Landover Baptist Mail Received September 2000 (unedited and in original form) UPDATED:  09/22/2000 -7:50PM EST

dear landover,  I am nothing more than a humbled servant of my lord Jesus Christ, son of the one and only true living god.  I just accidentaly stumbled onto your website and my mouth droped to the floor.  I can barley type I am so --how should I say this --dumbfounded by your ch.. ch.. chu..oh whatever it is. Take for instance the part where you submit how much a person tithed like they have hit a sales mark in Amway--I'm a Diamond because i gave 10,000,000.  But anyway I am sorry if i sound rude i just got shocked.    P.S.  I will pray for your souls tonight because I think Gods heart is breaking.

Gavin Henderson 

Where are you guys located And can I go through the "hell house"?

Curt Rice

I think that the anti Harry Potter page you have is immature and stupid. If Kids and Adults want to read Harry Potter, than let them read it. I've read the fourth book and it is complete an utter bull sh*t that Harry killed his parents with a nife. Harry Potter books are completly harmless. You are acting extreemly immature and childish. Harry Potter does not encourage the occult. The things in the books are so un realistic that 4 year olds can tell it's fake. The books are fun to read and anyone (except you) would rather read a Harry Potter book than sit through church. If banning harmless books is what you do for a living, I feel very sorry for you. Why don't you just grow up and let people read what they want.


Ban halloween? Ban halloween? thats so funny I can't even stop clutching my sides. You can't ban halloween you idiots! Theres nothing you can even do to come close to banning halloween, getting rid of a national holiday needs a better case than calling it satans birthday...Believe me...If I see any of your little baptist brainwashed children starting trouble with DECENT kids on halloween, I won't need a costume to make'em wet their pants...hehehe

mark franklin 

May God have mercy on your souls....after ya'll pass away there will be alot of answering to do for those of you running and enforcing the rules and things that ya'll have setup There...AS OF PUNISHMENT FOR THOSE WHO MISBEHAVE.. WHOS EVER HEARD OF PAYING FINES OF MONEY FOR FORGIVNESS!!!!?  IN WHOS EYES OR SHOULD I SAY POCKET DOES IT GOTO THEY SHOULD ALL SEEK OUR TRUE KIND LOVING FORGIVING GOD SOMEWHERE ELSE CUZ ITS NOT WHERE YOU GUYS ARE.


I am offended by your assumption that Australians and Australia are Godless and let me assure you sir we don't spend our life walking around upside down I spend my Life praising Jesus and am a dedicated Christian who is offended by you and all you represent. May the Lord forgive you for preaching such vitriolic rubbish about our wonderful Country and I praise Jesus that all Americans are not like you.
God Bless you and forgive you

On your site is says you are against Dr. Jack Hyles, is this true and if so please explain to me your judgement of him. Also, I am thinking about coming to visit your church and was wondering if that is true that you have a waiting list on visitors of 3 years, if so why?  Also what are all the fines for???

Sincerely, Potential 50 dollars for your pocket


you fuckers make me sick! you don't know shit about shit! i am particularley disgusted by how you were racist against asians and saying that in hell they just keep yapping. i'm half-asian you MO-FO, so you offended me. oh yeah, HELL ISNT REAL! its just something you scum created to control people! get a life or else your bad karma's gonna whup your ass, loser.

Will Mosley <

Dear Pastor:
I just read the article on the little boy who said he hated Jesus.  Just because he said that does not mean he is demon possessed, he may have just been mad at his parents.  In any case, the way the boy was treated was totally inhumane!  There is such a thing as child abuse, and I think that was it!

Don't get me wrong, I do believe in demon possession.  I believe that binding and casting those demons out and pleading the blood of Jesus over the person will work.  Bringing an excorsist in and doing an excorcism will not cast that demon out of the person and to hell where it belongs.  It will cast them into another person--usually into the excorcist himself.  Excorcism is NOT Biblical at all.  Even the dictionary's definition is not Biblical.  You should look into the difference between 'excorcism' and 'deliverance'.  Jesus delivered people from demons, he did not set up an excorcism.  Excorcism is heavily demonic.  If you are practicing excorcism rather than deliverance, then you have demons all over you and your church, and you are being decieved by Satan himself.  I'm telling you this because I
want you to know the truth.  If you don't believe me, do your own study on the difference between these two and make your own conclusions.  Also pray for a humble spirit.  God hates pride.  It is an abomination to him-just like homosexuality!  Read Job.

In Jesus' Name,
Melissa Janowski

Pastor Adolf  Hect.

    I would like to take this opportunity to speak to you from my heart. I have been a Christian all my life and I have never heard anyone who professes to be a God fearing person take such liberties with the Lord's name and try to say that anything you say is the Lord's will.
    The God I have worshipped since a child, said "Suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto the kingdom of Heaven". What He does not say that I am aware of is what to do with adults like you who have long since reached the age of accountability. I will not judge you.  I will though, ask you to consider the many souls you are responsible for leading. Ask yourself if on judgement day you are prepared for the numerous souls who will have their accountability layed at your feet.
    As far as the Native Americans...I think even you must allow that they were here first. God gave them this land long before any of you ancestors even considered stepping foot on this soil. And if you would check your history books they were not the savages you report. If they had been the settlers who arrived here would have been masacred or starved to death, instead they were invited to join in on the feast of thanksgiving.
    As far as how the Natvie Americans killed, raped, kidnapping, etc. The Indians were fighting to keep their land that the Lord had fore ordained that they have by the sheer fact that this is where He had placed them. The white people went into their homes and killed and raped the women and children. When the Indians acted in kind it was a different story. Talk about a double standard.
    I can see why you would not want the Native Americans to be present at you festivities. The many youth who will undoubtedly be present may hear the truth or may hear about the Lord in a way that is not tainted with your views. They may have a seed planted in their mind that will take root and they will begin to realize that your way may not be the only way. Your views may not become their views. That is a dangereous thing. Youth who make up their own mind about what they believe would be a real threat to your way of life.
    I will pray for you, as far as I can see you need it as much as anyone I have seen. I don't expect this email to go far in you church, I can't imagine that you would like anyone with a mind to start thinking, but if only one person sees this and looks for themselves at the Holy Bible and makes their own Holy Spirit lead decisions about what they believe then my God will have another soul and you will have one less to be accountable for.

I will pray for you and your church

Dear LandoverBaptist members,

       I think your opinions about "Pokemon being devil instruments" is absolutely a riot. I'm a heartfelt, and powerfully set republican who belives that the Devil is indeed at work in the world today, but what you've posted on your site about Poke'mon is like a script from 'Saturday Night Live' or even Fox's "Mad TV." It's ridiculous, and paranoid to think that little, tiny action figures, or stuffed animals of cartoon characters are going to lodge themselves in your throat until you die. A little boy killed his parents, and stole their money to buy gum? I cried laughing, and aside from that it doesn't translate into "Pocket Demons" Poke'mon translates into "Pocket Monsters." One last thing, do you hide under your covers from the monsters in the closet. too?
 Completely Amused,

Oh-my-god.   Ive seen alot of really disturbing, madning and frightening demon-like site online and let me just say that you're is just the most demon-like and saddening one of them ALL.

Unsaved not welcomed?  Oh god forgive you, for you don't know what you do.

Don't do your ugly racism, bias, anti-everyone and say it's god's word? Don't disrespect jesus in such way.

Lord have mercy on your souls for such trash and hate you put on your web page.

I feel sorry for the torment you have in your hearts.

Go in peace.


Someone just posted your rotten thing about Iowa televising executions. You are really slimy jerks. Its not funny. NOT FUNNY!!!!!!

in Iowa

To whom it may concern:
I realize that you think it is right to condemn all those who read unchristian literature, eat unchristian food, and listen to unchristian music. I know that you may not get a very large response from the other side of the story, because I find it hard to believe that many non-Christian "evil-devilish beings" would ever waste their time on your site. I, my friend, have taken that time.
     If you believe that you can put down other peoples way of life, and expect nothing in response...your wrong. You may be preaching about your way of life, and those who have led you there, but those other people that you are putting down, and condemning, they are LIVING their lives. They are living the way they want to live. If you accept your own way of life, and embrace it, you must also learn to accept the way of life of others.
     I have never exactly read the Bible, but I have been exposed to it my entire life. There are some parts of the bible, such as the ten commandments, that I do hold to be significant, and a part of everyday life. Other parts I may find silly. The point is, you have to accept other people for who they are.
     I will take the liberty to use myself as an example, for that OTHER way of life. The way that is supposedly going to lead me down whatever fiery road there is. I have just turned 18. I believe in very little religion, but if I had to choose one, it would be Bhuddism. I find it true to life, and true to human nature. I find the bible to be fictitious, and hard to prove on a regular basis. I may smoke cigarettes, but I do not use drugs or drink alcohol. Frankly, I disagree with it entirely. I have engaged in premarital sex, but only with one woman, of whom I do wish to marry soon. I also prohibit any kind of sex that has no meaning, marital or not. I am also proud
to say, that I enjoy masturbating, regularly!
     HOWEVER, I do not treat any kind of person with disrespect that I do not deem worthy of it. I treat every human being with respect, and may argue their
ideas, but not their personality. Will I still go to hell? If there is a hell, will I go to it, even though I know of many Christian who have taken part in many more terrible events and acts than I have. If there is a heaven, will Jesus embrace me for doing my best for humankind, even though I may not be a Christian. I may
not follow the teachings, but I see myself as good and pure. More pure than some Christian that I know of. Do I still get the short end of the stick?
     I hope that this letter finds someone, and finds someone who will take the time to read it, and think about all that I have said. I am begging for a response. I wish to learn more, and become more knowledgeable in all the many ways of the world.

- sincerely,
- Jesse Aaron Nickerson

and you claim that you can identify with the bible. (Grinch Review) this was extremely stupid and've never seen the movie, since its not out yet. You claim that eating rotten eggs causes death...even if the idea that green eggs were meant to appear rotten existed, It is EXTREMELY unlikely that you could die from such a thing...unless your a landover baptist in which case god would stoop to a silly death like that to kill you and make the world a better place. No commandment that forbids the eating of pork exists made this up no doubt to seduce only stupid worthless vermin of your church into hating nearly everything that god created. I would rather share a bed with the most obnoxious, stuck up, perverted, hollywood actor, than live within a hundred miles or more of people such as yourself...GET A LIFE, FOR THE SAKE OF DECENT HUMAN BEINGS EVERYWHERE

mark franklin

your racist comments about japanese and indian people, among others,  are very un-Christ-like. Jesus walked among the unsaved. He didn't preach to the choir.
You folks, on  the other hand, only care about your own self-righteousness and the promise of hellfire. Jesus preached love.  You are haters, and are therefore not true Christians! You are a parody of religious people. Religious people open their hearts and their hands, they welcome strangers.Your hearts are hard and your hands are cold.You are not religious or Christians in any sense.

Robert Epstein

Dear Sirs,

I was searching for ''oxygen containers" in yahoo and one of the search results was a picture of a woman carrying an equipment which helped her filter out the dirty secular air and replaced it with clean christian air.

Please send more information about this feature which was given in an article named "HOmosexual featured in Oxygen ad,church members encouraged to stop breathing".I am looking forward to have that information as soon as possible.

Ardavan Shirazi Rad


Dear Pastor Deacon Fred:

  I am not joking with you or anyone else.The item I have asked you to send for me is quite needed for our Company in Tehran.My company requires those information as soon as possible.Please note that i have attached the page to this E-Mail and the picture is also down here.Please note that you should be aware of what is in your site because you are the editor.

Ardavan Shirazi Rad

I am looking forward to hear from you as soon as possible.

You people are truely sick twisted demented and parinode freaks, I know each and every one of you  should be commited to a mental institution for your phycotic behavior and insane paronia of everything being demonic or satanic. You may not actually be able to control your biazzare actions so I emplore you please for yourself and the general public seek mental help or conselling.

billy-hay jude

Dear sir,

I just have one question. Are you a Jew? And if not why do you always quote from the old testament. I thought all of that was re-written when your son of god, Jesus, died on that cross you people wear around your necks. I mean Im not trying to start trouble it is a legitimate question. You are quoting from the Torah. That is a Jewish document not a christian one. Oh well I suppose that Hypocrisy is you people's middle names correct.

Thank you

The year is 2000, wake up and deal with reality, you bunch of losers!

Dan Danion

Jesus wouldn't stop throwing up... if He came down to earth and saw the disgusting pompacity that you are displaying in his name.

If you people are saved, let me forever be damned, because I don't want to BE ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR NASTY ASSES ON EARTH OR OTHERWISE.

You are human filth. And I hope the "injuns" set you aflame this Thanksgiving.

Trysha Hutchinson 
Savage Lover

you people are sick! why would u treat a 10 year old boy that way. That is wrong and definitley not Christian.

To begin his C.A.S.H. treatment, Geoffrey will be asked to make a formal apology to the congregations at all 14 Church Services on Sunday morning. As punishment, he will be forced to wear a large sandwich-board sign reading "I Am A Sissy." He will not be allowed to walk on church grounds, he will only be allowed to skip. If he is caught misbehaving again, his momma will be fined $1,000.00 for each offense.

In accordance with Landover's Biblical school guidelines, Geoffrey's schoolmates will be commanded to continue to taunt, trip, slap and spit upon him to encourage him to see the error of his evil lifestyle choice. The child's image will also be placed around the schools, framed in mock "wanted" posters explaining in easy-to-understand terms why God hates sodomites. "We believe this will be a most effective deterrent," said Landover Psychologist Dr. Michael Tolliver. "The child will eventually come to his senses. I'm sure of it." What the hell is that? You PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Pastor

I attempted to read your sermon. Your strange spin on biblical principles was filled with so much bitterness,hatred, and self-righteousness I had to stop. Reading your rhetoric and propaganda sadden me.  Is your responsibility to judge and condemn? Is love for another person a consideration in your ministry?  Unfortunate it is individuals like you that appear to be holier than thou are filled with hidden and closeted sin.

A failed Reader
Dennis Thompkins 

Who ever wrote the article on how an 11 year old girl learned how to have sex from Brittney Spears should be ashamed of themselves.  I am not a Brittney Spears fan but as a college educated person with good old common sense, I recognize that this rediculous.  First of all, this vulgarity and poor taste in language should not be allowed in a "godly" publication.  What kind of a christian writes these kinds of things and is proud of it?  Maybe this person should stop trying to pass judgement on others and concentrate on their writing skills!  Any piece of writing that uses the word "whore" more that once is too dirty for a playboy magazine much less a "godly" one.  I feel sorry for you people!


i don't know what kind of church you are and i don't know your history but when i read something on your site i was really confused as to why you would say such a thing. i don't know the exact words you used but you were turning away people who are not saved and telling them to go play with their demon friends. first of all, if someone is not saved, would Jesus turn them away and say something like that? what if someone has never heard of Christ and came to your site, how do you think they would react? and to tell someone to go play with their demon friends. oh dear where do i begin? not everyone is posessed you know. and attacks from satan himself? your message preached nothing but hate and you are worried about being attacked by satan? you are being used by satan to make people think that Jesus doesn't want them and that your church or whatever is better than someone. i am saved and i have never heard a message so disturbing and hateful from a church. i pray that you would try to be a little more christ-like in the future and maybe say something positive.


Listen Jerk...

        I don't think it is a joke to talk about suicide or anything! I don't find it very funn! Pastor??? Pastor of what exaactly...what religion?? Because I am pretty sure every religion doesn't believ in suicide! You should take that down NOW! And don't tell me to go away! You probably belong to some orgy cult or something!!! *Nsync is better then you and that's why you have that gay ass thing on your GAY ASS sight!!!! Take it down ASSHOLE!!!!

Andrea MacDonald <andiemac13

I will not tell you my name, but I have to say now that this church/web site is unbelievable!  What you suggest and/or preach is absolutely incredible!  I do not mean these things in a good sense either.  I think all of you people need to go out and find the real Jesus, and worry more about yourselves than others.  Clearly, you are reading too much into the ways of the world.  You think that everyone and everything that is not related to Landover Baptist is evil and of the Devil.  I can assure
you 100% that you are wrong.  Nothing revolves around you people, and you are most certainly not God's gift to mankind.  I just wanted to say how wrong you people how and how your minds have become clouded and prejudiced.  Rejoice in the Lord!


a concerned REAL Christian

I was appalled from reading your articles on the website.  I have been a Christian for many years and the view points that are expressed aren't GOD views, your organization has perverted the word of GOD and make only the rich attend your colleges and church, and Jesus said a rich man will never see heaven.  I don't know if your website is totally serious or what, but I am thankful I don't belong your occult. I don't mean to offend you personally but it is my right to express my opinion as well.

Paul  Smaglik

In response to "Sissy boys", I don't know if you people are for real or what but it sounds like the only possessed demons are those who believe in the bullshit. Please seek psychotherapy immediately.

this site is the most hypocritical abomination to the christian faith i have ever had the misfourtion of coming across. first of all the nsync article is a load of crap, obviously whoever wrote it up had absolutely no expirence in the journalism world whatsoever. you didnt even spell their names right and they are not hevy metal, they have never called themselves "in sin" and justin timberlake is not dating britney spears nor would he ever date a 13 year old fan. that is rediculous. obviously it was the mother who was to blame for not watching her daughter, not nsync. yeah, lemme tell you how outragious songs like "god must have spend a little more time on you" are. if you think that's bad baby you aint seen nuthin yet. ever heard of marolyn manson? that's something to get upset over. looks like that kid needed mental help anyways. and the mother sure seemed upset about the whole thing...NOT she wants a new house in orlando. and if you notice god never said to kill ur kids if they're bad, that is over the old covenent, not the new one. jesus died for our sins so that we wouldnt have to and you call urself a church?? i hope somebody sues you for using the name baptist in  your title. this isnt a church, it's a CULT.


It is really amazing that you condemn beards in you congregation. That would mean Jesus could not be a member of your worship service without yourpermission.
JJD James Duke 

To The Webmaster,

Is this website supposed to be a joke??? Cause it's not funny!

A REAL Christian

Colleen  Thomson

i think your article on how NSYNC was responsible for that dumb bitche's kid is stupid. they had nothing to do with it. you guys are the ones going to hell. you shouldn't be spreading ur 'filth' around. may the lord have mercy on your souls for creating such garbage. this is infact, THE biggest mumbo-jumbo i've heard in my life.


fuck you, i know you are going to turn this around in to something like this is evidence of satan invading emails or some shit like that but this has to be one of the worst web sites i have ever seen!!!! you people make up stupid rasicist storys and put them on your stupid website!!!!you should go back under the rock you crawled out from and wait to die, or even better put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger!!!!!   fuck off and die