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  FREEHOLD IOWA/Christian Sports Radio Blow By Blow Coverage - In the Mid-West Church Softball semi-finals, Landover Baptist was matched with long time rival Church of Mary, Queen of Heaven. Two innings into the game, The Immaculate Hearts up by two, and the Landover Soulwinners at bat. Heart's pitcher, Father O'Reily hits Landover first baseman, Daniel Crocket in the forehead with a wild pitch, knocking him unconscious. Landover Pastor, Rev. John Clunas tears out of the dugout, his face red, furious with rage, headed for the pitchers mound. Rev. Clunas, an ex-Catholic and former white knuckle boxer takes out Father O'Reily with a left hook to the chin. He spits on priest's unconscious body, and then turns to face the rest of the Immaculate Hearts on the field, "Any of you goddamned idol worshippers want to tangle with me!?" 

The scene got ugly when The Immaculate Hearts threw down their gloves and rushed the pitcher's mound. The Landover Soulwinners were out of the dugout and on the field faster than you could say 'Jesus wept.' Landover Pitcher, Pastor Tom Muharis brought an aluminum bat with him. He approached Holy Virgin coach, Father Earl Miller. "I've got a message for your 'Queen of Heaven' you Pope loving son-of-a-bitch!" he yelled, and lit into Miller's skull with one hard swing. Pastor Tom's face, spattered with Miller's blood looked like the wrath of God, had come upon him. He rushed toward the pitcher's mound swinging at anything that got in his way, knocking out a few of his own team members. 

In the stadium, a similar scene developed, as opposing fans collided with one another, purses swinging, fists flying. The fighting continued for nearly an hour until it was broken up by police at 2pm. The resulting injuries were not serious, a few concussions, a few stitches, minor head wounds. One priest lost a testicle, to which Pastor Ebeneezer Smith commented, "he didn't have any use for anyway." The rematch is scheduled to take place on July 17th. By that time, broken spirits, and wounds, will hopefully have healed enough to get through at least nine innings. 

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