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 What's Happening in June 1999
Mrs. Billy (Tammy-Jo) Jenkins, Christain Homemaker and Proud Homeschooler, has initiated a project by which students will be 'Homeschooled' in an environment free of the Devil's influences. The "Homeschooling Are Children" project, would be a little bit like Vacation Bible School, only it would last for an entire year. We'll let Tammy-Jo explain it to you. 

"I like many of you alls got real scared by the secular stuff that was been teached to are children in them public schools and the unChristain stuff that was being rammed down there little throwts.  Well the Lord called me, Tammy-Jo, to take maters into my own hand and to do something about all them lies our children are teached.  Did you know that a teacher is allowed to talk about ungodly people like Einstein (a Jew) and Darwin (a liar) but our not allowed to spend the hole day reading Bible stories to are youngsters?  That is why I started Landover’s “Homeschooling Are Children Project” to protect are youngins from dangerous secular humanist garbage been teached in public schools -- like physics and biology. 

Are childrens good education is bout the most important thing we can give them all.  So why whould anyone trust it to nonChristains and other Satanic types?  I think I speak with some authority when I say that public schools our no place to teach children.  I know that I, Tammy-Jo, got so disgusted with what was being teached as “fact” by nonChristains that Jesus Christ Himself called me out of school at the age 15 to be a mother insteed of even bothering to waste yet one more year in the 8th grade.  He in His mercy spared me from occultist subjects like foreign tongues (French) and occult animal sacrifices (frog dissection). 

Now I am hearing Jesus’s call again to become a teacher so that I can make sure that my 6 white children are not polluted by been told that they come from some apes.  Yes it is shocking but it is true as can be! 

I have being asked by the Landover Ladies Committee, with a grant from Mrs. Betty Bowers’ Bringing Integrity To Christian Homemakers, to teach Christain Reading and Christain Writting.  Our you real good at something?  We our currently looking for someone to teach Christain Arithmetic (which proves that the world is bout 6,000 years old by adding up all the “begets”) and Christain Logic (so far no takers). 

One thing I can promise you – their WILL be prayer in OUR school!  ALL the time!! And NO black trenchcoats, harlotty make-up or things pierced!  And our children will learn to WRITE RIGHT!   Hallelujah!" 
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