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A recent evangelistic crusade featuring the muscle bound antics of  "The Christian Power Force" ended in tragedy earlier this month.  In an attempt to demonstrate the strength of God, team leader Ronnie Roberts took on over 700lbs of deadweight.  As the burden was hoisted above his head, his attention was abruptly diverted to what he later recalled was "a small horsefly." In a vain effort to distract the bug with his elbow, Roberts grip faltered and he lost control of  the weights.

700+ pounds of solid lead flew from his hands and took out the entire front row of the sanctuary. Terrified screams were heard from the audience, as church members and guests scrambled to avoid the weights. Three unsaved guests were killed instantly. "It is a shame that this happened before we had a chance to deliver the salvation message," team member Randy Collins remarked, "those poor folks are in Hell tonight, and I feel partly responsible."

The team is already taking steps to avoid any future tragedies.  Mr. Roberts explains, "..we believe that by giving unsaved people an opportunity to hear the Gospel message before we begin our performance, we can prevent something like this from happening again."  

The Power Force is reworking it's crusade schedule in order to attend the funerals of all three unsaved persons. Mr Roberts remarked, "We've been told by authorities that the family members want us to stay as far away from the funerals as humanly possible, but we plan on muscling our way through. We'd at least like to have a chance to share the gospel with family members whose loved ones are burning in Hell today because of us.

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