Landover Baptist Mail Received December  2001  (unedited and in original form)

You people are full of "CRAP" Santa is a "Good GUY", Ever see the commercial, where Santa is falling all over the tree, the toys, etc, Then sees the "Nativity Scene: & falls to hi knees & prays, & is very "Reverent" It's presented by a "Baptist Church" on TV. I used to be a Southern Baptist, Then a "Latter-Day Saint" Now a Minister in the Non-Denominational Church, ULC, Headquarters Calif, over 4 Million Members, & I have been to "North Pole, Alaska, 1960-62, outside of
Fairbanks, & "I BELIEVE IN SANTA" PS I'm 61 Years Old. Don;t put out such "Bull Crap"  Do something Positive for "a change".

Bob Gwin, Tulsa,

Who may I contact regarding the Santa is Satan article?  Is this someone in your ministry?


After looking over your website, I am not too astonished to realize that your form of Christian fundamentalism is in many ways no different than the Taliban's form of Islamic fundamentalism.

I would be more than happy to burn in hell than to accept the idiotic beliefs that you folks profess.

I'm also very happy that folks like you are a very small minority in America. But you have every right to believe the way you do. But if you try to force your beliefs on people, then you deserve to burn in hell in the same fashion as you accuse others to do so because they don't accept your childish, blind form of Christian fundamentalism.


Um.. I'm 17 years old. And I don't know a whole lot about the world.. but YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK! WHo in the hell do you think you are? Saying that an illegal immigrant who hasn't bathed is unsaved? You are the most narrow-minded bastards I have ever come across in my life. You discriminatory perverts. I have never been so glad to live in America in my entire life. A place where I'm free to be Pagan and not have to worry about the likes of prejudice people like you. You sicken me and everyone else I know. You people will regret treating humanity like that.

-Isilika Ankh- 
 -KiLLeRs ArE QuiET-
|when they come from my head|

Hello, I am also a fundamental independent Baptist....I was looking at your site.....I don't understand your banner. The unsaved are NOT welcome? Where do you suggest they go? I thank God Almighty my church did not have the same attitude towards me 3 years ago! Or I would not have been allowed to come in a hear the Gospel! I would have lived an unsaved life and gone to Hell when I die! What is a church for but to share the Gospel with the unsaved? (besides fellowship and spiritual growth?) Jesus says to Love those who hate you....Where's the love? Jesus has his arms open wide for all those who seek him.....why is your church sitting there with your arms closed? People are lost and you are telling them they are not welcome there? If you can't go to church when you are lost and looking for answers? where are you supposed to go? Into the hands of the Charismatic? Fundamentalists are hard to come by these days and you are willing to run off new converts? God help you,

Robin Register

you have twisted so much scripture!!!! woe be unto you!!!! I pray God have mercy on your wretcehd souls!!!!!  by the way who gives you any right to tell anyone that they are going to hell!!!! one more thing, Jesus spent more time ministering to lost "sinners" than to "self righteous saved people".  what is the point of having a church if your only going to let in your group of people who think their saved in???  I've got one word to define that---CULT.  By the way, God has sent me on a mission to preach the WHOLE TRUTH  of his word, and to expose heresy and phariseeism such as this.  I leave you with some scripture you have forgotten, or maybe you tore these pages (along with many others) out of your Bible.  Matthew chapter 25.  I would give you specific verses, but you obviously need to read the whole thing.  Make sure you read verse 45 and 46 very carefully.  by the way, it's just the same in 1611 KJV, which is one of my favorite versions, but it's not the original Greek and Hebrew, which makes KJV only a translation like all the others.  One more thing, NO ONE is able to maintain righteousness in the site of God by what they do.  The Blood of Jesus saves you and continually makes you righteous and blameless in God's eyes.  Nothing that I have done or not done or wear or don't wear makes me deserve his salvation or his sanctification.  It is a free gift.

Again, I pray God have mercy on you and that your blind eyes be opened and the lies you have believed exposed.

a warrior for Christ.

what is with the The Bed-Wetting Sissy? Nancy Boy Chrissy? you people are way off base and really logically should be ashamed of yourselves. May God help you...........I pray for you and your souls.
James Castro 

To Whom It May Concern:

I have just a small question. On the White House’s homepage it is written that your church is “God’s favourite church”, what certain qualifications does your church have that makes God favouring your church above all others? And who did God tell this? I can’t find any support for anything like that in the scripture.

Grateful for answer

Katrine Gullersbo

Your internet site makes me want to puke!

How the hell can you claim to be the chosen people of a god?

If this tragedy you call a web site is serious? You need a lot of help.

I don;t think that is jesus were here today you would be his chosen people to hang out with. Your ignorance would be enough to make him turn and run from you "saved few". Get it together.

All this site is doing is spreading hate and misleading people who are looking for a place to fit in. But the catch is if a person wants to be saved he has to purchase the salvation. How in the world do you sleep at night?

I have never heard such a load of shit in my life remotely close to what you are sputtering off.

Why don't you just admit this whole thing is no more than a business venture hiding behind the face of religion.

And the way you pick on the minority groups is just fucked!

First of all a negro does not like to be called colored. What is that shit? Colored could mean green, orange......Most blacks I know prefer to be called black or African American. Get it right! No matter what a persons race is they have the right to walk down the street with out some baptist or any other fundimentalist attacking him or her for being black, asian or what not.

And gay people do not choose to be gay. They are born that way. You can not go around saying that a person being a homosexual is a hobby. Fishing, paintinng and things like that are hobbies. A persons sexual orientation is a part of them. You might be able to brain wash a few into what you want the world to be like, but answer this one. How many of your so called reformed gays are sneaking around and driving the old stick shift while your not looking. I bet it's a high number.

I can give you a good example what you ways of thinking turn out into the world.

I am friends with this guy for a while who turned out to be a homosexual. The way this fit in is that he also grew up in a baptist home. Verry strict rules were inforced in his home. His parents had a lot of the same screwed up ideas that you babble off like you know what the worlds troubles are. Get real! Shit like this web site contributes to peoples problems more than it heals.

But back to my friend. He has it in his head that he can change his sexual preference because one of your yahoo Pastors/Cold hearted good ole boys told him he could change and alter the choice he made to be gay.

When he came to me and told me this I was furious.People do not choose to be gay. Have you ever thought that it could be a part of the natural order? What this pastor did was cause a serious meltdown for this person. He now instead of having a healthy relationship with sombody is going out and meeting people in parks and other places for meaningless sexual romps while he plays the part of the straight man to keep the church happy. But he himself is a total mess inside. Not to mention the dangerous behavior he is paticipating in. The pastor who told him being gay was wrong really helped his situation. All your wonderful church did for him was cause more confussion for this man. Great job guys.

It makes not a bit of diference to you that your cult is screwing up peoples heads as long as you bring in that all mighty dollar.

So what is salvation going for these days? Personaly I would just as well rather walk down to the corner and buy a bum a meal before I would send you a cent. I hope a few more people see you for the joke you are. Your whole world is just sickening. You know nothing about loving your fellow man. This site has proven that much. You people are the ones that should be drowning in shame right now. Not the gay, jews or any othe minority. This whole thing didn't work out too well for Hitler if you have read your history books. The Nazi thing is just not happening anymore. Not if a person has any brains.

And just remember, if Jesus were here today he would more than likely laugh in your face. I know the rest of us find a lot to joke about when we think about your kind.

Have a nice life and enjoy spreading that beautiful hate you bring.

Also go ahead and post this if you feel the need. I plan to post on my site as well. This version. Not the edited joke you will post.

Paul Sharp 

Dear Sirs:........I say sirs, because after reading from your website, I am lead to believe that women had nothing to do with this!  I came across your website purely by accident and began to read about how Santa is a drunken homeless child molester reeking of urine and alcohol. I then followed some of your links.......truly amazed I might add that such "Christians" would pass judgement on the unsaved.......isn't the work of a Christian to spread the word of God and help the less fortunate? Become saved and go out to buy a suit and tie or a new dress...........what about the poor man or woman who accepts Christ as their savior, but cannot afford to purchase these material things? Does your church purchase these material items for these people? It is apparent that your church is rich financially........and to think that a childs bed wetting is caused by homosexual tendencies..........I just really can't believe that anyone......christian or not would think this........please enlighten me!
Genni Buie 

funny you bitch about our war on terrorism,and say it is a "war against the wrong god"as if it is a christian crusade.did any of your friends die in the wtc bombing?was the little old lady in connecticut who died of anthrax your grandmother?she was somebodies grandmother.i'd be mad as hell if my granny died from an anthrax letter.i had a friend who was on the very floor the plane crashed into.and i have a blackbelt in kenpo karate.i hope to meet you some day.dont bore me with a reply to this e-mail

david john rambo 

I am a Christian woman that loves the Lord Jesus with all my heart and it greived me to find your site for what you have on there and your claims absolutely shocked wonder the lost sometimes run from Jesus and certainly dont show God's love in your claims and the paraphernalia you sell..I am sick at heart at your display of lack of love. Shame on do you sleep at night knowing you treat people with such a lack of love and respect? Where is the conviction of the Holy Spirit in your lives? Apparently it is lacking in a big way..I love you as my brothers and sisters but I hate what you are doing in coindeming & damming others, a big ZERO  when it comes to loving others. You were once yourselves lost...try to remember are forgiven but certainly you must remember that you wernt always covered by the blood of Jesus, you too were on your way to hell...the difference between us the saved and them, the unsaved is... FORGIVENESS!! I believe in one Judge, the Almighty Himself. God is LOVE....where is the LOVE?

Sincerely in Christ,

joy  Linda

"Merry Christmas to all who are saved!  If you are unsaved, please leave.  You are not welcome here."

Wow.  That's an amazing message.  How do people become saved?  By being unwelcome in Church??  Or by being welcomed and accepted in Church and seeing love of God and wanting to be a part of it and accepting Jesus?  I know I wasn't saved when I started going to church, but I am now.  Wonder how that happened.  By not going to church?  No.  Because when I began attending church, I was accepted and welcomed and loved.  I realized I needed that love in my life, and I accepted Jesus as my savior.  I think your statement is the saddest thing I've heard from a church.  I pray for all the people who have been exposed to such things, I pray they can look beyond that to the true message of love that Christianity should stand for.  I pray that they have the courage to continue to search for God, and are not turned away by you.  I pray that you find love, find Jesus, and read that book you undoubtebly swing around at! people.  It's got a message of love and compassion and mercy that is undeniable.

Lacy Syverson 

you are wrong santa claus is real and he is not satan. santa claus has been believed as a nice jolly fat person for over one million years. some kids i know have been to this page and now they don't believe any more. Santa Claus is not ruining Christmas But this web page is! Santa Calus is real for your information, becuase on a website i saw a NICE picture of him and a sweet little girl. well hope you all are happy to hear that you have ruined some childrens belif! well bye now(santa +satan =whatever) your friend catherine:(

yea whatever!  Happy Birthday Ricky!  Yo amo tu!

What a completely offensive of the purest forms of ignorance I have seen in a long, long, time...
Gee...I wonder how much money you rake in from your supporters...probably well beyond their means.
Gee...I wonder how much you give back.
Gee...I wonder if God truly does talk to you, or if it's your own guilt in disguise for the unclean thoughts you may have each and every day.
Gee...I wonder what Jesus would think of you.  No one should be "unwelcome", saved or unsaved.  You're no better than any one else, though in your arrogance  you believe you are.
Gee...I bet you've never had the priviledge of hearing a whisper from God.  You're too busy invoking your own judgement on all who don't see things as you do.
Gee...I bet you tear the hearts out of your children when they behave in a natural, curious way...destined to grow up repressed, angry, confused and insecure.
Gee...I'm sure you're the "Christians" that use a lower-case "c"
You're not saved, you're drowning in your own sin and don't know how to fix it, so you condemn the world...and pull in others to validate your cause.
God isn't very happy with your form of's been twisted and distorted...and used in a violating manner.  He is quite unhappy and has some pretty great plans for you all.

I was recently traveling throughout the internet to find you exactly which cretins were once again burning books, when I cam across your inspiring web-site. How do you still have followers? Your ignorance does not ceast to astound me.   Let's Begin with your "Literal Translation" of Livin' La Vida Loca,  Not to burst your bubble, But this does not translate out to Livin' For The Devil.  It translates out to Living The Crazy Life.  If you had any common sense in your head, you could pick up a spanish dictionary, and translate this without effort.  Just for reference might want to write this in your nearest note book, The spanish word for devil, is Diablo.  Not Vida loca.  On to your book burning.  I never truly had a problem with the church of god until I cam upon your website.  But now your actions offend me.  The burning of books just goes to show your ignorance,  and having the gall to charge FINES when discovering that a member of your church might not have burned a book,  well that's not called catholicism my friend, that's called communism, and if that's what you're looking for, MOVE  TO CHINA, they'll love you there.  On to the subject of NSYNC,  Acid Rock? PLEASE say that was an error when you created this web site.  If you think NSYNC is acid rock, you a sorely misguided.  As far as 13-year olds commiting suicide.  I'll tell you what, It wasn't the music playing in the background that allowed that thirteen year old to get ahold of the implements needed to end her own life.  Where were her mother and Father.  What happened to the guidance coming from your god?  The biggest problem I have with your religion and it's followers is the fact, that if it doesn't create good PR for God, it must be bad,  let's ignore the fact that somehow these "good christian parents" didn't notice there child commiting suicide, and instead blame it on a band that calls attention away from god instead.  And my last topic.  Jar Jar, as a sexual idol.  Wow  I don't think I'm really gonna waste my time on that one, It's just to idiotic to stare at.  let alone write about.  I would love to here your opinions,  but before writing me back, do make sure you check your facts.

Always here

Jason Renda