New Testament Quiz!

Objective: Correctly determine the choices one makes in life that will lead to eternal damnation according to the New Testament of Jesus Christ. After taking the quiz, you can find explanations of the correct answers by clicking here

1. What type of blasphemy yields eternal damnation?

None. All sins are forgiven when the sinner accepts Jesus Christ as his Savior.
Blasphemy of God, the Father, for He is ruler over all.
Blasphemy of Jesus, the Son, because He died for our sins.
You can be forgiven for blaspheming Jesus, but blaspheming the Holy Ghost is unforgivable and begins your descent into the fiery abyss.

2. What words can earn you a one-way ticket straight to Satan's lair?

None. God would never condemn someone merely for an angry utterance.
Threatening the meek so they and their children are in fear of their lives when they have done nothing wrong.
Calling someone a fool.
Erroneously accusing someone of following other gods than Him, resulting in that person being wrongly executed.

3. What sex acts ensure an eternity in flames?

None. God does not send people to Hell just for having sex.
All non-marital sex.
Only rape of a helpless woman.
Only rape of a helpless woman or sodomy among men.

4. Failing to engage in which of the following acts of retribution can yield permanent residence in flames?

None. God does not send people to Hell for their sins.
Failing to amputate body parts involved in sinful acts.
Failing to apologize to the family members of the person's whose life you have unjustly taken.
Failing to make reparations to the victims of your sin.

5. Which of the following insincere acts results in damnation of your soul?

None. God does not send people to Hell for insincerity.
Telling the congregation you have confessed your sins when you really have not.
Eating bread and drinking wine unworthily.
Confessing your sins but omitting the most egregious.

6. Which of the following ensures you will not go to Heaven?

Both of the above.
None of the above.

7. People of what religions are going to burn forever as Satan stabs their behinds with pitchforks for eternity?

None. God is not so fickle that He would condemn people just because they were brought up by families with a different religion.
Satanists only.
Satanists, wiccans and other religions of the occult only.
Jews, Moslems, Hindus, Buddhists and everyone else who is not Christian.

8. Who among the following think they're going to Heaven but will wind up in Hell instead?

Those who accept Jesus as their Savior but continue to sin.
Those who preach Jesus' word but consistently violate it.
Those who believe John 3:16 is the only Bible verse worth knowing.
All of the above.

9. Women who decline to engage in which of the following are damned by the sin of Eve?

None of the above. The curse of Eve is a myth.
Having children.
Confession of sins.

10. People who experience which of the following cannot experience God's love?

Nothing. All people can experience God's love.
Low self-esteem.
Pleasures of the flesh.

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