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 ~ Fiction vs. Fact:

An Evil White Bunny vs. A Cloud-Dwelling Zombie?
Whose Side Are You On?

Important Action Alerts, Tips, and Articles to Help True Christian™ Families Fight Lucifer's Subtle Takeover of the Most Sacred Religious Holiday!

The True Nature of the Easter Bunny!Easter Bunny Stew Recipe
"I mean to tell you, this is one tasty stew worth rising from the dead for!  You can fix this crowd-pleaser in a snap, a snap that starts when you snap the neck of a cute little fuzzy bunny rabbit..."
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Easter Bunny Bludgeoned to Death Before Cheering Crowd of Christian Youngsters
"You dirty old  fuzzy demon!" Pastor yelled. He then held the rabbit by its hind legs and swung it against the wall of the now burning shed, thrashing its head repeatedly. After another eight minutes of crazed swirling...
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Unsaved Children Nearly Egged to Death in Annual Easter Bunny Slaughter
“I screamed at the students to stop the egging, but they were oblivious,” noted Mrs. Pilate. “They had this glazed look in their eyes and kept throwing. We had been reading the Book of Leviticus earlier...
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The Easter Bunny Did Not Die for Your Sins! (Free Downloadable Easter Card)
Do not be deceived by the Easter Bunny!  The Holy Bible clearly states that rabbits are unclean. "They cheweth their cud but divideth not their hoof." (Leviticus 11:6)...
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Children Will be Dragged by Their Necks Into the Church Parking Lot on Easter Sunday
It was brought to my attention that a whole passel of unsaved, little secular hooligans thought they could spend Easter morning gorging on Cadbury's marshmallow bunnies, looking for hardboiled eggs dipped in homosexually inspired colors and...
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Passion For the Popcorn and the Christ!
I want you to print out these flyers and nail them to the doors of unsaved family homes with the same authentic replica gold-plated 9-Inch-Nails that the mean old hairy Jews...
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Unsaved Unwelcome, Even on Easter Sunday!
If an unsaved person thinks they can spend the whole year having fun at God's expense and tiptoe into our Bible believing church on Easter Sunday morning thinking that everything is just a-ok with Jesus, they are in for a big surprise! ...
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Paint Your Easter Eggs With Arab Blood!
As our True Christian™ President, George W. Bush hastens to move pieces of Bible prophecy into place to finish the Apocalyptic puzzle, it brings a tear of joy...
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