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Richardo Frezno's Christian Hypnotism Ministry

Richardo's ministry has actually been around for nearly 10 years, Church Authority  just didn't recognize it as a ministry until we realized how many souls Richardo was responsible for winning.  As a Christian Hypnotist and Nightclub Entertainer, Richardo has a fantastic opportunity to minister to the secular world in a unique way.  His charming personality and good looks have attracted young teenage gals and lonely housewives from as far east as Saigon and as far west as the Southern Foothills of New Jersey.  His ministry is classified by many as a Godly 'sneak attack.'  Richardo's nightclub act lures in the crowds.  When he has them wooing him and they are under his suave spell of sexual energy and erotic mystique.. he uses the gift of hypnosis on the crowd.  Now, being a Christian hypnotist, and having an entire crowd under your control.. what would you do?  You guessed it, he leads them to the Lord! What a joy it is to hear the entire crowd accept The Four Spiritual Laws in unison.  This ministry's potential is mind blowing! Richardo has literally led thousands to the Lord through his Charms! 97% of which are women!  Mr. Frezno is also hard at work on his latest book - A Guide to Missionary Dating.  The idea for the book came from attending a Josh MacDowel crusade called "Why Wait."  Richardo's expertise and knowledge in multi-cultural sexual scenarios have given him a 'burden.'  His burden is for the souls of attractive females.  We are very excited about his upcoming book on Missionary Dating.  An awful lot of folks are getting tired of dating within the body.. and want to take advantage of missionary dating before they reluctantly become 'equally yoked.'  

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