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Take this Bible quiz to test your knowledge of what the scriptures say about holiday Christmas traditions. Click here or below for answers.

1. What does the Bible say about those who set up and decorate Christmas trees in their homes?

A. Nothing. While the Bible speaks of the Lordís birth and many other joyous events, it does not dictate how we should celebrate them.
B. Christmas trees are the product of heathens.
C. Christmas trees gloriously celebrate the birth of Jesus, with the star on top symbolizing the road to his birth.
D. Christmas trees are a sign of life and thereby symbolize the everlasting love available to those who believe in Christ.

2. Is it OK to have holidays like Christmas, even though the Bible does not recognize them?

A. Yes. The fact that the Bible mandates certain days of celebration doesnít mean we canít add others.
B. No. We are not to worship particular days of the year, even if they reflect a significant event.
C. No. We may celebrate only what God tells us to celebrate.
D. B and C.

3. Is it OK to practice secular Christmas traditions (like visiting Santa, hanging up stockings and giving away fruit cake)?

A.Yes. The Bible may tell us what to celebrate but it doesnít tell us how we are to celebrate.
B.Yes, so long as we follow up these traditions with an obligatory animal sacrifice.
C. No. We are to engage in no secular celebration, no matter how seemingly innocuous.
D. None of the above.

4. Was Jesus really born on December 25th?

A. Yes. Christians wouldnít celebrate Christmas if it didnít exactly match our Saviorís birth, as described in the KJV 1611 Holy Bible.
B. Yes, though perhaps not exactly. That date may be one or two days off, but it is the closest we can come to accuracy based on the Bibleís words.
C. No. We celebrate the birth then, but Jesus was actually born on January 1st, which is why we began counting the A.D. years, and even days, with that date.
D. No. In fact, Jesus wasnít even born during the winter.

5. Is the giving of gifts, as the wise men did, an appropriate way to celebrate Christmas?

A. Certainly. Exchanging gifts reveals the importance we place on The Christ childís birth.
B. No. Material gifts are of no value at all.
C. No. And the wise men didnít give gifts on Christmas. They gave gifts many days after the Baby Jesus was born.
D. B and C.

6. Is Santa Claus a creation of the pagans, designed to replace Jesus in our minds?

A. Of course, not. Santa is a harmless fictional man, conjured up by early corporations to increase holiday sales.
B. Yes. The pagans gave Santa red clothes and white hair, and had him pass out gifts, to make him like Jesus.
C. Yes. The pagans made Santa omniscient (he knows everyone who has been bad), omnipresent (he can visit every home in the world in a night) and omnipotent (he can deliver over a billion presents in a few hours), to make him like Jesus.
D. B and C.




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