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Post Communion Party Ministry

This controversial but effective ministry was conceived by our Irish brother, Associate Pastor John Clunas.  His heart for ministry lies in the lost brothers and sisters who are caught up in the 'Mother Church' as he calls it.  In his own words ".. when I left the Catholic Church.. I not only left behind a good excuse to drink.. but I left behind some dear lads and lassies that I would love to see again and .. er.. I .. mean love to see come over to the side of the Protestants.. specifically the fundamentalist baptists.  That is why I have proposed to start a communion night party.. It will be held after the official communion service and take place in the downstairs fellowship hall.  There will be live music and Irish drinking songs.. alcohol will be served to attract the catholics within our community.. and I will tell you this, You can have all you want to drink.. and the ladies get in free.. And I have a good supply of fifty year old bottles of hooch.. and I will challenge a priest each evening to drink me under the pew.."  Because of Rev. Clunas' ability to hold extensive amounts of liquor and his "on fire" heart for the lost brothers and sisters in the Catholic Church.. this ministry has been one of our more successful ones.  Each friday night we have a turn out of at least eight hundred folks.. one week of church tithe goes into buying the alcohol and paying the band and bartenders.. but the results are too overwhelming for us to think about stopping for any question of morality.  Be assured that anyone under twenty-one is carded in the Sanctuary even before the official communion service.  We also run a raffle alongside the Post Communion Party.. that attracts some of the folks from the secular fire halls where they would otherwise be whiling away their time with bingo.  

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