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The Landover Baptist PulpitHAITI: Where Will the Lord Strike Next? Pastor Deacon Fred examines the Earthquake in Haiti from a Biblical perspective!

Miscarriage is Murder! Brother Harry declares March as National Miscarriage Mourning Month!

Tiger Woods: Philanderer and Christian Basher! Brother Harry tells the congregation that Tiger Woods should stop looking for holes off the golf course.

Black History Month Sermon Pastor Deacon Fred warns church members of the dangers in celebrating anything to do with the descendents of Ham - a race given unto eternal servitude by God's Holy power!

The Death of Ted Kennedy: Hell's Open-Ended Production of Camelot Completes Its Casting! Brother Harry leads church members with a sermon celebrating the end of one of America's most despicable legacies.

A Triple Whammy: Hispanic, Homosexual and Hag! Brother Harry preaches on the latest Supreme Court appointee: Sonia Sotomayor.

How Do Folks Get Saved if They Are Not Permitted to Attend Our Church? If an unsaved person thinks they can spend the whole year having fun at God's expense and tiptoe into our Bible believing church on Easter Sunday morning thinking that everything is just a-ok with Jesus, they are in for a big surprise!

Jesus Was Not A Sissy. He Hates Sinners As Much As His Daddy! Brother Harry Hardwick takes us on a tour of the New Testament. He points out the words of Christ that most folks are too chicken to read!

Allah Is Not God! Pastor Deacon Fred explains that the word "Allah" really means "Moon" and that Muslim people are actually praying to the moon without even knowing it.

Apocalypse Now! Vote Bush Brother Harry Hardwick announces with a cheerful heart that the end of the world is right around the corner.

Why Do Catholics Worship Mary? Pastor Deacon Fred uses scripture to show that Catholics are nothing more than glorified Pagans who get marital advice from skirt-wearing pedophiles.

Being A Christian Is Easy As Pie! Brother Harry Hardwick explains that you really don't have to do anything at all, after you get saved, except sit around and wait for Jesus to come back.

Do You Have Demons In Your Colon? Pastor Deacon Fred offers an old fashioned solution to an age old problem. Also available in Real Audio Format.

VEGANS: Modern Day Witches! Brother Harry Hardwick warns us that modern day witches walk amongst us! Witches have learned a lot since the days of the Puritans. They’ve had to go undercover in their efforts to recruit the weak-willed to the service of their master in Hell.

Just Because God Loves To Kill Babies, Doesn't Give You Permission! Brother Harry Hardwick preaches directly out of the Bible on the subject of abortion.

I Cant' Wait To See People Burn In Hell Pastor Deacon Fred encourages church members by revealing God's promise for patient Christians, that is - to let them view from the comforts of Heaven, the greatest barbecue ever thrown - Hell!"

Alabama May Be the Champ, But Colt McCoy is God's Winner! Brother Harry preaches on the direct relationship between success on the football field and success in one's walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Right to Be Homo: One Giant Leap Down the Slippery Slope to Armageddon! Brother Harry Hardwick teaches us that the latest Supreme Court decision to allow homos to hump in public is only one more sign that the end times are surely upon us.

There Is No Room in Heaven For Hermaphrodites! Pastor Deacon Fred preaches on a word not found in the Bible, or in Heaven!

Alabama: A Preview of the Glories of a Christian America! Brother Harry Hardwick explains that while the rest of the country (save Freehold, Iowa) remains mired in liberal nonsense about democracy, Alabama is WAY ahead of the times!

Pastor Deacon Fred Leads 3,000 Atheists to Christ During Godless March on Washington! Learn how to lead the most difficult people in the world to Jesus. Read Pastor's sermon and watch the CNN video footage. Pastor Deacon Fred is so effectively filled with the Holy Ghost that unsaved people fall flat on their faces and give their lives to Christ just by hearing him sneeze. Glory!

She's White; Kobe's Black. Case Closed!  "The bottom line is that Coby Bryant, the boy, is black as night, and the girl is as white as Rush Limbaugh’s inner thigh," says Brother Hardwick.

Derrick Todd Lee: Murderer or Martyr Brother Harry Hardwick opens up the Bible and finds that convicted murderer Derrick Todd Lee, may have been working as an agent of God to punish women for working outside the home.

SARS: God's New Weapon of Mass Destruction God used to wipe out entire races of people without warning, burning whole towns of perverts, killing off an entire nation of first-borns.  He even drown every breathing human on land, born or unborn. Brother Hardwick teaches us that SARS is evidence that "the old God" is back!

Will Jesus Sling Little Children Into Hell For Celebrating Halloween?  Pastor Deacon Fred teaches us that "Quite frankly, the answer is absolutely YES!"

Why Do Chinese People Talk Funny? Pastor Deacon Fred teaches us that the Bible not only explains where different races of people came from, it also teaches us why they all speak different languages. So take your college diploma off the wall and throw it in the trash, Mr. Scientist!

From the Tower of Babel to Shuttle Demise: God Doesn't Want Jews Anywhere Near His Home Brother Hardwick challenges us to gain a better understanding of why God is always killing Jewish folks who try to find a way into Heaven without Jesus.

Prepare "Goodbyes" For Your Catholic Friends, For They Won't Be Joining Us in the Hereafter! Brother Harry Hardwick explains why Jesus doesn't like people who pray to his Mother, count beads, and insist on getting their spiritual advice from pedophiles.

Suffer Not A Witch To Live! Pastor Deacon Fred has a pretty good idea about who is responsible for the recent events that shook our once proud Christian Nation.

The Time For Family Values Is Over! Brother Hardwick challenges us with Jesus' message to separate ourselves from our relatives and overtly reject them and send them away.

Chances Are, You And Your Family Will Wind Up In Hell Brother Hardwick tells us that when we review the Bible in context, just about everyone is going to Hell.

A Demoncrat Senate? Brother Harry Hardwick preaches on the End Times.

Is There Really Any Difference Between Deuteronomy Mandated Stoning In The Promised Land And Pistol Whipping In Wyoming? Brother Harry Hardwick shows us that the sympathy for Sodomites like Matthew Shepard by people claiming to be Christians or Jews the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Multiple Personality Salvation Disorder:  Dr. Edwin Thorndike explores the popular notion that an individual with multiple personalities might end up in Hell if an unsaved personality is manifest at the point of death.

Pre, Post, and Mid Umbilicism:  Dr. Fred Neiman explains the three popular views regarding the appearance of Adam's navel. Was it formed before, during, or after his fall?

Occult Practices In the Modern Church:  Dr. Rev. H.R. Stone tackles popular cults like Catholicism, Presbyterianism, Mormonism, Lutheranism, Satanism, and Methodistism.

Paint Your Easter Eggs With Arab Blood! Pastor Deacon Fred delivers a soul stirring Easter message that celebrates our American Christian Freedom!

Should Unsaved People Be Allowed to Celebrate Christmas? Pastor Deacon Fred explains, "Sure, if they want to go straight to Hell, let them go right ahead and celebrate Jesus' birthday party without getting His permission!

Did the Travoltas Murder Their Son and Send Him to Hell? Brother Harry Hardwick delivers a soul-stirring Sunrise Sermon to a congregation eager to learn more about the false cult of Scientology.



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