Internationally recognized physicist and proctologist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards along with associate pastor, John Clunas of the Landover Baptist Church bring you: Horror in the Church. "We have traveled over land and sea for these tales!" Rev. Clunas explains, "Every one of these yarns will send a shiver down your spine, and a small trickle of perspiration down the small of your back!" For many years, it has been thought that the Catholic Church practiced mideval torture only on its cloistered nuns. Dr. Edwards explains, "The tales of young David and Father O'Malley make the cloistered nuns look like a tea cup ride at an amusement park!" Repressed for nearly twenty years, the stories resurfaced and were bought for nearly $100,000.00, during a midnight transaction with covert officials in the church of Rome. The tales you are about to read are by all accounts, taken directly from the only known diary entries of young David. Driven insane by a demon posessed priest named Father O'Malley, David relates to his diary in the first person removed. His horrific accounts of visions, and apparitions are enough to shock and stun you. "Not even I (and I was a priest me-self," relates Rev. Clunas, "ever thought that these things would someday be brought to light." So sit back, pour yourself a spot of hooch, and explore the collected tales of young David and Father O'Malley

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