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Did the Travoltas Murder Their Son and Send Him to Hell?

Sunrise Sermon by Brother Harry Hardwick

Remember John Travolta, originally a mafioso who started his career as a juvenile delinquent in “Welcome Back, Kotter” and is now reduced to playing obese white women in racially divisive films like “Hairspray”? Seeing an advertisement for that movie on Fox News, I couldn’t help but chuckle that his harsh facial features made him look even uglier in that role, as he violated God’s edict that neither gender ever don the clothes of the other, a commandment that ensures the eternal demise of Travolta, Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes on the men’s side and Ellen, Avril Levigne and Diane Keaton on the women’s, to name but a few (not that there aren’t plenty of other sins to condemn that group without reliance on Deuternomy 22:5).

Like most closeted homosexual actors, Travolta turned his life over to Scientology, a so-called religious faith that has always managed to find beautiful wives of convenience for its most prominent homos. L. Ron Hubbard’s “religion” has no use for God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit (unless any of those Deities happen to show up at a meeting one day with wads of cash in tow). The so-called “faith” believes that its members are reincarnated and are actually aliens of other worlds who have been imprisoned in the bodies they have on here on earth. Frankly, friends, I continue to be amazed at the secular (a/k/a Satanic) world’s condemnation of our faith as unreasonable just because of the creation in seven days, forbidden fruit, serpent Satan, Fall from Grace, ark and flooding and Virgin Birth stories. Our religion should be more palatable to even the most hardened Satanic scientist than this tale of kidnapped E.T.s who all just happened to convert to the same religion and use it to deflect never-ending inquiries into their sexual orientation.

To their credit, the “aliens in human costumes” don’t believe in using medicine and other manmade creations to combat human suffering. In fact, they don’t believe in mental illness at all. Those who suffer from illnesses of the brain or psyche are “degraded beings.” Scientologists believe such ailments can be cured by focusing more on Scientology beliefs (which, I presume, involves watching more episodes of “Alf”). The platinum tithers among you, who are the only church members allowed full access to satellite TV, may remember Travolta’s brother in Scientology and sodomy, Tom Cruise, condemning that hopeless harlot, Brooke Shields for using anti-depressants to treat post-partum depression. While we share anyone’s criticism of man’s attempt to challenge God’s will in afflicting bad people with disease, I, for one, think an exception should be made in Cruise’s case. He has gone to incredible lengths to convince us all that there is a hetero somewhere within him just itching to break free. His campaign included epileptic antics on Oprah’s couch that suggest that, without medication, he is a danger to himself and others.

This past Friday, Travolta’s 16-year-old son, Jett (apparently, the Travoltas consult the Palins before naming their children) croaked. He was suffering one of the seizures he’s had for years and collapsed at a retreat in the Bahamas. Immediately, the worldly media began reporting a scandal. Jett was a long-time sufferer of autism, they said. Because autism is deemed one of the diseases of the mind, which Scientologists believe characterize only “degraded beings,” the Travoltas have long denied reports of autism and claimed instead that Jett suffered from Kawasaki Disease, which presumably was first discovered in a Japanese motorcyclist who crashed without a helmet. The problem for the Travoltas is that Kawasaki Disease generally afflicts children much younger than Jett and simply does not cause seizures. Plus, there is that pesky fact that Jett apparently went to the bathroom at 10 p.m. Thursday and was supposedly not discovered dead until 10 a.m. Friday. Did the parents deny him medical care even after he injured his head? Perhaps they were waiting for the mother ship to return and whisk them off the planet.

Frankly, I refuse to buy into any conspiracy theories because they're meaningless. Whether they killed him or not, the couple is culpable of a much more serious crime than murder: they raised their son to be a member of a cult rather than a follower of Jesus Christ. Even if you live to be 100, the life you have on earth is but a nanosecond of eternity. Ensuring that your child spends forever in flames is the cruelest of crimes. When any Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics and other cultists brainwash their children into believing the nonsense that is their “faiths,” they are guilty of the worst form of child abuse. And if a child’s death is in any way connected to one of those “religions” or its beliefs, the parents are guilty of reckless homicide. Here, the Travoltas caused their son to suffer a fate far worse than death -- eternal torture. For that, they deserve a good-old fashioned stoning, so they can experience for a brief period what Jett will experience forever.







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