Pasadena CA - In Terrifying Conclusion To Sermon On Hell,
Pastor H.R. Stone Lights Self On Fire And Is Hurled Into
Stupefied Audience.
In an unprecedented show of courage, Pastor H.R. Stone,
covered with gasoline, lit himself on fire in an attempt to
demonstrate the dangers of Hell. The 85 year old pastor then
hurled himself from the stage into a live audience, screaming
at the top of his lungs, "I'm takin' this trip to Hell for every
damned soul in here! Do you want to go to Hell!?" He grabbed
shocked onlookers who were immediately caught on fire by
"This event was unplanned." Rev Smith stated. "It was the
brainchild of 85 years of Godly genius and a longsuffering
frustration over the lost souls of this world." It is commonly
known that H.R. would give his life or take another person's
life if it meant a soul could be saved in his name. Feared
throughout the world as the last living "Christian Gunslinger,"
H.R. usually sneaks into town after dusk and makes
surprise appearances at local churches.
Above: Pastor Stone
engulfed in flames, a live
demonstration of hell.
H.R. was flown to Landover Baptist Hospital, and is undergoing treatment for 3rd degree burns.
Pastor Smith visited with him on April 3rd and assured members that H.R. was still his old
self, grabbing nurses from behind as he lay there in his bed. The events that led up to H.R.'s
decision to light himself on fire to demonstrate the dangers of Hell, are unknown. What is
known, is that every person present at the event, bowed their heads with both eyes shut and
accepted Christ as their Lord and Personal Savior, some for the first time, some for the second
or third.
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