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A Triple Whammy: Hispanic, Homo, Hag!

Wednesday Night Sermon by Brother Harry Hardwick

Sonia Sotomayer - A Christian Perspective"Does Obama have no shame? First, he turns our country into a socialist state by stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from the rich to give to welfare queens and union benefits kings, with the laughable claim that they will actually go back to their menial labor if stimulus money is used to buy them enough fried chicken and cigarettes!  Someone say enough is enough!  But it isn't! Then, he tries to turn the most important court in the land into an affirmative action experiment to shore up as many votes as he can to perpetuate his already failed presidency.  Fellow Christians, this is all just a transparent ruse to ensure that the next time the Supreme Court unilaterally jumps into an election, to choose the candidate from whatever party has the majority of justices in its pocket, they will pick Mr. Obama!

Today, Mr. Obama nominated a Puerto Rican lesbian, what I like to call, a Lesbo'Rican!  You heard right! The washed up old hag is appointed to replace New England homo David Souter as a justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. How dare that Kenyan turn the highest court into his playpen! He must know that being the final arbiter of the law requires a lot more intellect than pulling oranges off a tree branch! Who will he appoint next? A crippled Chinaman?

Lest there be any skepticism that Sonia Sotomayor (try guessing how to pronounce that surname) is a lesbo, think again. She's 54 years old and a spinster. She was married only once, while still in school. She and her husband had no children before they divorced. And she's been unmarried for 26 years. Unmarried for 26 YEARS!The evidence is clearer than if she had Muff Diver tattooed onto her teeny little, tight-skinned Hispanic forehead.

Of course, the colored guy, who panders to everyone except Rush, felt compelled to appoint a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered... whew! my tongue got tied up there, for a second!   Last I heard they were calling themselves, GLBT's.  No doubt because they want the children they target to be able to pronounce it correctly.  And when parents hear their kids' new teacher is a GLBT,  it just sounds like something they had for lunch that day. Mom and Dad roll their eyes and forget about it. The liberals have no shame!

But I digress, Obama must have felt compelled to appoint another one of this sort of so-called people to make the transition easier for the other judges. You see, that fellow, Souter was as queer as a tulip tree full of pink parrots twirling around to Barry Manilow singing show tunes! And it doesn't get any queerer than that, my friends!  The never-married Souter voted for the homosexuals in every case, so that we now live in a country so depraved, a precious unborn child's only shot at Constitutional rights is to pretend to be a damned homo! This plain island gal (let's face it fellows: when it comes to Puerto Rican beauty, Jennifer Lopez was a fluke) has already shown that she will kowtow to her own kind. She recently voted against a discrimination claim by Godly white firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut. These hard-working men were due for a promotion because they scored highest on a promotion exam.  But the city threw out the test results because few minorities scored well, and Sotomayor said the city had the right to do so.  In other words, if a bunch of stupid, lazy nonwhites can't cut it, an employer must continuously change the criteria for promotion until the do-nothings make it, despite their lack of credentials.  So if you are good at your job or test well, your days of employment are numbered!  What kind of a message is this to send to our young people?  What sort of future is this for America?

Brother Harry Hardwick, Associate PastorFriends, the truth of the matter is, Sonia Sotamayor is a Godless, hell-bound, Lesbo'Rican who is just itching to give your position (or next promotion!) to someone really brown and really stupid!

This is downright despicable. It would be one thing to nominate this Soto woman as chief White House cleaning lady.  But to name her as one of the most powerful judges in our Christian Nation demonstrates incompetence by the Negro residing in the formerly White House! We here at Landover Baptist Church join voices with conservative, Republican, Christian Americans like Rush Limbaugh and others, who are just as disgusted by racism as anyone else, but will not hesitate to speak the truth!  And that truth is, put a mop back in the hands of this old hag, get a net on her tiny little Hispanic head, and allow her access only to the bathrooms of the Supreme Court!  A-men!"

Please take your hymnals out to Hymn number 73 as we begin singing from the second stanza..." [end excerpt]









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