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Harry Hardwick vs. The Infidel Guy Part II
Pastor Deacon Fred (The Lost Interview) 

Brother Harry Hardwick vs. The Infidel Guy 1 hour interview!
Pastor Deacon Fred Saves Atheists At Their Own Convention! (Audio)
Pastor Deacon Fred on CSPAN - Godless March on Washington (Video)
Pastor Deacon Fred: Demons In Your Colon?
Pope John Paul II Barely Intelligible Reception of Vatican City Broadcast

MP3 Files

New> The Sons of Noah Sailed to Mexico!
How to Trap a Live Wiccan

What To Do With a Wiccan One You've Caught One
Wiccans Are Serving Satan, Whether They Believe it or Not!
Halloween is the Devil's Birthday!
Sweet, Sweet Moses (With the Landover Baptist Tenors)
My Best Friend's Name is Jesus

You Homosexual Boys!

Wav Files

Scientists Is Stupid!
The Mess You Are In!

Injun Free Thanksgiving

The Situation Room

A Piece of Jesus


Don't Let Them Homosexshurals See Your Winky!

Chop off your head with the Sword of the Lord!
That old man is not Baby Jesus -Pastor Muhutma
What Part of the Word Unsaved?
We Gonna Kick Satan In The Butt!
Rev. Wilkins sings "Well Glory!"
Shoo! Demon!
I Rebuke You!
Homosexual Trespasser!
Top Secret Communion! The Pope on Audio!
Sweet Moses on the Mountain!
Pastor Wilkins tells us to be not 'afeared!'

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