Freehold Iowa - Ex-Nun's Horrifying Testimony Leaves
Church Members Visably Shaken.
Ex-Nun, Sister Charlotte, called by some the Concubine Whore of
Eastern Europe, visited with Landover Members at our Wednesday
Evening Church Service. Her candid, and extremely graphic testimony
shocked what we thought to be a very desensitized congregation.
Sister Charlotte's description of her horrifying journey into the bowels of
the Mother Church was enough to send a shiver down the spine of the
most experienced Fundamentalist. Jaws dropped to the floor when the
old nun explained in vivid detail how she had been forced to clean a life-
sized Crucifix from toe to head, using only her tounge! Members shifted
in their seats when she pulled from her tormented orifice, a scarred and
severed appendage as if to plead for sympathy in regard to some
ancient physical element of her Godly testimony.
Above: A Photo of
Charlotte taken
shortly after her
escape from the
cloistered convent.
Note that both of
her eyes are
missing. They were
ripped from her
face by priests.
Children escorted to an emergency Sunday School session when
Charlotte began to speak of how she had been forced to commit lewd
sexual acts with hundreds of priests and little nunnies. Pastor Smith
claims that some of the acts she performed were not even in the Book
of Leviticus, or The Song of Solomon. That's how unusual they were.
Charlotte claimed that since she excaped the convent that held her
prisioner for nearly 40 years, that she cannot walk by a Catholic Church
withou spontainiously urinating in her pants. She is often so paralyzed
in fear, that she cannot move.
Pastor Smith commented after Charlotte's testimony that "Landover members have always
been told to steer clear of Catholics/Satanists. The pain that Charlotte suffered at the hands
of the Devil's Church and it's legion of Christ mocking whore producing bastard priests, should
be a lesson to us all!"
Sister Charlotte signed copies of her testimony, and CD's containing highlights of her 40 year
ordeal in a cloistered convent were also made available at $27.99. Counseling was provided for
Church members visably shaken by the event.
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