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 What's Happening in May 1999
The picture you see on this page is a digitally enhanced photograph of how Jesus Christ would look if he would appear today. Years of technical facial computation work revealed an individual that not only looked like Jesus Christ, but also resembled well known evangelist, Benny Hinn. Many experts agree that this handsome man, with his naturally tanned skin, his near perfect hair curves, and neatly trimmed nostril hairs, is quite possibly the closest representation of what Jesus Christ would physically look like if he were to appear to us today. 

“The facial features are not as important as the choice of attire,” Pastor Smith remarked, when asked to comment on the choice for the 20th century Jesus look alike. “Benny and I have had our disagreements in the past.  I still stand on a $50 bet that I could win a soul in half the time it takes him to heal an enflamed hemorrhoid. He is an old rascal, and a tongue talkin’ pew jumpin’ chandelier swingin’ Penny coastal, but shoot me dead if he ain’t the spittin’ image of Jesus Christ.”

Part of Benny’s facial structure was replaced with  that of a more handsome man. It took two months To graft Pastor Ebeneezer’s face onto the Christ like image, but the result was so fantastic, that when the image neared it's final stages of completion, experts fell flat on their faces, and were tossed into a frenzied and violent state of worship.

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