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Homosexual Outreach Ministry Operation

Our outreach to the gay community was started in the year 1991.  We sent a young man from our congregation as an emmisary of sorts to infiltrate the gay culture of San Francisco.  His name was Bobby.  It was there on the perilous streets of San Francisco on a bright November afternoon that young Bobby met Adam (a confessed homosexual and drug addict), Steve (a male prostitute and ex-catholic), and 'The Boss" (one of  the most powerful male pimping agents in the Bay area).  It was in a Starbuck's Coffee House where he shared the good news to them  in the form of a gospel tract called: 'Don't bend over to pick up the Soap.'  He prayed with all three men that day. The result was a chain reaction within the community. Hundreds of sensitive young men and boys were swarming to hear the good news.  Landover Baptist Church reacted by sending immediate funds to erect what would be later known as the largest church for homosexual men in San Francisco.  Bobby was a straight boy when he left us in 1991, but by the time he returned to us he was a full blown homosexual. After counciling with Pastor Vince De'Angelo and some treatment from Dr. Jonathan Edwards.. Bobby's sexual preferences seemed to be in order.  We returned him to SanFrancisco where the ministry is left in his hands. He returns to visit Landover Baptist in Freehold Iowa every three years for fundraising and rehabilitation.  We are not one hundred percent sure what is actually going on there in San Francisco, but we are proud to say that we have an outreach there to the Gay Community 

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