Bible Slavery Quiz!

Test your knowledge of the relationship between master and slave as outlined in the Holy Bible by taking this quiz.

When you are finished, be sure to read the scriptures that back up each answer by clicking here

[Christian Hint: If you review your Bible for answers, don't forget that King James was too weak-kneed and liberal to use the word "slave." Instead, he used the terms "bondman," "servant," "maid," "handmaid," "manservant" and "maidservant" when translating the term "doulos" from the Greek. That word, however, refers to slaves, that is, workers who are the property of their masters.

1. How did Jesus say a slave should treat his master?

A. Since the Bible contains timeless moral truths, and slavery is clearly immoral, Jesus expressly prohibited His followers from owning other humans as property.
B. A slave should listen to his master’s commands, but is free to reject them when they are unjust.
C. A slave must completely obey and fear his master, even if his master is cruel and unjust.
D. A slave should treat his master as the master treats the slave.

2. What is God's policy on physical punishment of your slave?

A. None. God would not implicitly endorse slavery by having such a policy.
B. It is necessary because words alone will not overcome a slave’s misconduct.
C. If you blind the slave or knock his (or her) teeth out, you’ll have to let the slave go.
D. B and C.

3. Whom did God tell the Israelites they should turn into their slaves?

A. Only those people who had formerly made the Israelites slaves.
B. The people of other tribes living around them.
C. Those guilty of violent crime.
D. None of the above.

4. What does God say is to happen to a male slave after six years of service?

A. He is free to leave with his wife and children, so long as he was married when enslaved.
B. He is free to depart but has to leave his wife and children with the master if the master introduced him to his wife.
C. If he wants to stay behind with his wife and children, his master must bore a hole in his ear with an aul.
D. All of the above.

5. What does God say should happen to a master who beats his slave to death?

A. Nothing. Because God does not endorse slavery, the Bible does not address this subject.
B. He should be punished just as he would be for killing any other individual.
C. He should avoid all punishment if the slave survives for a couple days after the beating.
D. None of the above.

6. Does God allow you to sell your daughter into slavery?

A. Yes. And the situation is not unbearable for her since, if her master takes her as his wife and she does not please him, he must set her free.
B. Yes. But only step daughters. Blood relatives may not be sold.
C. No. Only strangers may be bought and sold.
D. No. A female child must be cherished and cannot be dealt with so harshly.

7. What punishments does God mandate when an ox gores a free man and when an ox gores a slave?

A. If the ox is a first time offender that kills a free man, the ox, alone, should be stoned.
B. If the ox is a known recidivist and kills a free man, both the ox and his owner should be killed.
C. If the ox kills a slave, the ox’s owner must merely give the slave’s owner 30 shekels of silver (and, to be fair, the ox should be stoned).
D. All of the above.

8. What was the plight of those not born Israelites?

A. Trick question. God never differentiated people by race.
B. They had to work harder and earn more money for their status.
C. They were to be taken by the Israelites as slaves, and their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. were destined to be slaves.
D. None of the above.

9. What conduct by slaves does Jesus dislike?

A. Insincerity. Slaves pretending to respect their masters when they’re really just trying to curry favor.
B. Rudeness.
C. A and B.
D. None of the above.

10. What effect does God say warfare has on slavery?

A. Whereas the men in any community invaded must be killed, the women and children are to be taken as slaves.
B. Slaves who serve in battle with their masters should be freed when the conflict had ended.
C. When leaving their homes to participate in the battle, masters should free their slaves.
D. B and C.

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