Dallas Texas - Bass Fisherman For The Lord, Kelvin
Entwhistle Fishes For Men As Well
Kelvin Entwhistle, fishes for Souls. The Dallas,
Ga., graduate of Hillytown Fundamentalist
Seminary recently came to Freehold Iowa to do a
little Bass Fishing, and a little witnessing. He has
found a way to turn something that he loves, into
something that the Lord loves. Kelvin spoke at our
8am Sunday service. He had already been up
fishing for 5 hours. Rev. Smith joked, 'I am sorry I
couldn't join Kelvin for his morning devotions on
his rusty old bass boat, 3am is a little to early,
even for the Lord.' Mr. Entwhistle caught four fish
and two souls.
Above: Kelvin holds a fish in one hand
and a Bible in the other. There is no
way out for his guest.
Kelvin explained to the congregation how he had left his church 10 years ago to form the
Sportsman's Outreach Program Center as a full time ministry. He is a fully liscensed Southern
Baptist Missionary. He receives support for his Bass Tour Ministry, his National Lakes Tour, his
Pacific Deep Sea Vacation Adventure Month, and Bi-Annual Fishermen For The Lord
Conference in Cosa Mesa, CA, all through churches, individuals, and Christian sponsors.

Mr. Entwhistle spends time with partners in boats during tournaments. He recently shared the
gospel with a man who made a spiritual and financial commitment his ministry, right there in
the boat! He also shares the gospel whenever he gets a break from his busy schedule. "I enjoy
witnessing on a boat, in the middle of a lake, one on one," Kelvin told The AmeriChrist
Sportsman Magazine. "A person has no other choice but to listen when they are stuck out
there with me on a boat," he joked. "Sometimes I kid around with them and shake the boat a
bit. I tell them if they don't accept the Lord we might have ourselves a little accident." Kelvin told
a story at Landover's 8am service that had the congregation in stitches. He claimed that one
time he had frightened a man so badly that there was a scuffle on the boat. The man got a fish
hook caught in his mouth, and pleaded with Kelvin to help remove it. Kelvin told the man, "If you
accept the Lord, I'll do it." The man made a hurried commitment, and the hook was removed.
Kelvin told the congregation that "that man is now pastoring a church in Ashville North Carolina,
but has never gone fishing with me since that day.
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