Latin Lust

One of the Devil's favorite ways to corrupt a soul is through music. The Bible tells us that Lucifer was an angel of light. It was he that sat by  God's side, and strummed a sacred guitar before legions of angels. It was he who was in charge of organizing Heaven's Hymnals. But he fell from Glory, and since that fateful day he has been nothing but a boil on the backside of every God fearing American Citizen in this country. As Christians we need to keep our eyes peeled open for the Devil's next move. He's a slick one, but for the Christ-centered man, he's easy to catch. Recently, Satan has begun to raise the stakes in the Holy Culture War in which we are currently engaged. 

Ricky Martin is the Devil's latest innocent-appearing way to sidetrack the faithful-- and one that has possibly already snuck into your home uninvited.  Ricky Martin's latest song, 'Living La Vida Loca' (Landover linguists translate this as 'Livin' for the Devil' in God's English), is causing young girls to have sex and get pregnant at the age of 10! This latin heart throb recently dedicated his life to Satan.  Recent reports indicate that he puts a banana in his pants when he goes onstage. Young, impressionable teenage girls are then intoxicated with a frightening, Satanic frenzy. He has people staying up all hours of the night dancing, and sleeping in until noon! This ring leader of immorality was blessed by the Pope himself! The pope called him an angel! We know that Mr. Martin is nothing more than the Devil's superstar, a recruiter for Satan's army. After compromising his artistic integrity by leaving a satanic children's music group, "Menudo," (which translates roughly to "pig intestines cooked up in a soup as an offering to Satan"), he hatched a devil's plan of unparalleled scope: he is orchestrating a sexually motivated invasion on the Protestant morality that has kept  this Nation intact for nearly 300 years! The invasion of the Beatles was a tiny threat compared to this one! 

Racism is when someone knowingly and willfully does try to destroy a God ordained nation! This  sex-worshipping maniac is truly guilty of racism! He does the devil's work by twisting God's country into a model of his own polluted Sodom. We have seen what his influence has done to the young people in Mexico and we don't care to have it done to America's youth. The Devil has placed members of his hate cult in the highest parts of our liberal, unholy government and entertainment industry! Here, they brood and hatch plans amongst their own kind. 

This is a wake up call for all of America! We need to stop these racists. Write to your local congressmen. Tell them we true Christian Americans will not sit idly by for the Browning of America!!

This parody is copyright 2000  Americhrist Ltd. All rights reserved.