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Subject Archive:  Summer Reading For True Christian™ Kids!

Click To Read More!Daddy, Why Did Jesus Kill Grandma?
This beautifully illustrated Christian children's book is grounded in the timeless words of Jesus Christ. Jesus teaches all of his children not to be afraid of the Devil, but to be afraid of God. "But I forewarn you whom ye shall fear." Jesus says in Luke 12:5, "Fear Him, who after he hath killed hath...
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Click to Read More!The Little Jew: Levi the Dancing Cockroach
A delightful children's book for Christian youngsters age 5-10. Levi, The Dancing Cockroach teaches kids about Jewish behavior, traditions, and culture, in a fun and easy to remember way. Christian educators are excited about this book! The story follows greedy little Levi, a dancing cockroach on the adventure...
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Click to Read More!Donkeys Can Talk, People Can Fly, And a Man Named Jesus Lives Up in the Sky!
A wonderfully animated approach to the Bible. Secular children will be introduced to timeless True Christian beliefs that come directly out of the Scriptures and not from the hallucinations of some boat-riding, bird-watching, monkey-loving, lizard-humping, 19th-century liberal! Read More About This Book>>


Click to Read More!Nancy Boy Chrissy, The Bed-Wetting Sissy!
This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of Christopher Pansy, a 12-year old boy who is gayer than a May Pole. He is a constant humiliation to his normal, Christian parents. While other boys in the neighborhood are riding bikes and killing stray cats, Christopher loves to prance about, looking through his telescope, making map...
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Click to Read More!The Talking Snake Theory: Creation Science & History for Christian Children
Readers journey back 6,000 years ago in time to the actual date when God created the first two humans from a pile of dirt and a spare rib. It is a time and place that, despite the first hand accounts from eyewitnesses in the Bible, most ignorant secular scholars and scientists refuse to believe existed. Read More About This Book>>






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