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 What's Happening in May 1999
June 1st will mark Landover Baptist Church's 52nd annual Levitical Law week. A time where all church members are placed back under the Lord's original law for a period of one week. Preparations are fast underway for this momentous occasion. We hope to have better luck this year, as last year we lost nearly 4 of our church members to various Levitical violations. 

Starting at 12am on June 1st of this year, all church members will be placed under the law of God in full accordance with the book of Leviticus. They will be responsible for obeying every single one of the complicated laws imposed upon the early Jews. All members will be subject to the precise discipline described in the book of Leviticus. This event is a celebration and a tragedy combined. It is pretty much a 'given' that some of our members will suffer greatly, some even losing their lives. We believe that such an event is a great stand for the righteousness of our Lord, and a physical manifestation of our obedience to his will. 

Some of the rules that church members can look forward to obeying are: 'death punishment for adultery, death for beastiality (animal and involved human),  stoning for unacceptable sacrifices, public riduclue for posessing animals with bruised testicles, stoning outside the campus for blasphemy, destruction of property for disobedience, and the all time favorite: 'burning of the home and all family within' for not taking care of a simple mildew problem.' 

Folks (and this is a message to church members) we've been through this ritual nearly 51 times, and some of you have lost loved ones over the years, but the glory and honor to God, and the testimony and image we give to sinners and unsaved persons is a fantastic witnessing tool for Bible based Christianity the world over. Give yourselves a pat on the back, grab your loved ones, suck in your gut, and start revising your wills,  cause.. Levitical Law week is only a few days away. 

Updates on Levitical Law Week hard knocks, will be broadcast on a weekly basis. See the Landover Message Board for details. 
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