Bible Sex Quiz I

Objective: Determine the correct answers to each question using the ultimate source of Truth (The Bible) as your guide. When you are finished, get the scriptures that back up each answer by clicking here

1. Who is holiest to God?

God loves all of us, and if we accept Jesus, we are equal in the Lord's eyes.
A man who marries once and is always faithful to his wife.
A man who avoids sex through willpower.
A man who avoids sex through castration.

2. Which of the following acts does God consider disgraceful?

Having sex with your dead brother's wife.
Refusing to have sex with your dead brother's wife.
Having sex with your dead brother's wife but refusing to impregnate her.
B and C.

3. Which of the following may lead to you and all your descendants being cursed?

Stripping off all your clothes and lying around naked, for others to see.
Getting so drunk you pass out naked, for your whole village to see.
Accidentally seeing a person naked and telling others about the shameless debauchery.
A and B.

4. Which of the following sex acts is most offensive to God?

Homosexual conduct with visiting angels.
Getting drunk and impregnating your own daughters.
Rape of both of your virgin daughters.
B and C. They are equally horrendous and must be stopped at all costs.

5. Under what circumstances does the Bible say a woman must have her hands cut off for touching a man's genitals?

Under no circumstances. The Bible does not restrict physical contact between heterosexuals in any way.
When she is fondling them in an effort to avoid intercourse and possible conception.
When she contacts them orally.
When she touches them in an effort to protect her husband from an attacker.

6. What are God's policies regarding the treatment of women captured in war?

The victor may choose any of the women he wants to be his wife.
The victor may choose any of the women to be his wife but if she's bad in bed, while he may kick her out, he may not sell her as a slave.
In cities God has given to His people as an inheritance, the women must be killed just like all the men and every other living thing.
All of the above.

7. What does the Bible say about homosexuality?

Nothing. Contrary to popular misconception, the Bible is essentially silent regarding homosexuality.
All love is accepted by God so long as it is monogamous and sincere.
While love between men is noble, it must never become passionate or the men must be killed.
None of the above.

8. Which of the following statements reflects God's requirement for all women?

She must submit to her husband's whims.
She may be sold by her father as a sex slave, but if she doesn't please her master, he should let her go.
If she is engaged to be married, she should not be raped by a stranger, but if she is a slave, the rapist's punishment should be minimal.
All of the above.

9. Which sexual acts are so egregious that they warrant death?

Any sexual thoughts about someone to whom one is not married.
Child molestation only.
Violent, coercive sex with your spouse.

10. Since God created only Adam and Eve, how did they have grandchildren?

By divine intervention.
Those not related to Adam and Eve must have evolved from other primates.
Through incest either between Eve and one of her sons or Cain and a sister.
None of the above.

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