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   Pastor Ebeneezer's old wooden chair will be replaced with a solid gold throne. The throne is valued at over $1.5 million.  It was recently donated to our church by ex-Father Victor DeFranco of Venice as a token of appreciation for having his soul won by Rev. Smith.  Ex-Father Defranco secured the chair during a 3am visit to the St. Frederico Cathedral in Rome. The chair has been the comfort seat for nearly 10 generations of Franciscan Cardinals. It is ruby studded with velvet cloth covering and inlaid with precious diamonds.

The chair will be placed in the Landover Baptist Church Main Sanctuary. Only Pastor Ebeneezer Smith will be allowed to sit in the chair. Anyone else caught sitting in it or touching it will be in serious, serious trouble. An elaborate alarm system is being installed to prevent theft or unauthorized touching of the chair. Primary Class Double A Church Members will be first to view the chair, and first to see Pastor Ebeneezer sitting in it. Rev. Deacon Fred told parishioners on Tuesday morning that "...the chair is the pinnacle of Christian luxury. It is the focal point for all members. It allows us to have a visual image of the high calling. It symbolizes the ultimate Christian achievement."

Pastor Smith's old wooden chair will be moved to the Hall of Christian Greats Museum. It will find a new home in the 'Godly Artifacts of the 20th Century' display. 

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