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Test your knowledge of Scripture by taking one of our popular Bible Quizzes!

The Secular Humanist Bible Quiz
The Lord placed two types of people on this, His only planet that matters: (1) Those who critically analyze and evaluate all available information, making decisions, including those involving their belief systems, based on thought, facts and reason; and (2) Folks who have been blessedly spared such tedium. 

The Bible Versus the Crystal Ball Quiz
God is omnipotent, omnipresent and all-knowing. Yet, strangely, when it comes to making predictions, He is less reliable than a gypsy with a switchblade up her babushka. See if you can identify when the Lord fumbled a prognostication in the KJV 1611 Holy Bible. 

The Bible Sex Quiz: Part III
Were sex objects used in Biblical times? 

The Role of Women Bible Quiz
Is a wife permitted to follow her own conscience? How long is a woman unclean after the messy act of childbirth? The Holy Bible has answers to these questions, do you?

The Bible Logic Quiz
Find out why Jesus burns people in Hell!

God's Holy Hijinks Quiz
Sure, He’s infallible, omnipotent, inerrant, and all that stuff. But He’s also a big old cut-up, wannabe athlete and temperamental hothead.

The Great Flood Bible Quiz
True Christians™ know from the Great Flood that one of God's favorite ways to indiscriminately kill enormous swaths of children is by drowning them.

The Bible Poop Quiz
Take this quiz to find out a few of the Lord's rules for preparing His favorite cuisine,  human and animal excrement.

The Plight of Women Bible Quiz
Find out what God thinks of women and how He has designed their existence.

The Bible Fact Quiz
A great way for youngsters to brush up on Bible Facts!

The Wrath of God Quiz II
How many living things did God kill? Take this quiz to find out!

God vs. Allah Quiz
Compare the false God, Allah to the real God of the Holy Bible and see which one is more powerful!

The Creation Science Quiz
Do you know why there are clouds in the sky? Do you know why some women are unable to have children? Find out what the Holy Bible has to say!

The Seven Real Deadly Sins Quiz
Unlike Catholics, we don't pay pedophile priests to sit around and make up sins.  We use the Holy Bible!

The License to Sin Bible Quiz
Did you know that God grants his followers a license to sin?  Make sure you are in the right situation though, otherwise you will be damned to Hell!

God's Favorite Ways To Kill
Use the Bible to determine God's most favorite methods of killing and/or torturing people who rub Him the wrong way.

The Bible Sex Quiz: Part II
What parts of the human body does God command us to hack off if used inappropriately? Take this quiz to find out!

How Does God Spot A Christian Quiz
Is it our behavior? Is it the kinds of food we eat? Is it how we dress? Do you know the answers? Take this quiz and find out!

The Bible Punishment Quiz Part II
God has so many different punishments in the Bible for people who rub him the wrong way, we couldn't fit them all into one quiz! Praise the Lord!

The Bible Diet Quiz
What does God want us to eat? What sort of foods, if eaten, will send a person directly to Hell? Take the Bible Diet Quiz and find out!

The Bible Slavery Quiz
Jesus Christ has a lot to say about disobedient slaves. Heed His timeless words regarding their treatment. Take the quiz and learn the Bible truth!

The New Testament Damnation Quiz
What single spoken word will damn you to Hell forever? Will Muslims make it to Heaven? The New Testament has the answers, we have the quiz!

The Wrath of God Quiz
How many people did God kill in one day for having premarital sex? What does God do to people who make fun of Him? Take this quiz to get the answers to these questions and many more like them.

The New "test" ament Inerrancy Quiz
Determine how well you know the Lord's best selling sequel to the Old Testament -- the less ribald, better edited NEW Testament.

Bible Punishment Quiz
What does God say you should do to a disobedient child? What does the Lord say should be done to people who "overeat?" The answers to questions like this come from the Holy Bible. Take the quiz and find out what punishments God mandates!

Bible Sex Quiz
What sex acts are most offensive to God? Does God have any particular sexual requirements for women? Take the Bible Sex Quiz and view the Scripture verses that provide Bible-based answers to these questions.

What Did Jesus Say?
How well do you know the teachings of Jesus? There is more to the Bible than John 3:16. Take Betty Bowers' Interactive Flash Quiz to test your knowledge of Jesus Christ!


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