientists are not the Idiots, You are

10.  Jesus does not control the weather on this planet, God does

11.  The Scientists are not saying that we are created from Carbon Paper,  we are created by a chemical called Carbon, in which came from earlier animals which got it from the simple single-celled animals who long ago got it from the creation of the universe in which God created Countless Trillions of years ago....

12.  My E-Mail address is if you want to reply to this message.

13.  CATHOLICS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You people are a bunch of disrespectful losers. Why do you call American Indians "Injuns"? Are you still living in the early 1800's whitey mentality? You are violating human issues here. Do you call your deceased grandparents "dead whities". Because I know there probably aren't any minorities in your church. And if there are, you've brainwashed them into giving you money along with everyonelse. And what is this about mastubating while you think about Jesus? Give it up! There are things
you are never going to be able to control, and my god that is definitly one of them. I can't believe how you can proclaim yourself as a spritual leader? You are so
irressponsible! Your like an infant telling adults what to do! Does it make you feel good to tell people what they can  & cannot "think". You know that's what dictatorship is all about. You know, like in China? Or the old USSR.? Angola? I don't think you would want to live in any of those places. But maybe in the next lifetime you'll get to!

Boyd Peterson

Hi, I am a regular church-going catholic. I've read over your site  couple of times and I won't bore you with my personal feelings on it. Sufficive to say, I don't find it very enlightening. However, my personal feelings did not prompt me to send this e-mail. You see, God and I converse on a daily basis, as should all God loving people. And we were just shooting the breeze today when your web site came up. When I mentioned your site to God he broke out into a fit of laughter! I was surprised to say the least. I couldn't understand why he was laughing at people who claim to be his biggest supporters. And then he told me to send you people a message. And I quote,

"Those people have everything, and I do mean EVERYTHING, ass-backwards. I gave everyone free-will to eaither love me as they see fit, or ignore me all together. And those self rightious, pompus, arrogant fools are freely condemning those who choose to ignore me. It's not their place to condemn, but mine. They say they believe in the whole bible yet they are forgetting some very important parts. Judge not least ye be judged yourself, and let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. For all their claiming to worship me, they will all be judged most harshly for their self-surving arrogance."

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some of Gods words rang true to me that day. As with the lesson He was trying to teach me that day, I won't take it upon myself to judge you people. I just hope you can find His words as inspiring and true as I have. Turn away from the sins you have emmersed yourselves in, for you may find yourselves cast down with those you condemn.


ha ha i fooled you fuckface great site if your an uneducated piece of white trash you use propaganda and brainwashing to lure more stupid fucks into your church so you can ejaculate to the fact that you have control and power over people because you feel so yucky inside  due to the fact that your a bunch of closet homosexuals and child molesting sickos whos wives secretly love indian men! see ya in hell losers

If I had one nuclear bomb I could drop on anything I wish, I would drop it on your entire organization to rid the world of your ridiculous "religion". You folks are all blind to humanity, the universe as well as our creator(if we even have one-yet to be proven by anyone).. and blah blah blah some morons say that the bible is the proof. The existence of a book is not proof of the content of the book. You certainly don't believe everything you read. Snap out of this obsessive trance and try and be useful to our society finally! Thousands of years and nothing has come out of your religion yet. It's time to get rid of it and all who choose to be blind,deaf and dumb.
Ben Yurick 

Before visiting your site I was a ass raming pot smoking black jewish homosexual.  But after coming here I became a bible humping bigot! Thank you for wiping all the rationality from my mind!! I just wish I had a bible with me right now so I could fuck the shit out of it!  If jesus was still alive I would show my respect by fucking him too!  I just masturbate while thinking about him to subsitute.  Thank you from freeing me from my deamons!!  praise the lord!!  yehaw you redneck motherfuckers.  I cant belive people as stupid as you gain followers.  I just cant wait till someone kills you and your whole church.  fuck you
Steve Boone 

    I was wondering what kind of Baptist church you have.  Your views on human lives are not from the Bible and it is people like you that are sending 98% of the Native American people away from God.  Please tell me that this site is just for fun and this is not the way that you preach and your church is not ran this way.   I will be praying for you and you will be judged for this.  Please turn from your ways and see that Jesus message is about love and not hate.  The message is for everyone.  God did not intend to change the people group in which we came from but to change our heart.  Form this site your Heart has not been changed.

just a some quick comments, I read that "3 Year Old Hates Jesus" Article,  It was not Demons in that kids head, it was a mix of confusion and anger about his pet kitten dying.  And about him whispering that he hates you and wishes you were dead,  that was the first smart thing I read on your webspace. I guarantee that Teddy's parents are not jumping for joy that they are away from your church! Finally,  your church is not demon free,  It had demons in it the nanosecond you came through the door for the first time!!!YOUR ENTIRE CHURCH IS FULL OF DEMONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HA HA HA HA

PS.   about what that kid said, about he wanting you to die, I think  that it is Gods wish for your church to be demolished in about 1,000,000 Megatons of every explosive imaginable so there would be nothing left of your church but some ruins.

PS2. sometime in the future, that kid may join the FBI and shut down your church,  hopefully.

PS3. If you think that a demon is controlling my mind, or Satan himself, come to where I live and take me to your fake church exorcists,  I live in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

I stumbled onto this site and you are so anti-gay and prejudice you are as bad as Westboro Baptist Church. I find this material offensive. This country needs to be more liberal. Every citizen (adult and child) should have a right to express him/herself freely as long as it does not harm others. I saw the article, "Sissy boy playing with dolls." So what? Children have a right to free expression. There isnothing wrong with homosexuals. They don't harm anyone.

"To begin his C.A.S.H. treatment, Geoffrey will be asked to make a formal apology  to the congregations at all 14 Church Services on Sunday morning. As punishment,  he will be forced to wear a large sandwich-board sign reading "I Am A Sissy." He  will not be allowed to walk on church grounds, he will only
be allowed to skip. If he  is caught misbehaving again, his momma will be fined $1,000.00 for each offense."

The above is a violation of the First Amendment right, and could call for a lawsuit, prompted by the family members or perhaps even the child. Even children have or at least should have rights.

I am an atheist so I don't believe the stuff in a 2000 yr. old Bible. This is offensive nonetheless. Homosexuals are biologically that way and both APA's and thousads of other organizations believe it too.

"I smacked that boy so hard, it dented my wedding ring," Superintendent Richards  said, "few things make my temper rise like a sissified boy. That child makes my skin  crawl."

The person who did this can be jailed and prosecuted for child abuse and should be. The problem with conservatives like you is that you stick your noses into everyone's business. Most people find this offensive. Let people live and act the way they want. Your organization sounds Nazi-ish. I do not live in your state so I don't have to worry about it. But what I read is a number of violations of the court of law and if it happened to me I would sue.

Eric Austin

i myself attend babptist services every week. i don't see how Jesus Christ would bleed his people of all their money just for being a few minutes late!!! I have three small kids and live 45 minutes from my church and as a result we have walked in late on many occasions. We are always greeted with love and open arms. Jesus is a God of Love . You cannot love someone without trusting them. If you trust someone then there is no need to chaperone them when they meet with a friend. My family does not have much money. I cannot see Jesus charging people for his word. Yet you ask $50 and a 2 year reservation just to attend your services one time!! Seems like you are after people's money, not interested in helping them become christians. Jesus Christ is not interested in the clothes we wear. He is interested in our faith and our belief in him. I should be as welcome barefoot in my jeans as a man in slacks and a tie!!! Surely, Jesus would not turn a man from his word just because he isn't wearing an expensive suit or tie. Jesus was a homeless man, yet you speak so coldly about the homeless. Squirrels have holes, birds have nests, but the son of God has no where to lay his head. The Bible was written for the ragamuffins. Your rules do not comply with Jesus's rules at all!! Jesus is an accepting loving God. He welcomes people. He is the one who will judge and decide our punishments for disobeying his Law. You are merely creating your own laws and punishments! And doing so in the Lord's name! That is blasphemy! Jesus loves me just the way I am. I serve only Him. I do not serve other men. He doesn't care how much money I have. He doesn't care what I am wearing. He doesn't mind if I am a few minutes late to church! He doesn't care where I park or who I visit. He loves it when I share his word but he would not take the food out of my children's mouth if people choose not to accompany me to Sunday morning services. May all of you and your
congregation stop being greedy and stop seeking power and control and start seeking the Lord. Much Love and peace to you, Mikki Zarybnicky

You are all obviously blinded by your sin.  Rest assured, I will be praying for each and every one of you.  Try reading the "Left Behind" series.  It might enlighten you a little.  Don't be closed minded about it now, will you?

My company has added you guys to the banned list.  The firewall doesn't let me to your site any more.  What is the world coming to?
Blevins, Joe

I am disgusted by your website.  Your beliefs are outrageous.  I am a Christian student at the University of Illinois who happens to be spreading the word about the evil Hellhouse.  You are in no place to judge others-WHAT SO EVER.  YOU ARE NOT PERFECT.  YOU ARE NOT ANYONE'S AUTHORITY ON THIS EARTH-GOD IS.  I AM EMBARRASSED AND ASHAMED THAT YOU CLAIM TO WORSHIP THE SAME GOD THAT I DO.  I will  be praying for you and your followers.  I will ask God to forgive your sins, for you obviously don't know that you're sinning.  I WILL CONTINUE, ALONG WITH MANY OTHER CHRISTIAN STUDENTS, TO SPREAD THE WORD THAT YOUR HELLHOUSE SHOULD NOT TAKE PLACE.  AND ONE LAST THING, YOU HOLD NO AUTHORITY OVER ME, MY FAMILY, OR ANYONE AT ALL!!!!!!!   EC
emily claire jones