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Jesus Will Roast Unsaved Children In Hell For Celebrating Christmas Without His Permission!

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I'm sure all you Godly folks sitting in this church today know how I feel about unsaved people celebrating Christmas! But do you know how God feels about it? Well, I'm just about to tell you.   It drives Him into a blood vessel popping, demon stomping rage!  Ever wonder why so many folks die horrible, painful deaths in November and December each year?  Well, now you know. The Lord kills them.  You see, when an unsaved child sits around the tree on Christmas morning – the same tree the baby Jesus played in front of when Mary and Joseph celebrated Christmas -- opening gifts - with each peel of the wrapper that little child is taking a whip to the Lord's back. And it pains Him so!  And the Lord doesn't just get angry, my friends!  – He gets even!

Because unsaved children don't deserve any gifts, much less gifts that celebrate a Savior their parents have denounced!  It's like the little tykes are going to a birthday party they weren't invited to and stealing all of the birthday boy's presents!  Now, some of you yellow-bellied New Age Christians who don't go to Landover and are listening to me on your fancy satellite might be thinking, "Oh, but Jesus loves the little children."  Well, I have news for you: just because a silly little song says something, don't make it so!  Jesus hates children who don't flatter Him and give Him His due.   In fact, the Lord gets so jealous when people don’t pay enough attention to Him that He even punishes little children for things their daddies might have done! (Exodus 20:5)

So my friends, if a 4-year-old's parents are unsaved, it is just like that little child himself spit in Jesus' eye.  It don't make a lick of difference to the Lord.  You doubt me?  Did the Lord go around asking little babies if they wanted to "opt out" of the Great Flood?  No sir!  He just went right ahead and drown them little kids!  God knows that sin is in the blood, and the only way to get rid of it, it to snuff out entire bloodlines.  He taught us that with the Great Flood, and people still snub their noses and refuse to learn that lesson!

As True Christians, we know from the Holy Bible that unsaved folks who celebrate Christmas are committing an unforgivable sin. That's the sin of Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (Matthew 12:31). Jesus teaches us that people who celebrate His birthday without getting His permission, are doomed to spend eternity in Hell. Even if someone who is rude enough crash Jesus’ birthday party chooses to accept Him as their personal Savior later in life, they still don't get to go to Heaven. They are condemned to Hell and Jesus tells us that there is nothing He, nor His Daddy, nor anyone else can ever do about it. That's a whole lot of folks on fire, ain't it? Oh Glory to God! You'd better believe that Hell is gonna be 1,000 times the size of Heaven!  Friends, God is still working on Hell. He's got lots of people to roast, and they are waiting in line!  Jesus promises us that He is going to pitch unsaved people into a "furnace of fire."  (Matthew 13:41-42).  You think the Nazis were the first ones to think of burning folks with furnaces?  No, my friend – the Lord is always one step ahead of the feeble efforts of mankind.

It might not make sense when we hear that God is going to interrupt little unsaved children from unwrapping gifts under the Christmas tree and hurl them into a pit of fire, but it's not for us to question how the Lord gets his kicks!

Since we know what God has in store for strangers who go around celebrating His birthday, it might be a good idea to show some Christian charity and do something to help them out before their fate is sealed. We already have True Christians who are lobbying Congress to put laws into effect that will prevent non-Christians from destroying their lives by celebrating Christmas. With new computer-credit-card domestic activity surveillance techniques put in place by our Bush administration, it has become a whole lot easier to track the purchase of gifts by nonbelievers. They should put these sorts of people in Jail, or fine them. Anything to deter them from making a mockery of God. It's for their own good!

I’d like to end here, my Godly friends - by calling on the Lord's privileged Christian children in this congregation, who hold this holiday so dear, to stand up and do something wonderful for Jesus!  I will offer as a Christmas reward present, this brand new 12-guage Remington Shotgun, to the Junior High youth who reports to the Landover Baptist Police Department, the names and addresses of the most unsaved school chums they hear talking about getting Christmas presents, but have not accepted Jesus Christ as their personal playmate.  I’m going to keep this shotgun right here, on the edge of the baptismal pool until next week, when we get the final tally from Deacon Chief O’Neil.  The gun will then be given to the mother of the child who will wrap it, and place it with other gifts around the tree on Sunday Morning with a little note that says, “Merry Christmas, And Fine Shooting, From Your Best Friend, Jesus Christ.”








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