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Will Jesus Sling Little Children Into Hell For Celebrating Halloween?

A Word From Our Pastor

Click Here to LEARN EVEN MORE!Quite frankly, the answer is, absolutely yes! The Bible teaches us that Jesus Christ is very choosy when it comes to picking people to live with Him for eternity. Why else would He refer to His followers as the chosen people if He wasn't choosy? The fact that He initially chose the Jews, who, out of all the folks on the planet, were the ones who winded up killing Him, only underscores that the Lord has learned the hard way that it pays to be even more selective in picking folks to be nice to!  In fact, the Bible teaches us that Jesus and His daddy (Poppa God) are so darn picky that they are going to send anyone who isn't a Truly Saved® Christian, straight to Hell. That includes every single Buddhist, Muslim, Murderer, Jew, Fornicator, Mary Worshipper, Child Molester, Hindu, Effeminate Person, Wiccan, and Idolater. To God, it doesn't matter how much blood you get on you when you reject His Word; if you don't flatter Him, your flesh is going to burn, my friend. You know, we have an expression we use here in Iowa to describe unsaved and foreign folks.  We call them "trash that will not burn."  Well, while I find myself using that colorful expression often, usually in sermons, it is not really accurate.  Because those people who reject the Word are trash that WILL burn – burn in Hell!  And the lake of fire will probably have more of those buck-toothed Chinese people in it than anyone else, since there are more of them on the planet, and most of them can't put down their rice bowls long enough to even stop to hear about the Lord Jesus.

We are about to come upon the High Holy Day of the Catholic faith.  Mary Worshipers the world over are in a tizzy preparing for Halloween.  Well, "hallow" describes their souls – because the Lord Jesus has fled in disgust from their idolatrous, diseased bodies.  If you are a Truly Saved® Christian, the only way you can celebrate Halloween is if you turn it into Holyween. God is looking for Holyweeners, not Halloweeners.  If you'd like to find out how to become a Holyweener, follow our Ten Steps for Holyweeners. If you do, depending on what mood Jesus is in, he probably won't flay you alive in Hell like he is going to do to most of His children.  

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